Some people who’ve experienced immense loss develop a defense to more loss. It’s an instinct to push people away before they leave us.
—  How To Get Away With Murder

If you think I wouldn’t watch a spinoff of a young, nerdy, child prodigy genius Miranda Bailey growing up with an overprotective mother, fending off bullies, discovering Star Wars and coming to terms with the first stages of her mental illness, you’re fucking wrong, my guy.

As if I wouldn’t follow Shonda Rhimes into the depths of hell.


Tonight the season 2 finale of NBC’s Timeless will be airing. It’s a 2-Hour event starting at 9/8c. We’re hanging on by a thread, hoping for renewal, and most of you can relate to that in one way or another, so I and all my clockblockers are calling on you to come to our aid.

Turn on your TV to NBC and put it on mute, start watching Timeless on Hulu right now, become a clockblocker join the fight, or just spam NBC’s twitter with anything related to #timeless.

You’re probably our last hope.

Help save a show that celebrates the diverse nature of humanity and this history we all share.