• Me,every day during summer: I'll meet my friends every day, go out, workout, learn new hobbies, meet new people, eat healthy, sleep enough, don't spend to much time in front of my computer, start living life at its best
  • Also me, every day during summer: *counting down days until hiatus ends, while making tumblr edits and rewatching all seasons of my shows*

Support Black TV Shows. Not because it’s BLACK but because it’s BLACK & DOPE.

And we’ve never been represented on the screen as much as we have been now on major networks.

If I missed any shows add on and let’s spread the word and keep these shows on tv.


Kerry Washington has confirmed rumors that she has tested for the role of Domino in ‘Deadpool 2′ and when asked if she would take the role if offered to her, she said “Of course I would’. Sienna Miller and Gugu Mbatha-Raw have reportedly each already been offered the role and both turned it down!


Mike Flynn resigned in disgrace, Trump was concerned about how people found out

  • Trump, in his first public statement on Flynn scandal, is not focused on Flynn’s behavior, but rather on the fact that the public found out about.
  • “The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?” Trump tweeted. “Will these leaks be happening as I deal on N.Korea etc?”
  • Trump’s attempt to distract from the Flynn scandal with his tweet serves only to draw attention to the fact that his White House is plagued by leaks from his own staff.
  • House Republicans are taking Trump’s side, calling for investigations into who leaked the information about Flynn’s dealings with Russia, rather than the nature of his dealings or whether they were ordered by anyone in the administration — not to mention what Trump himself knew and when.
  • Democrats, however, are calling for an investigation, asking for the FBI to get involved. Read more (2/14/17 10:43 AM)