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SUMMARY: Dean and the reader are taken hostage by demons and held for days. Soon after you begin to fall dangerously ill due to an untreated wound, the demons drag you away while Dean is helpless but to watch, wondering if he’ll ever see you alive again. 

Loosely based on this request: “…could you do one where Dean and the reader get captured by demons and Sam is trying to save them. Lots of bonding moments happen between Dean and reader while in captivity…” - anonymous

idk if a blood infection/sepsis is a tw… but thats in there just fyi.

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Deancas Time Travel AU: Every year on the same day, like clockwork, Dean Winchester would get a visitor from a mysterious man who claimed he could leap through time. It was only after the visits became more erratic that Dean realized the man was actually a prisoner trapped in a time loop, and Dean is the only fixed point in time that he can latch on to. When the enigmatic traveler, weakened with every jump, seems to finally disappear for good, Dean and his brother Sam embark on a journey to find him before he’s ripped apart. Before long, Dean will realize that the only thing that can help him save Castiel is a bond so profound it will start unraveling the very fabric of time itself.

Model!Dan X Hipster!Phil AU

Dan is a part time model who likes branded goods. Phil likes to take photos of pretty things; Dan is one of them.


I started out doodling Dan with a pretty white coat and then this happened. I am sorry.

What’s up, Doc?

75 years ago a prototypical “Wascally Wabbit” debuted in Porky’s Hare Hunt, although Bugs Bunny would not make his first official appearance in a more familiar form until 1940.

Footage from “Bond Rally, 1941.” Excerpted from Uncle Sam Speaks, ca. 1987, a compilation of U.S. savings bond and stamp promotions by celebrities used in a National Archives and Records Administration exhibit entitled “Uncle Sam Speaks: Posters and Broadsides.”

(Image of Bugs Bunny copyrighted by Warner Bros.)


Department of the Treasury. U.S. Savings Bond Division. 1/1/1946-Record Group 56: General Records of the Department of the Treasury, 1775 - 2005. (Local Identifier: 56-SP-SBD-270)  

In memory of baseball icon Yogi Berra, this 1950s Treasury Department poster featuring the New York Yankees catcher was part of a campaign that used prominent entertainers and athletes to promote the purchase of U.S. savings bonds. 

For more on Lawrence “Yogi” Berra, see also his 1940s-era draft registration cards, and his 1951 Season baseball card contract.

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“Bet you don’t know why the sun sets red. You see, light is made up of lots of colors. And out of all those colors, red is the one that travels the farthest.”


This is about you. x

Every Sunday from 1998-2001, my childhood best friend and I watched The X-Files. It was an absolutely ridiculous thing that our parents had to endure. It was on at 9:00, which was pretty late to be hanging out on school night. Our parents had to shuffle us across town every week 9 months out of the year no matter what the weather…or how exhausted they were. They always did it and they never complained, because we were good kids, and because it was the one thing that we got excited about that didn’t involve boys. 

We always had snacks. Popcorn. Candy. Soda. Anything that we could buy with our own money. There was no talking allowed during The X-Files, which meant that we had to lock our younger siblings out of our bedrooms, something that never went over well. Every week we did this. And every week we loved it. It was a bond that we shared. It was our thing (which was a very important thing to have at that age). And then one day, the show ended, and our thing suddenly wasn’t a thing anymore. Time moved on. Life moved on. Somehow…we moved on. Our thing was replaced with boyfriends and graduation and college. Eventually, we forgot all about it. At least, I thought that she had. And she thought that I had. But, we were wrong. 

Today, she text me out of the blue and said, “So our thing is Sunday. Finally.  I’ll bring the snacks.” And suddenly, our thing is a thing again. 

She still lives across town. And 9:00 will still be too late (but, at least we don’t need our parents to drive us).  Instead of locking our younger siblings out, we will be putting her baby to bed and reminding my boyfriend that there is no talking during The X-Files. He’ll roll his eyes and tease us, but this is our thing. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.