I don’t know how I’m gonna cope if Tamlin tries to force Feyre to sleep with him while she’s at the Spring Court

It’ll be so mentally scarring to her and Rhysand will probably react horribly considering he’s still in that “territorial fae-male” faze in their mate relationship; because they literally JUST accepted their mating bond.



I am a slut for the idea that Lance finds his worth/confidence in a solo mission that sort of goes wrong or takes longer than expected, he ends up saving a planet and bonds with blue, acquiring a few battle scars and a new hair cut maybe?? And when he goes back to the team he brings upon a new strength reminding them of the ocean, and so everyone just cries they are so happy he is back because they all sort of fall apart without him,,,,,, pls slide in my dms if anyone actually writes anything similar because i will marry you

the signs as cute relationship things
  • aries: saving her from abusive exes
  • taurus: healing her emotional wounds by literally annoying her
  • gemini: flying her around the city of starlight
  • cancer: explaining her death with a tear rolling down your cheek
  • leo: ch55
  • virgo: family planning
  • libra: making him soup from a can
  • scorpio: drinking her heated canned soup
  • sagittarius: pretending to be a 'whore' so he can show the darker side of his court who's boss
  • capricorn: pretending to sacrifice your mating bond to save her sisters
  • aquarius: having to stay with the person you hate most to be a double agent for your court
  • pisces: staying alive for your them

That post reminds me of that awkward pause when Greed and Ling get smooshed together and Greed’s like, “umm. You know I’m trying to take over your body right. You know that’s what’s happening here. And you’re ok with that” And he makes that awful confused almost concerned face

Boy I just

Edificio de los Bonos del Ahorro Nacional (antes de la renovación, Casa Latinoamericana), Paseo de la Reforma 77 esq. Ignacio Ramírez, Col. Tabacalera, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México 1959 (destruido)

Ing. Luis Rivero del Val

National Savings Bonds building (before renovation, Casa Latinoamericana), Paseo de la Reforma 77 at Ignacio Ramirez, Tabacalera, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City  1959 (destroyed)


Tbh if I was that Mary woman Jeffrey Dahmer wrote in prison, I wouldn’t be nitpicking his sexuality (he was totally gay, why he was writing love letters to over 6 women is still a mystery), nor his awkward writing the way that I do now.

I’d be like - Hello “my beautiful one”? Y'all better call the crash cart because I’ve died and gone to heaven. Quote random poetry at me. Spell everything wrong. Grammar is overrated. Why is that apostrophe there? I’ll never know. Buy you books? Here’s my savings bond, enjoy. Jesus? I’m devout, praise hallelujah. Chipmunks? Whales? My favorite! Tell me I’m warm and tender, under my hard serial-killer-loving exterior. Lie to me, Jeff.