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Support Black TV Shows. Not because it’s BLACK but because it’s BLACK & DOPE.

And we’ve never been represented on the screen as much as we have been now on major networks.

If I missed any shows add on and let’s spread the word and keep these shows on tv.

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Man, 2016 just gets weirder and weirder with each new day, when will it fucking end?

Special thanks to @hugobertington for the pic and the heads up.


Kerry Washington has pointed words for millennials and people of color considering not voting for Hillary

Washington then pointed out that with Hillary Clinton’s maternity policy, “These issues are not about women’s policy, they’re about economic policy, because we understand in this country that if families are able to take care of each other, we do better as a nation.”

Gifs: Real Time with Bill Maher


Whenever a black woman on a TV show is going through anything they make her have natural hair, then when she’s ‘back on her feet’ and feeling better she miraculously has weave


here’s the first episode of #TheTylerOakleyShow! watch me kiss Céline Dion & giggle about Disney dates with Kerry Washington!! thanks for supporting! reblog if you love it & want me to check out your blog/follow you! <3