I am a slut for the idea that Lance finds his worth/confidence in a solo mission that sort of goes wrong or takes longer than expected, he ends up saving a planet and bonds with blue, acquiring a few battle scars and a new hair cut maybe?? And when he goes back to the team he brings upon a new strength reminding them of the ocean, and so everyone just cries they are so happy he is back because they all sort of fall apart without him,,,,,, pls slide in my dms if anyone actually writes anything similar because i will marry you

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solangelo beauty and the beast au


  • Will is a small town boy, kind of isolated from the community because of his ~eccentric~ father, who is a psychic. His dad has a job in a city, but doesn’t come back. Will gets worried when his horse returns without him, and sets off riding into the forest to find him.
  • Will finds his father locked away in a castle by a thing that won’t come out of the shadows. Will offers to take his father’s place, which the creature accepts. 
  • Will meets the staff of the castle, all turned into household objects by what he later learns to be a curse put on the Prince of the castle, as well the people who live there. Will wants to help, sneaking into the shadow beast’s tower to find a wilting black rose. The beast finds him, roaring at him to get out. Will runs, all the way out of the castle, trying to find his way home. He runs onto a pack of wild wolves, which the shadow beast saves him from, but not before getting injured in the process. He’s finally able to see the beast’s face, but he’s fading. Turns out the curse will cause the beast to fade from existence if it’s not broken in time. 
  • Will brings the beast back to the castle, insisting he’ll look after him as thinks for saving his life. They bond over the weeks and months spent together, discussing literature, family, hobbies, etc. Will physically recoils when the beast say he’s never danced before, insisting he teach him the basic waltz. 
  • Eventually, the beast realises how much he has come to care for his guest, asking him if there’s anything Will is wanting for. Will admits to the beast he misses his father very much, so the beast invites the psychic to come and live with them. Will tries to hug the beast, only for him to phase right through him, like a ghost. Will worries, asking if there’s anything he can do to help. The beast denies it, telling Will what would make him happiest is for Will to be happy living with him.
  • Will calls bullshit, asking the staff instead, who reluctantly tell him the beast must love someone, and be loved in return. Will immediately runs to the Beast’s bedside, professing his love. The beast transforms into handsome Prince Nico, and stops fading just as the last petal falls.
  • Apollo swears he got lost in the forest on purpose because he predicted the whole thing.
the signs as cute relationship things
  • aries: saving her from abusive exes
  • taurus: healing her emotional wounds by literally annoying her
  • gemini: flying her around the city of starlight
  • cancer: explaining her death with a tear rolling down your cheek
  • leo: ch55
  • virgo: family planning
  • libra: making him soup from a can
  • scorpio: drinking her heated canned soup
  • sagittarius: pretending to be a 'whore' so he can show the darker side of his court who's boss
  • capricorn: pretending to sacrifice your mating bond to save her sisters
  • aquarius: having to stay with the person you hate most to be a double agent for your court
  • pisces: staying alive for your them
Eternal bond
  • Naruto: I'm gonna bring back Sasuke, ya know?!!!! Believe it
  • Sasuke: *kidnaps killer bee*
  • Sasuke: *joins the Akatsuki*
  • Sasuke: *declares his intent to destroy the village*
  • Sasuke: *kills Danzo*
  • Sasuke: *tries killing Sakura*
  • Sasuke: *hates the leaf Village*
  • Leaf Village people: no, you can't save him. He's evil af. Nope.
  • Naruto:
  • Naruto: ?
  • Naruto: nah. I can save him.
Blue Lion Theory Headcanons

I’m quite amazed by how much the Blue Lion Theory is starting to spread around the Voltron fandom (and still quite amused by the Shiro vs Lance dying meme that appeared for a short while. Guys chill- I assure you that if my theory comes true, from a writer’s standpoint, it’d be more logical for it to happen in a later season once the team is all reunited for a while and all nice and bonded, so worry more about Space Dad right now.xP

Anyway, back the subject, you guys’ support, ideas, and own theories has made me ponder more about this theory of mine and what the Voltron team’s reaction to  Lance’s sacrifice would be like. PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR SOME DELICIOUS ANGST!


