Saviors of the World

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Naruto worse character than Sakura and Hinata?

Of course. Worse than them combined. 

Sakura and Hinata are bad characters in their own right, but they’re not relevant enough to ruin the moral foundations of the story. Naruto is the one who got put on the pedestal, who’s supposed to stand for something, who’s supposed to be the light and savior of the shinobi world. Yet, he’s shallow, self absorbed just like Sakura and Hinata, but he got away with far less criticism cos the narrative mask his flaws. Most things he stands for are either not good messages or poorly executed, or they’re actually dangerous values. 

At least Sakura and Hinata were never supposed to stand for anything important in the story anyway. tbf, sometimes when Sakura was being a bitch, she got bitchslapped, like her fake confession and insults of orphans. In contrast, Naruto’s annoying behaviour or obsessive need for validation were often portrayed as sympathetic, perhaps even inspirational…I find this far more irritating.

tbh, I don’t know why you guys are so obsessed with Sakura and Hinata, it’s Naruto Uzumaki had been ruining his own series for years. Only a small part of my post about his character was about the Last, other bad writing surrounding his character has nothing to do with pairings, he doesn’t even get to use the “ruined by romantic subplot” as excuse. 


Happy birthday dear twin splickedylit!

Those of you familiar with Splickedy will know her OTP is pale-as-snow GamKar, and no matter the epic, sweeping content of her stories, these guys will still be in there somewhere, shooshing and papping away with indecent amounts of platonic pity.

So here they are in each of their iterations from her four biggest stories, some of which are still unposted…

From Under Bridges

Heavy Heart

Saviors of the World

Poor Unfor-tuna-te Shoals

Give her stories a try even if you don’t ship it; odds are you’ll make an exception for her stuff. :>

If you or your blog is Christian

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Anonymous said: could you bring back Threshecutioner Karkat and Condesce/Meenah?

ladysekh said: Oh, also, how about like a Mongol!Gamzee or desert bandit! Gamzee. Like a real world wild beserker concept.

Some sketchbook doodles for some super old asks (wow who even remembers Gamzee Day , that was forever and a half ago), a page full of Karkats, some depressing alternate-future Saviors stuff, etc etc…as always, captions!

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"man now I want to write a drabble" -- IS THAT SO? Because there is at least one extremely interested party peering intently at their screen right now. Just saying.

Ahhh why. XD FuB/SotW mini-crossover for anon, then!  Based on this post.  Not sure if the read-more is working on peoples’ dashes or not—it hasn’t been recently and if not I apologize. U_U

You wake up and there are faces like wild animals all around you and cold hands on your shoulders.

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Some doodles for splickedylit’s Saviors of the World AU, a super-powered humanstuck story with lots of teen drama.  If you’re not familiar with it you may have trouble telling who some of these people are so let me help you out!

1. Mr. Vantas (the signless), who is kind of psychic, plus Eridan.  I guess it’s some kind of therapy session?

2-3: Tavros flying with his windy powers plus a convo with Vriska based on some of the things she said to him in canon.  Then he punches her. :I

4-6: Kanaya is in a hurry and leaves some kids with Gamzee, whose experiences with parental figures have been horrific for like 90% of his short life.  But he manages. uvu Then also some Gamzee expressions and some healthy blackrom GamRezi.  It’s actually nice in this universe, because that’s the power of AUs!

7-8: Ladies!  Vriska and Terezi about to spar, Nepeta getting excited about hockey (there’s like three drawings about that, I’m not sure why).  Kanaya learning about hockey from Nepeta, Feferi saving Eridan from a falling building or something with her SUPER STRENGTH (forgot her freckles, sorry splickedy!), aaaand Aradia making friends with Sollux. UuU


Me, enjoy drawing Irish Gamzee way way way too much?  

You must be joking. 8T

I continue to need to figure out consistent faces for the Saviors of the World characters–I should have a Saviors-specific expression-request night sometime, try to work some of them out, but for now have some expressive Gamzees. U_U

(150x150 versions here!)

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Does Saviors Karkat not know what sex is, or does he just not know the word for it? Is someone going to have to give him the talk?

I feel this is best answered with an excerpt. XD (I am just handing out excerpts like cheap cigars over here–but really I just like this scene a lot, it was so fun.)

Chapter 4, Scene 6:

      Karkat: What The Fuck, That Wasn’t About Birds And Bees.

Then Ms. Leijon pulls out a piece of chalk and a bunch of pieces of paper with words and definitions on them, and you learn about sex.

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SplickedyHat Requestset 3: HAIR (not the musical, just hair), featuring Splickedy’s humanstuck version of Gamzee from her WIP story Saviors of the World.

toastyhat asked:

Ugh my mind's on Dolorosa momma feels and I can't get unstuck so even though I was the one doing Gift Day, do you think you'd feel up to writing a SotW-verse ficlet about Dolorosa getting used to her new son? You can decline if you feel awkward working with someone else's AU but I guarantee you anything you do will be instantly accepted as canon. UuU

Oh, wow. This is certainly a challenge, Toasty. I do feel awkward working with the AU, but I go forward confident in the knowledge that if it sucks, it does not even matter, because it is Splickedy’s show anyway. :D Alright, here I go!


With apologies to Splickedylit for my heavy-footed tramping through her universe.

Your name is Porrim Maryam, but you answer to “Mama” more often than not these days.

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Silence - SotW fan ficlet

Splashing around a little in Splickedy’s coming Savior of the World AU. Check it out here.

You’re desperate to get back into your own head. Everyone else is so loud and irritating and you crave quiet. So you flee to the Void Room. You’d almost forgotten that Void had dragged your genetic original down here. For a moment you almost leave, but he’s asleep and it’s so wonderfully silent down here. You can leave before he wakes.

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Who do the saviors kids usually go to after a nightmare? (Btw, I hope you feel better soon, you seem really stressed lately and I really feel for you unu)

((I don’t remember when this was sent, but I’m stressed a fair portion of the time so I’m sure I appreciated the reassurance during whatever stressful period I was experiencing UwU))

Aradia: doesn’t go to anybody.  SIts up quietly and meditates and then gets out her sketchbook and draws skulls until she feels better.  Or if she sees computer glow from the boy’s room she’ll go and badger Sollux into bed.  Or go and hang out with Terezi or Nepeta or Tavros, who have formed a sort of happily-nerdy-hobbies group.  Mr. Vantas also has a stockpile of skulls that he occasionally gives her to help with her drawings, even though bones kind of wig him out.

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Doodles I forgot about that I did for Splickedy’s Saviors of the World verse. UuU There were more but they were mostly rough attempts at character interaction/plot (I generally let her do the quality stuff when I have an idea for her, that’s her job!).  So yeah you get Eridan and Gamzee having a psychic nasty-off and Karkat being annoyed with his father figure’s brain.



I just realized the other day that for one thing there are a ton of new followers who aren’t familiar with Saviors of the World, and for another I haven’t drawn my babies for a long time.  :)  So I threw together some quick actual colored art of them for once.  trivia captions.

disclaimer: this fic is still in progress at the current length of 94,664 words and is not posted.