Turning Off The Comments On My Wix Site

So….*sigh*…I hate to come to this point, but here’s I am…I’m going to be turning off the comment options on my Wix site.

I try my best to answer everyone’s comments in a timely matter but it’s been a good 8 or 9 months of me repeating myself over and over again.  People don’t bother to read the directions laid out in front of them, then comment that a mod is broken or they can’t find “Research Fashion” on the computer…then I troubleshoot with them, only to find out that it’s because they never did something simple, like enabling Script Mods in their game, WHICH IS OUTLINED RIGHT IN THE DIRECTIONS.  I also used to get a million comments like “Where is da download button?!!1?1″ even though the download button is located directly above the comment box, so you’d literally have to scroll past the download button, just to comment and ask where the download button is.

The other part of this is that I always outline exactly how to install and use a mod right on the download page.  I have a WHOLE TAB with 4 additional pages on troubleshooting and help for my mods right on my page.  I took the time to type all this out for people to ignore it and just ask me the same questions over and over again.  Some don’t even bother to look at the question right below them (where I already answered the same thing).

So yeah…no more comment box, sorry.  If you have a genuine question or concern with one of my mods, you can PM here on Tumblr. I always test my mods, I always make sure they’re updated.  If you can’t get it to work, it could be your game, another mod conflict or anything else.  But I don’t want to spend any more time answering the same stuff over and over again for people who don’t even bother to read the information I already wrote or follow simple directions.

Canadians like to act all morally superior to Americans because of the way they treat black men and women in their country, but then they place the same stereotypes on native Americans and treat them just as bad. Like come on.

Being Negan’s daughter would include:

-Negan being super protective over you, his only thing to remember his late wife, your mother.

-Going on runs with your dad and him letting you take back whatever you wanted to The Sanctuary.

-Everyone in The Sanctuary bowing to you because you had just as much respect as your father did, no question about it.

-Simon being like a second father to you, Dwight like a brother, but no one would ever be as good as your dad.

-Negan putting you as his top priority, over his people, over his countless wives, over everything.

-Anyone who tries to harm you gets a swift greeting with Lucille.

-Negan allowing you to take the first swing.

-Cute father/daughter bonding moments where he tells you how much he loves you whilst holding you to his side.

-No man would ever be good enough for you in his eyes, to him you were an angel, and if anything were to try and take you away, it would break his heart.


First go at headcanons, let me know if you want anything else and I’ll happily cook something up.

Much love xoxo


Imagine - Negan chose to marry your identical twin sister, and she decides to share the goods with you in knowing Negan won’t ever catch on. Did someone say Double Trouble?

Warning - smut, frustrated Negan, swearing, slight angst.

Negan grunts loudly as he pushes himself between your folds, directly into your core, you moan in delight as he begins to thrust hard into you, the sound of slapping flesh filling the air of his master suite. Your ‘husband’ had you on all fours on his bed as he pounds you from behind, the bed hitting the wall roughly, your nails grab the red silken sheets as he hits the spot in your walls which makes you cry out.

Negan married your sister, Freya, there was no jealously between the pair of you, but she didn’t want Negan and you knew you needed him. Some nights you’d hear him fucking Freya or Sherry, and Freya, being the kind twin she is let you in on the action too, letting you pose as her when you felt slightly frustrated sexually. And, of course you didn’t reject that offer, you knew how well he treated girls in the bedroom.

Your leader grabs your long waves roughly, pulling your head right back as his other hand squeezes your breast tightly before slapping it, his eyes never leaving yours as he fucked you senseless. It did confuse you how he hadn’t caught on yet, looks wise, your sister and yourself were identical, but body wise? Not so much, you were a lot more experienced than her, and you were slightly bigger than her too, Freya was quite skinny whilst you prided yourself in your curves. Negan didn’t mind though, the one thing you had to try and hide was the small tattoo on your hip, if he saw that then you were busted.

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Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle

I can’t let you go now that I got you

And all I need is to be struck by your Electric Love.

Happy birthday to My first love! I used Poinsettias (The December birth flower), Narcissus (The ruling flower of planet Jupiter), and Sasanquas (Makos favorite flower). I have a speed paint I will upload soon!

Edit: Here’s the speedpaint as promised!

Stop hating on Phil

“Dan and Phil” without Phil would be just “Dan and”
And “Dan and” doesn’t make fucking sense.