It is her throne, it is her crown. She’s Command, she owns the Oval. She is the dictator of a country that does not know it does not know it no longer exists. There is no American way, there is only Olivia’s way. There is no truth, there is only what Olivia have us believe. There is no justice, there is only Olivia killing Vice President Luna Vargas on Inauguration Day… Who runs the world? One girl.

Rowen Pope

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The Challenge Part 6 Sneak Peek

Thanks. I should be okay in a few minutes. I really want to lie down for a good half hour. My feet, my head hurt plus I got very little sleep last night. Grace thought it would be hoot to see if our exes were on Tinder or gaydar. Olivia sighs massaging her temple. She doesn’t elaborate realizing she shouldn’t have brought it up, the memory of the evening is still fresh and adding to her headache.

Picking up on Olivia’s rather abrupt ending statement Fitz decides to push her for the hell of it. Anything bringing Pope to silence is definitely something he needs the 411 on. He stares at her waiting for her to take note he’s expecting details.

What? She tries innocently.

Spill it Pope, you’re practically bursting at the seams to share. Besides, you wouldn’t want me to accidentally say something inappropriate to one of the bridesmaids.

I haven’t told you anything so how could you say anything inappropriate?

Power of suggestion Pope, you’ve mentioned Tinder, gaydar and bridesmaids in one sentence along with a change in your demeanor. My mind is racing Pope and my tongue is sure to follow.

You can’t be serious. What are you a child with no filter or discretion who can’t wait to repeat what he’s heard the grownups say?

Yes, it’s a habit I’ve never outgrown. Why just the other day I chatted with my frat brothers about bald headed females and …

Fitzgerald, you did not! How could you? Hair salon discussions are sacred confidential communication. Did you learn nothing from hanging out with me? Fitz looks down at the floor, the look of shame covers his face. Olivia shakes her head in disgust.

Fitz starts to grin. Pope you are so easy. How is after all the time we’ve spent together you still can’t tell when I’m pulling your leg.

Now look who’s turned the tables. I knew you were lying. Candace and Grace put the fear of angry black women in you. You’d have to be bat shit crazy to cross them.

Touché Pope. Candace promised to and I quote “ blab what you hear here and I will kick your pasty white ass and make you eat your own shit through a straw”.

Ouch, Olivia chagrined.

I was fine with everything she said except the pasty white ass part. I can’t help it if my people fade. That was a low blow. Olivia cracks up.

Did you seriously just say fade.

What else would you call? Lighten, fade, diminish over time, wane, wash out, grow faint, vanish, dissolve, evaporate, lessen, go pasty.

You could always go to a tanning salon or buy the spray on stuff. Olivia offers between giggles.

Yeah great choices, increased risk of skin cancer or walk around with an orange tinge.

Sorry I can’t relate.

You don’t realize how lucky you are Pope.

Really, how so?

No fading, cracking or peeling.

What! She pops not sure she heard what he him correctly.

I’m serious. You don’t have to worry about your tan slipping away day by day just because you change geographical location or the weather changes. At home in California I maintain a tan year round. Going to school out here by October I’m damn near porcelain". I peel with over exposure and don’t get me started on the cracking.


Don’t play dumb Pope, black people aren’t the only ones to realize black don’t crack. The sun is not a friend to white people even though we practically worship it. We have to slather on moisturizer and use sunscreen by six months of age or run the risk of wrinkles by eighteen and Botox by twenty-one. You think it goes unnoticed that most sixty-year-old black people don’t have wrinkles?

Olivia has no words, she’s astonish. Are you saying whites are jealous of the dark skinned?

Not jealous, highly envious is more accurate. The melanin in your skin is like a force field against the elements.

Olivia gathers her thoughts, she needs a minute for a snappy comeback.

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When you make a tv show reference in front of a group of people knowing that only one person in that group is gonna get it and they get it.

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Tony Goldwyn salutes Kerry Washington @ Paley Fest, 2017. "He does it for you, guys… He knows that you like this Olitz stuff!”