-Let’s start with the possible next Blue Paladin shall we? It’s a shame that we don’t see much bonding between Allura and Lance in season one, but I’d imagine by this time, they’d have bonded just a little, but not as much as Allura herself would have like. Because of this, after Lance’s sacrifice, she’d probably feel a strong sense of guilt and regret that as a princess she had let the Blue Lion be destroyed and lost one of her paladins because of this error, but also as a friend, she had never made much of effort to become closer to Lance. She never even got the chance to tell Lance why the Blue Lion chose him to become her paladin. 

-Her confidence as a leader will waver and is only after she tearfully tells the Blue Lion (Lance) about these insecurities and her guilt that he will reveal that he has chosen her to be the Blue Paladin and speak (well in the way the Lions are able to speak) for the first time since the sacrifice. 

-Of course, as the Blue Paladin and Blue Lion, Allura and Lance will grow closer through sharing memories with one another and perhaps Allura will start to make more of effort to strengthen her friendship with the other paladins (with some helpful mental prodding from Blue Lance).

- If Lance is ever able to return to his original body, I’d imagine she’d still affectionately call him ‘her Lion’  and vice-versa ‘his pilot’. They’d have an unbreakable  queen and protective bodyguard relationship mixed with playful flirting that goes absolutely nowhere.


-Whether or not Klance has happened or not, I’d imagine Keith would take Lance’s sacrifice very, very hard. All his grief and anguish would boil over into furious aggression. For the first couple days after the event, Keith would spend in the training room, tearing apart Gladiator after Gladiator, yelling in a berserk rage over that fact they he was there and couldn’t do anything to stop it from happening. He’s angry at himself, at Lance, at his team, at Zarkon and Haggar, at the whole universe for what happened. And that. He. Could. Not. Stop. It.

-Keith would only calm down after he goes down to the Hangar where the Lions are kept and starts a yell fest up at Blue Lance. At this point Blue Lance has not spoken since he does not have a paladin yet. The fact that Lance, the Lance he loves that never shuts up, is now silent is what make Keith most upset. He screams, yells, and even punches the Blue Lance’s metal leg (instantly regretting it) angrily demanding “WHY THE HELL DID YOU EVER THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA!? YOU SELF-SACRIFICING IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO THE TEAM?! EVERYONE’S A MESS! WE ALL MISS YOU! I…miss you…please….come back…”  Cue a Keith breaking down to cry for the first time since it happened. Hunk and Pidge would probably find him and offer their comfort in a massive group hug, which would mark a new Garrison Trio being born. 

-Of course when Blue Lance becomes active again once he has Allura as his Paladin, I’d think that  Keith, Hunk, and Pidge as well as Allura and Shiro would start to have sleepovers in the Blue Lion’s cockpit as a way to try and stay close with their buddy.

-Blue Lance would still try and keep up a rivalry with Red and Keith. Allura hates it when a calm flight suddenly becomes a race against her will and she can only cling to her seat in horror as her ship starts doing loop-di-loops and flying through asteroids and shit. Keith and Red only encourage the bad behavior.

-If the suggestion that Lance will probably start losing a bit of his personality as he becomes and more like the old Blue happens then Keith, once he realizes this transformation is starting, will go all or nothing to try and get Lance back into his body even if it means getting help from a Druid. Of course, he’d try and do it in secret but Allura would find out, but instead of stopping in and telling Shiro or Coran, she demands that he take her with him to help since Lance is her Lion so as his pilot, its her duty to help him, royal titles and duties be damned. Keith is not pleased cause NO! I’M GOING TO BE THE ONE TO SAVE LANCE. WE BONDED DAMMIT! Pidge would probably find out and come with them to help and have to suffer through Allura and Keith bonding aka arguing on who’s going to help Lance more the entire time they’re kidnapping a Druid.

Aaaaannnddd that’s all for tonight. I’ll do the rest of the team tomorrow. Hope you guys were entertained! And if you have some headcanons yourself about the Blue Lion Theory feel free to let me know in a message or comment!^^

okay but. petty revenge crack: 

Bond actually gets hounded almost to death by the fact that he has the Aston. 

