(Okay, yes I’m late and I’m so so so sorry! I don’t even have an excuse tbh.)

But look guys! I hit 6 hunna followers on my weird ass blog… I actually can’t even process that you guys actually like my blog and what I post/reblog. I literally did not expect to have this many people follow me, and now i’m scared if I fuck up on something that I post ahah…

Anyway gonna try to keep this short because I have a short attention span, so now even i’m getting bored… but now is the time to shout out some beautiful people!!!

#gofsquad (My fucking family):












Hi guys! Honestly I know i’m not there all the time and tend to just pop in with the most random shit(lmao) but you guys make me feel like I can just rant,talk and bant with you whenever. And I love each and every one of you❤️

Some other people I just bant with and love:

@sidemenyo (Secretly hate you but i’m feeling nice today)

@helmet-girl-origins (TRASH SISTER)

@minibaes-n-swegways (Always reblogging and putting the funniest captions)

@scarred-and-purrfect ( *insert cat meme* )

@crazyronnie-and-ships (Sweetest soul and rooster)

@sidewomanxix (So kind and adorable)


Even though i’ve been on this blog for about 3 months, I feel like I’ve known you forever and genuinly love you with all my heart ❤️

 Lastly, to everyone else who I have talked to on here or reblogs/likes my posts regularly. I see you and I appreciate you!! And I love you all as well  ❤️