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2014.04.16 - Original Entry Here

10 years is both a long and a short amount of time.

I might not need to say anything.

I think the pictures say it all.

My thoughts, your thoughts.

That’s all.

I’ll write more later if I feel like it.

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.”

I’m grateful to have met them all.

My best friends in our guardian poses.


From Ayaka’s twitter そして毎度お馴染み、セーラー戦士♡当時のポーズで…★この仲間は、やはり特別な存在。


[PLACE] Claire’s.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: クレアーズ
Romaji: Kureaazu

Type: Business
Location: Azabu-Juuban, Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan
First appearance: Act 6
Last appearance: Act 6


  • The Claire’s that Usagi and Makoto visited was actually in the Udagawachou part of Tokyo’s Shibuya ward. That particular store has since closed, though.
  • Founded in 1961, Claire’s is an accessories and jewelry retailer aimed towards girls and young women.

[CHARACTER] Princess Serenity.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: プリンセス・セレニティ
Romaji: Purinsesu Sereniti

Role: Recurring character
Type: Human
Family: Kenji Tsukino (Usagi’s father), Ikuko Tsukino (Usagi’s mother), Shingo Tsukino (Usagi’s brother), Mamoru Chiba (Usagi’s husband), Queen Serenity (past life mother)
Aliases: Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon, Princess Sailor Moon
Alignment/Organization: Sailor Senshi, Moon Kingdom
First appearance: Act 25
Last appearance: Final Act
Status: Alive
Actor: Miyuu Sawai


  • Her name stems from the Middle French “sérénité” and the Latin “serenitas.” The word “serenity” is defined as the state of being serene or calm. Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity were both inspired by the Greek Moon goddess Selene, who fell in love with a mortal named Endymion.
  • Princess Serenity did not have an “odango” hairstyle like her manga and anime counterparts. She also had black hair rather than blond or white.
  • While the Dark Kingdom caused the destruction of the original Silver Millennium in the manga and anime, a distraught Princess Serenity was responsible for destroying the Moon Kingdom as well as the Earth Kingdom in this series.
  • The Silver Crystal belonged solely to Princess Serenity, and it was not passed down from mother to daughter.
  • Although Princess Serenity played a huge part in past life events, she rarely appeared in the modern story. Instead, Princess Sailor Moon was seen more often.

[HENSHIN] Princess Sailor Moon.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: N/A
Romaji: N/A

User: Usagi Tsukino/Princess Serenity
Item required: N/A
Used to become: Princess Sailor Moon
First appearance: Act 36
Last appearance: Act 41


  • This transformation as well as Princess Sailor Moon herself were both unique to the live-action series.
  • There was no transformation vocal command or item. The Silver Crystal may have played a part in the metamorphosis, though.
  • After Act 41, Sailor Moon would instantly turn into Princess Sailor Moon without the full-length sequence.

[CHARACTER] Sailor Moon.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: セーラームーン
Romaji: Seeraa Muun

Role: Major character
Type: Human
Family: Kenji Tsukino (father), Ikuko Tsukino (mother), Shingo Tsukino (brother), Mamoru Chiba (husband), Queen Serenity (past life mother)
Aliases: Usagi Tsukino, Princess Serenity, Princess Sailor Moon
Alignment/Organization: Sailor Senshi, Moon Kingdom
First appearance: Act 1
Last appearance: Special Act
Status: Alive
Actor: Miyuu Sawai


  • Usagi only had blond hair when she transformed into Sailor Moon or Princess Sailor Moon.
  • Unlike Sailor Moon’s manga and anime counterparts, the red colors in her live-action suit were dark pink.
  • Miyuu Sawai was originally not cast as Usagi/Sailor Moon, but Naoko Takeuchi’s insistence changed that.

[EPISODE] Act 46. The Senshi Power of Sailor Venus Awakens.

Series: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

Kana: 戦士の力にめざめたセーラーヴぃーナス
Romaji: Senshi no Chikara ni Mezameta Seeraa Viinasu

Original Air Date: August 28, 2004

Director: Masataka Takamaru
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi

Plot: The Sailor Senshi have a final showdown with Metalia’s youma.


  • Although she wasn’t credited in the episode, Miyuu Sawai (Usagi/Sailor Moon) voiced Queen Metalia’s youma.


  • This episode featured the last use of Moonlight Attractive Attack.


  • Pacifico Yokohama
  • The Dark Kingdom
  • The Tsukino Residence
  • Minako Aino’s residence
  • Hikawa Shrine
  • Central Garden
  • Yoyogi Park
  • Yokohama Kanazawa Hi-Tech Center
  • Yoyogi National Stadium
  • Azabu Public Hospital