Q reports it ‘stolen’ and no matter how many times Bond gets the matter ‘fixed’ it somehow gets back on the police records again whenever Q has a bad day and needs a pick-me-up in the form of Bond getting pulled over and flipping him off via the nearest security camera 

Bond’s break-up fight with Madeleine is sparked by the fact that the Aston has been pulled over–again–and Madeleine has had it up to here with these Aston-related shenanigans. ‘So get rid of it!’ she says. ‘Buy a new car!’ And so rang the death knell of that relationship, after which Madeleine resumes her practice, adopts a cat, and starts dating the lovely woman who runs the animal shelter and drives a sensible Honda Civic. 

Q lists the Aston on some kind of classic car show and Bond has to field phone calls from TV people and ~somehow~ (Q helps) they find him and he ends up on the air with his face blurred out bc he’s legally not allowed to be filmed. the car, however, is clearly visible bc Bond didn’t exactly get around to signing all those ‘sure I won’t put the car on TV’ contracts before he breezed out of the garage

and now everyone knows that the classic Aston is a spy car 

and ‘spot the spy car!’ blogs pop up 

Bond gets spotted by really enthusiastic classic car fans all the time. they come up to him and start talking about complicated engine things that he doesn’t know about. a lot of them are older dudes. some of them are younger folk. Bond doesn’t fuck most of them. 

the remnants of SPECTRE track him via his car’s fan blogs but their kidnapping attempt goes awry when a passing gearhead beans one of the Spectre goons over the head with a spanner at a critical juncture. the gearhead is like. nineteen. totally down for ‘hey guess I saved your life’ sex. Bond feels so old. So so old. 

The Curse of the Aston Martin. 

Bond returns the damn thing himself. 

(Then he sets about trying to put ‘The Curse of James Bond’ on Q, which turns out to be much more fun for both of them than either were anticipating.)     

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I have over 20 grand saved from sex work. I have no idea what to do with it. I don't have any debts or anything like that. Any tips?

Open an IRA (Retirement account)
Open a high interest savings account so that your $$ can grow and not just sit there
Have an emergency fund with at least 1 years expenses
Get health & life insurance if you don’t already have it
Open a business
Invest in some stocks + bonds Keep saving and buy some land
Keep paying every bill on time so you can continue to be debt free
And don’t spend your savings on dumb shit

Okay but just imagine Trini getting used to being around the other rangers. Like, when they’re not busy saving the world and real life or something like it kicks in again. 

She’s def a touch starved babe and glomps onto Kimberly when they’re alone and stuff and probably melts when she plays with her hair and dies and turns into a smol gay puddle when Kim gives her a massage one day after a brutal day of training but in public and around the others at first…she’s probably kind of…skittish? And idk if that’s the right word, but I can’t think of anything else to use.

Because, really, despite the fact that they’ve bonded and saved the world, they still have to go to school and pretend everything is normal and are from completely different social groups and classes. And just…those early days. Trini looking at Kimberly with apprehension when she sits with her at lunch or walks with her past her former friends and she can hear them laughing, teasing, and expects Kimberly to at least pretend she wasn’t talking to her and possibly join them to help save face. Trini looking at Jason weird when he passes up hanging out with his old crew to train or sit next to her because she’s alone. Trini looking at Zack weird because he’s Zack and pretty much approached their friendship like he does everything else: with a giant wrecking ball. Trini looking at Billy with wonder because he’s just?? so?? good?? and why does he choose to hang around with her and share his lunch and invite her over for dinner?

What I’m saying is, yes, they’ve bonded, but like a week ago they were strangers and there’s probably some things you’re not gonna get over that fast and Trini has an adjustment period to having friends now, nonetheless friends that are in groups that more than likely gave her hell prior to the mine incident 

A Massive Spones Rec List

The Spones fandom is made up of some of the most talented people but is tiny and in need of more content. Due to this fact, there are significantly less Spones fics so I searched extra hard to compile a good, lengthy list of fics.. and somehow managed to find way more fics than I did for my Mckirk one?? Why am I such trash, help I need a life.

(Listed alphabetically: ** = favourite)

Addressed to the Damn Doctor by ElloPoppet | 2.5k, T

Spock writes McCoy a letter of confession, despite not quite knowing how to write a love letter. (A super sweet insight into Spock’s mind, especially on his thoughts on the Enterprise’s resident doctor.)

