a lot of the complaints surrounding dream daddy comes from the fact it was backed by game grumps and uses thier voices but like…..people are out here playing zelda and mario and all other shitty racist/homophobic developer’s games and not saying shit……ok

like dudes…. it’s one of the only non-fetishistic, not-made-for-fujoshi mlm dating sims, that also features a trans character and lets you be trans yourself. like. holy shit.

let yourself give it a chance?? why are your smear campaigns always against the only made-for-lgbt things and not, say, nintendo’s blatant racism and bethesda/bioware’s homophobia?

Why is most of the content I see about Connor McKinley mcpricely? 

Like, ship what you want, I don’t care, but why can’t we appreciate his character outside of that relationship? Why don’t I ever see stuff about him coming to terms with his sexuality after a decade of repression and internalized homophobia? Or trying to figure out his relationship towards sex after viewing it as something so dirty, and so wrong, for so long? Why don’t I ever see stuff about him helping other gay Mormons, once he’s figured himself out? Speaking out against religious homophobia and saying things like “Heavenly Father loves all his children” and other similar, important messages?

Connor is a lot more than your “gay baby” to ship with Kevin, and gay men exist outside of their romantic and/or sexual partnerships. 

hey by the way if you go around comparing people to completely irrelevant and kneejerk awful things like nazis, fascists, abusers, shit like that, just for saying that pedophilia, abuse, transphobia, homophobia, racism, etc., are bad then like…’re not even giving anybody a reason to listen to you anyway because it shows you don’t even have any arguments left to give and you’re just a bad person who refuses to listen to others

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I'm not defending religious text, I'm defending religious people. See, your posts about religion and people who believe that crap all sound like when SJWs whine about "patriarchy" and "white privilege". Even if you don't actively condone or partake in homophobia, antisemitism, or terrorism, you're still indirectly supporting this shit just by being religious. Look, if people think that others shouldn't be treated like garbage for race, gender, sexuality, etc then their gods don't fucking matter.

What you’re saying is “Okay so this book encourages sexism, rape, homophobia, anti-semitism, slavery, violence and terrorism, but it also says ‘be nice to other people’ and 'if you’re nice I will reward you with 72 virgin slaves’ so if people just pretend like it doesn’t say any of those first things, they’re good people!” and you’re wondering why I don’t quite buy that.

The only way these people are able to not be homophobic, anti-semitic, etc. is by rejecting their religion for condoning those things. It isn’t a change in religion that led to this, because their religion has not changed. Their gods haven’t changed. Their gods still demand the same things. When they teach their children or their pupils their religion, their book teaches the same old hate. When they defend and spread their religion, it includes those 'bad parts.’

They have to disagree with and distance themselves from their religion in order to be good people. Less religion made them better people.

There seems to be a clear formula there.

PS: religion is a choice, an idea one believes in and follows. To compare this to inborn traits that say nothing about the beliefs and actions of a person is beyond retarded.

Saying that homophobia isn’t ‘black and white’ is true in most cases and it’s important to look at it like that sometimes, especially when there’s nuance involved. But, sometimes, it really is just a case of ‘homophobic views are bad and defending them is also bad’, because we can’t afford to make mistakes on who’s willing to learn and who’s safe to educate.

my sexuality has nothing to do with with my political beliefs. I’m not attracted to your chosen gender, I am attracted exclusively to the female body just like every other lesbian out there and saying that is wrong is an act of homophobia, and it’s not because of my political stance, it’s because I am the dictionary definition of a lesbian

if a person of color is telling you that you’re being racist you need to recognize it and apologize. if a gay/bisexual person is telling you that you’re being homophobic/biphobic you need to recognize it and apologize. if a transgender person is telling you that you’re being transphobic, recognize it and apologize. if a woman is telling you that you’re being sexist, recognize it and apologize. the line is not yours to be drawn.

psa: you can’t just group gay pda with straight pda

gay pda has always and will continue to be treated differently than straight pda, because it is not normalized because of homophobia 

so many lgb people can’t express love and affection due to this, and are afraid to do so. straight people, however, can, without a fucking care in their lives because it’s normal for them.

maybe when gay pda is normalized and treated as an everyday occurrence it can be grouped with straight pda. but that is not today nor anytime soon.

ok but imagine being like 13-14 on this site and trying to figure out your sexuality/gender identity
when you fuckin people have 6 million microsexualities that are just “internalised homophobia” and demonise the idea of Maybe Just Being Gay becuase it’s not ~ radical ~ enough and the ace community pushing the Never Question Why You’re Afraid To Have Sex And Love, You’re Just Ace! narrative at, say, dysphoric trans people or gay/bi people with internalised homophobia or even just. people who are like 13 and dont have sexual thoughts yet because that’s! normal! 
this site is hell for questioning people honestly

you know what really fucking grinds my gears? the fact that amazing organizations like You Can Play can spend so much time, money, and effort doing their best to make hockey inclusive - they can get players to use rainbow tape, they can have players and coaches release statements, they can encourage players to speak up against homophobia - but all of that means jack shit when a kid can still be watching his favorite team play and see some douchebag like andrew shaw using the f-slur. i know it was a while ago, and i know he apologized, but that doesn’t undo the fact that, no matter how hard YCP works, kids will still see shit like that and think “yeah, it still happens on the ice” or “yeah it probably happens in the locker room.” it’s fucking bullshit that so many people can work so hard just so that people aren’t scared to play hockey and be open about their sexuality, and some dumbass can fuck it all up in .2 seconds bc he didn’t agree with a fucking tripping call.

there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to women as a woman, romantically or sexually, and thinking about them that way, no matter your age  (as long as you aren’t an adult going after minors, obviously)

the “predatory lesbian” trope is just that. a harmful trope. your attraction to women is beautiful and in no way comparable to how men think about women

Marvel: Steve and Bucky? They’re just friends, totally platonic.
Me: You had Steve become more than a glorified salesman to rescue Bucky, you had him become The First Avenger™ so he could avenge Bucky’s death, Bucky broke through the brainwashing of Hydra after hearing Steve say a phrase that sounds a lot like a wedding vow, Steve literally pulled a helicopter out of the sky with his own two hands to rescue Bucky, you’ve on multiple times had parallels between the two and canon pairings, and more than once shown them willing to die for each other.


- “You can’t opt out of male privilege.”
- “I’m trans exclusionary.”
- “Trans women are invading our safe spaces.”
- “Cis is homophobic/a slur, just say non-trans.”
- “Transphobia doesn’t exist.”
- “Gender critical.”
- “T(W)ERF = Lesbian. Why do you hate lesbians so much?”


- “You can’t opt out of straight privilege.”
- “I’m ace/aro exclusionairy.”
- “Aces/aros are invading our safe spaces.”
- “Allosexual/alloromantic is homophobic, just say non-ace.”
- “Aphobia doesn’t exist.”
- “Why do you want to be oppressed so bad?”
- “Acehets.” 
- “Ace critical.”
- “Aphobe = LGBT. Why do you hate LGBT people so much?”


- “You have straight passing privilege.”
- “Bi people in het relationships are invading our safe spaces.” 
- “Monosexual/monoromantic is homophobic, just say gay/straight.”
- “Biphobia doesn’t exist, it’s just homophobia.”
- “Bihets.”


- “You can’t opt out of cis privilege.”
- “NBs are invading our safe spaces.”
- “Exorsexism doesn’t exist.”
- “Why do you want to be oppressed so bad?”
- “Transtrenders.”