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No, I Don't Watch Scandal Anymore...
  • Ask FM Question:"I don't have Twitter so I don't know if you talked about this, but what did you think of yesterday's episode of Scandal?"
  • My Reply:"I stopped watching Scandal weeks ago. No longer interested. Have not been interested much of season 4 but I at least liked the live tweets and cracking jokes with other people. However, once they started doing 'ripped from the headlines' type stuff, but without the more responsible pacing and sometimes without the warnings that SVU does (although also a problematic show at times of course, one I quit a year or two ago), I got sick of it. And they already did this before with Mellie being assaulted, which even as a fan I heavily critiqued back then. I LOATHE the 'Olivia being sold on global black market' storyline even if it ended with Stephen, who I love from season 1. Still despised the storyline. Worse, their episode trying to copy Ferguson was exploitative, irresponsible and way too soon. It was clearly aired for the White Gaze and not Black viewers, in my opinion. Why sit around being purposely triggered? That's not entertainment to me. I refuse to 'push through' a show if I no longer enjoy watching it or even enjoy the live tweets. I don't believe in that. I HATE when people say that to me. See this essay of mine, which I actually wrote only a short time before quitting Scandal: 'I Need Strength To Deal With Replies To My Tweets About Television Shows. Really.' So this is why I am done. I don't owe the show a thing solely because sometimes Black women are involved. I wrote on the show for three full seasons, unpaid, at that. Just because I wanted to try TV writing, for myself. So it's not some misogynoiristic Black men and their belief that they own Black women's bodies that made me quit the show (you know how they trolled and abused Black women who watch for two solid years, yet they get to enjoy things they like in peace), nor is it some racist asshole views that put down shows with Black women as leads. My reasons for leaving the show clearly differ. This is all I have to say on the matter for good; makes sense? LOL. I hope no one else asks. Or they're getting this link. Not debatable. Grown ass woman who can stop watching a goddamn show if I choose."