Best Medicine for the Worst Patient by gammadolphin | 8.5k, T

It’s a special kind of hell, becoming obsessed with the laughter of a man who barely even smiles unless he’s high or dying of blood loss. Leonard doesn’t handle it particularly well. (A hilariously frustrating fic in which Bones becomes a little too obsessed with trying to hear Spock laugh just once more.)

Blues March by IntuitivelyFortuitous | 7k, T

Leonard McCoy sees his friends bleed. He loves the blood when it is inside them, flushing their cheeks and warming their skin. When it colors his hands on the operating table, he can think of little but the time he has with them, and a minute is too long to waste. He’s not going to let Spock get away that easily. (Gruesome and sad yet somehow really sweet.)

The Body by therev | 13k, T

McCoy’s consciousness is transferred into an android body after a fatal accident. Spock helps him remember the man he used to be. (Wow a really creative and fascinating fic that could have gone totally wrong if it hadn’t been written by such a talented author.)

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You are so cool man. Okay, I just got into investing as in I opened an account with bank of america merrill edge for retirement but haven't done anything else. I know I should like buy safe stocks and stuff, but I am so wary of researching this. like i just don't trust sources that i google or magazines (my dad was interested in stocks and lost a lot of money so I just can't trust him or those magazines). I see that you have set up different markets (target retirement, inflation protected), (1/2

(2/2) and other funds. How did you get started? Where did you research? Like books or things. Thank you for your time!

Aw, thank you Anon! So, this is a little bit of a narrative, buckle up. (There is a readmore below! Read more!) 

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Beautiful Goodbye

Author’s Note: So I’ve heard from a few people on Twitter who wished the goodbye scene was longer/explained more about why Abby chose to take off the necklace with Jake’s ring. Since I agreed, I decided to write a short (well okay, close to 4,000-word) thing about it from Marcus’ perspective. So basically, this is my interpretation of how the goodbye scene could have gone down if the writers hadn’t chosen to cut away after the kiss.

Rating: M-ish? I’m TRASH and hyped up on The Scene, so of course there’s sexytimes.

It was dark in the tower, save for the flickering of a few candles aligned at the sides of the hallways: hardly enough to fend off the blackness of night. Striding through the empty corridors, Marcus mused on the iciness of the streets below. The danger that lurked in every shadow, the hatred hidden in glares and deciphered through threats. His chest ached, remembering the ambassador’s hatred of Skaikru, his refusal to choose diplomacy over violence. A stab of pain so intense that it might have been he, not the Ice King, who’d been shot.

How deftly Marcus had tried.

How decisively he’d failed.

There has to be another way, he’d thought, urging Roan to delay his battle in favor of negotiations. And he’d been so sure he could do it – so confident they would see his side, cherish life over bloodshed – that the ambassador’s refusal had knocked the breath from his lungs like a punch to the gut. Diplomacy, he knew, was far from an exact science. There were no guarantees. But to have failed now, at such a crucial time…he could hardly offer himself forgiveness when regret was the only emotion available.

Octavia had barely looked at him after that; instead of remaining with him, she’d chosen to seek out Indra. Since midday, he hadn’t so much as glimpsed her. Marcus thought he’d seen something pitying in her gaze – something that spoke more than her words ever could, something that implied she blamed grounder politics and not him for his shortcomings – and as small a gesture as it was, he appreciated it. If nothing else, at least she’d been willing to give peace a chance.

A soft breeze blew through an open door, and Marcus breathed out a soft sigh as the coolness of the night wind washed over him. As loath as he was to admit it, there was nothing more to be done. He would have to accept whatever came in the morning, swallow the bitterness of self-loathing that had burbled again inside him when the boy mentioned what the chip had forced him to do. Focusing on what came next was easy when hope was abundant, but in its absence his mind turned back to territory it had explored a thousand times before, terrain he and his people had mapped out so well.

It was a land of remorse.

Dwelling on the past did him little good, but in times like these it became harder to construct a dam strong enough to hold back their tide. A few more seconds, and he could have taken Bellamy’s life. Had ALIE’s hold over him not been broken in time, had his hands not relaxed and his composure returned, his story might have been an echo of the young grounder’s. Their hatred for Skaikru might have been pronounced, but the boy had no inclination of how alike they really were. The shame they shared.

