Sayida Fatima

A really bad accident

Salaam all,

As I was driving on the Long Island Expressway there was a terrible accident where one car was completely burnt due to it catching on fire. Please pray for the victims involved for it was a terrifying sight. It broke my heart when I saw a man crying outside the ambulance. Pray for this family.

But the second I saw this my mind couldn’t help but immediately jump to Karbala, and tents that were set on fire by accursed son of the accursed, Yazid son of Muawiya (LA) and to the flames set upon the house of Sayida Fatima (sa) by the accursed Umar (LA) and Abu Bakr (LA). I can’t even imagine the terror that they have witnessed for merely the site of an extinguished fire on a car was enough to cause my heart to race. Bar Umar Lanat Beshmar, may he burn in the hottest flames, in the lowest depths of hell


Salawaat Hazrat Zahra (as) - Qaari Sayyed Abazar - Arabic sub English