This is what happens when i paint while being angry. You can see the process of the mouth animation here

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When you walk inside you see him standing with his gym bag slung over his shoulder, talking to someone. A dark blue muscle shirt adorns his torso, while a gray beanie covers up his damp hair. Their eyes trail past Luke and land on you, who was now standing by the ring, curious. He must of muttered something to Luke because he turned around and a big smile crept on his face. “What are you doing inside?” Luke asked pulling you into a hug. “I just came to see where you practice.” You pull out of his grasp and start to walk around the ring again. “Here come up,” you turn around and see Luke tossing his bag to the side and hopping past the ropes and into the ring. He holds the ropes apart while you wiggle past them. “So this is what it feels like being in the ring,” you say as you walk around the ring. Suddenly, an idea came to mind, “hey I can totally be a ring girl.” you hold up your hands like you were waving a sign. “Fuck no,” Luke says. You spin around to face him, “why not? You always say how great my ass looks.” “I should be the only one staring at your ass. Not some gambling old man.” “Well, if I can’t be a ring girl maybe I can be a boxer. With your help of course.” Luke smiles and takes your hand, “here this is how you make a fist for a good punch.” As he lets go of your hand, you slowly bring it up and pretend to punch him in the jaw. Luke freezes with a smile on his face, while you back up and start jumping around the ring, “the great Hemmings has taken a punch!“ Then you poke him in his sides, making him giggle and squirm away. “And more punches! He’s getting attacked in the ring!” “I’ll show you,” Luke says playfully and starts chasing you around the ring. Suddenly he picks you up, throwing you over his shoulder, laughing and spinning around. He sets you down while you both try to catch your breath. But neither of you noticed the other people who have come out of the different rooms to see the almighty Luke Hemmings and the girl that captured his heart.


I’m always very honest with what I feel, and it’s like in interviews… if something shit has happened or if I don’t feel very good then I will just say it, and maybe that’s why girls relate to me. I know that for me as a teenage girl I didn’t want some media-trained popstar saying what they thought the record label would like them to say. I think that honesty is key really. You know what? Sometimes you feel amazing about life and other times you just feel fat and depressed, so I think it’s good to be honest about that and to make light of it, I think humour is important, nobody’s perfect. I don’t really know how to live my life, just like lots of other people don’t. I guess you just learn along the way.

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I agree with a lot of your points about Izzy, but I think calling it slut shaming isn't right- Izzy isn't a real person. She hasn't personally decided to wear the clothes she wears because she is fictional. There is someone, male, female or otherwise, who designs her costumes and decides that she should be displaying a lot of flesh at all times. I do think that Shadowhunters has issue with oversexualisation of both Izzy and Clary, and it's not slut shaming to point that out when they aren't real

of course it is slut shaming! there are girls out there who dress like izzy and by this article they don’t only slut shame her but all the girls out there.

girls, but not only girls, should be comforable to wear whatever they want and still owning their sexuality and i think izzy is a very good example of that. by her representation she helps girls out there that their clothes don’t define them, that you can be wearing “revealing” clothes and be on the top of your class/university or whatever. she also looks very comforable with her clothes and looks powerful

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i think the reason why i love vamp!kol x davina more is because you can see how much love and passion they have for each other which dont get me wrong it was shown with daniel but wit nate its just much more intense and mature and pure and protective i havent gotten tired of watching their scenes im aching for M O R E

I know what you’re saying! Everything is so amplified with their feelings and even their actions and I think it’s because they realize how precious their time is and how short it is, so now they’re done holding back. You’d think they both would have recognized that sooner though since Davina’s died twice and Kol had died once before meeting Davina and was always being daggered by Klaus.

I’m excited to see what they’ll be like when Kol isn’t in purgatory and they’ll be in the current plot of the show :)

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You absolutely don't deserve this kind of stuff thrown at you, you're wonderful and amazing, and keep at it, keep treating yourself, keep trying to love and care for yourself more and more. It's really hard to ignore it when someone is so mean to you, even if what they're saying is aboslute nonsense and I hope you feel better soon!

Just to clarify the post in question wasn’t the anon or hell it wasn’t even negative or even directed at me at all.

But thank you, I appriciate your kind words.

“……I’m trying to get you to look at yourself from a different perspective. To look at your own thoughts instead of worry about them. Listen to them like they are a radio show and you are listening to it in a place far far away from anything going on in your life. Notice how they make you feel, what do they say about you, realize you are in control and think about what you’d rather want to hear……”

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Any tips for writers trying to improve upon their craft ?

I used to believe practice is the way but now I’ll just say feel what your bloodstream feeds on and pour you soul out. You could ask for feedbacks as well. All the best!

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About the byf thing, you said that it wasnt ok to say dont follow if you're neurotypical. I feel u. What about when they say dont reblog cuz of that. I think thats okay because they are posting things that are specifically for the mentally ill. Hbu

I think that it’s more understandable honestly. But again, there’s no way to check for that if you suspect it. I suffer from mental illnesses - but I don’t have them in my description, and I don’t post about it that much. I’m just not ‘out’ because i don’t see the point of telling everyone that I have illnesses for their approval of if I’m sick enough or not to post something.

Basically: It’s understandable, but I disagree with it because there’s no point to it.

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Hey!! I know you have this search thing for people who are trying to find a fic but I honestly tried and I don't think I know enough actual details of the story to find it, I was wondering if you could help? It's a 3 part, Tom breaks up with his GF, gets drunk sleeps with his best mate the morning after meets his ex his mate gets angry leaves then there is an accident and she ends up in hospital and they make

Hello there!

Wow, this is really a difficult one, and none of the Admins remembers reading a story like the one you’re describing (sorry!).

However, since you’re giving us a lot of detail, maybe one of our writers or readers can help you identify the fic you’re looking for. What do you say, Hiddlestoners? Does anyone feel like playing detective? Does that description ring a bell? Please let us know if you find the story!

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Heya. I've been following you for a bit and I just saw the stupid anon who said shit about your teeth? Some people have no lives! So then I watched your video. I suffer with depression and anxiety too and I was pretty amazed with what you are saying because I feel the same, and I don't talk to people about it. Surprisingly it was nice to know that I'm not alone. I hope you have good days ahead of you x

thank you so much, this means a lot to me honestly

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