If he’d told him what he’d been forced to do, a member of Skaikru equally torn by his actions under the influence, would it have helped? Could it have saved whatever fractured bond they might have with the grounders? More importantly, could he even trust his own voice to recite so sensitive a memory?

He could still feel it; the sickening agony of looking down and seeing the eldest Blake sibling on the dusty throne room floor, gasping for air, his face bruised and bloody. The look in Bellamy’s eyes shone forgiveness mixed with fatigue while his own blurred with tears, appalled with himself for what he’d been forced to do. What his hands and legs and arms had done without his consent, all because of a woman in a red dress and a computer chip.

He remembered something else then, drifting back to him through the listless fog of misery. A gun pointed to Abby’s head. She’s still here, he reminded himself. Bellamy’s still here, Clarke’s still here, Octavia’s still here. There is still hope.

And hope, as he’d come to know from the woman who held his heart in her hands, her smile, her sigh, was everything.

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Hey do you have any kakairu fic recommendations? i'm currently reading one that its really good but they are still updating it :/ (Also your art is so fucking awesome!!! Its so good and cute dude like !!!!!!!!!!!! it always makes me laugh when they are silly ones or cry about how cute and good it is, its just like ¡¡¡¡dude!!!!)

Aaaa thank you!! I’ve an old rec list over here ! But to add some new ones (most are set in the Naruto world though some are au/have canon divergence elements):

In progress/incomplete fics

I’m so tired of people on the voltron fandom being like “omg stop harrasing shippers, respect every ship, peace and love” or whatever bullshit but then they say things like “honestly, klance shippers are awful and rude, they are the worst part of the fandom.” Some fans can be dumb and say dumb things GET OVER IT. Every ship and fandom has that kind of people. And no, I’m not saying this because I’m a butthurt klance shipper, I’m saying this because it is SO STUPID to shame people based on what they ship. Ships do not define personality, you can’t just say things like “sheith shippers are the worst shippers” because then you are just putting everyone in a box. One thing are the shippers and another thing is the small amount of rude or cringey shippers that are usually more noticed by the fandom for some reason. I just find this whole shipping discourse so stupid, I mean, shipping is for fun, and of course we want representation, but we shouldn’t ruin a show as amazing as voltron because of something as unrelated as shipping. Instead of continuing this useless ship war, why don’t we talk about things that have to do with the ACTUAL PLOT. Because at the end that’s what this is all about, 5 paladins developing and awesome friendship and bonding to save the galaxy. I’m not saying that shipping is bad or that you should stop shipping, but lets just try to stop this war and enjoy this amazing show.

So excuse me naruto fandom for “spreading negativity” and destroying your sweat dreams but Naruto was the story a lonely, shunned kid who wished to save his first bond, achieve his goal and change the world.

Pairings matter, but it is the least to it. This is not the only reason I hate. I hate because the anime that taught me so much, that touched me so deeply was maimed for the sake of money. Because it lost its essence, it’s meaning, it’s epicness.

So you can go and laugh at my bitterness and saltiness and whatever you call it. But as long as animating the Hokage inauguration is less important than Hinata’s beautiful face, I will be here and hate for ever.

Because I always loved Naruto too much.


Ok, first off: when Seto said “I promised that I would be your father from now on.” he was already breaking my heart. 2nd: i like how Seto’s reasoning for hurting Mokuba is more or less justified. i mean he just wanted to make sure that no matter what happens to him, Mokuba would always be safe and looked after.

and you can see that it’s just killing Seto that at the moment he can’t do anything to save Mokuba. Their bond has gotten them through a lot and the fact that Noah just completely took that away from them is just eating at Seto.

Edificio de los Bonos del Ahorro Nacional (antes de la renovación, Casa Latinoamericana) y el edificio anexo ‘Líneas Aéreas’ durante la construcción, Paseo de la Reforma 77 esq. Ignacio Ramírez, Col. Tabacalera, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México 1959 (destruido, permanece el Paseo de la Refoma 87)

Ing. Luis Rivero del Val

National Savings Bonds building (before renovation, Casa Latinoamericana) and the Airlines buildng annex during construction, Paseo de la Reforma 77 at Ignacio Ramirez, Tabacalera, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City  1959 (destroyed, Paseo de la Refoma 87 remains)