Scandal abc


If I never laid eyes on him, then I wouldn’t have fallen in love and he wouldn’t have fallen in love. That may have made for two more lonely people in this world but also a lot less pain and heartache for many, many others. Senator Grant and the Grant Children. For the people I love, for this country that I love. A country that expects us in Washington to solve problems, not make them. Is the love of two people worth… all this destruction, all this attention? I mean if it were a choice, who would choose this kind of love? So I wish we never met. But we did. And I tried and failed, tried and failed.


Truth is, I was glad you were there. You were a good mistress, probably a great one… you know what I mean. || I was happy you were around, too. With you around I had an out. You were my out, Mellie.


Doesn’t matter how you dress it up, how cleverly you disguise it, even from yourself. This is all about you. This is just one more opportunity for you to talk about how great you are. When you’re running, you talk about how great you are. When I’m running for office, you talk about how great you are. Is there a scenario where you don’t talk about how great you are?
You are standing up here thumping your chest, reeling off your stats, chiseling yourself onto Mount Rushmore. Like you didn’t stand on my back to get there. On Olivia’s back, on Cyrus’, and your daddy’s. I didn’t have $100 million trust fund, a political legacy. I didn’t go to the best boarding schools on the planet, and I am not a white man.
I am here on my own. I got here on my own. I got here because I managed to escape you. Like Liv managed to escape you. You talk about what a great president you are, and yet you whined and cried about how much you hate the job every chance you got. Do those people out there who love you know how many times you tried to walk off the gig? How privileged and entitled do you have to be to think of the most powerful office in the world as a prison?
Unlike you, Fitz, I want this. Unlike you, I earned it. And unlike you… I will not squander it.
This stage is mine.

— Scandal 5x21


Here’s to hoping Pops gets what he wants