Saving Grace

A Saving Grace, Prologue

TITLE: A Saving Grace
AUTHOR: Losille2000
WHICH Henry/CHARACTER: Actor!Henry
GENRE: Drama/Romance
FIC SUMMARY: All press is good press, right? Not if you ask Henry Cavill. After recordings from a disastrous interview go viral, Henry’s life begins to crumble around him. He has no idea how to stop it from happening. Fortunately, he has a new assistant who could be his saving Grace.
RATING: M (sex, language)
WARNINGS: Um, nothing yet.
AUTHORS NOTES: No, I don’t believe anything tabs say about Henners being terrible to women. However, it really got my creativity going after I started having ideas about a fic with him. So, I’m going with that as my point of departure. All images here are FAKE. FAKE NEWS. NOT REAL. And, for the record, the second image’s newspaper is The Daily Planet.

There is little reading in the prologue, it’s mostly visual. First chapter to come soon. Please bear with me, this is my first Henry fic.

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Saving Grace || Jefferson & Grace

Jefferson looked up one morning, realising that he now could. He was no longer in Wonderland, but where was he? He moved each of his limbs, testing them out. No, indeed, he was no longer the headless, disjointed Jefferson.

When he noticed the telescope out in the room, by the window, he went to it - seemingly drawn in for some unknown reason. Who cared why, really…. He certainly didn’t care why the telescope was there when he saw who was on the other side of its view.

*Grace.* His daughter was here, but that made no sense. Grace was safe, in the Enchanted Forest…. Or was this the curse that Regina had been tossing over his head (no pun intended) for weeks now?

He narrowed his eyes, trying to sift through fake memories in his head, when he realised he had none. What was this?

Then he heard a knock on the door. He went to it, nervously fidgeting with his hands as he walked. Once he opened the door, he immediately wished he hadn’t because there was Regina.

“What do YOU want?” Jeff snarled out, his nostrils flaring with his anger.

“Just to catch you up, old friend.” Regina let herself in, walking right past him.

“I am most definitely not your friend.” he snapped.

“What a shame.” Regina tsked. “I thought perhaps you would be interested to know about Grace - sorry, Paige - and why she could be here. Oh well,” And she moved as if to go again.

Jefferson grabbed Regina’s arm forcefully. “You tell me about my daughter’s whereabouts now. Who is Paige?” he growled in perplexion. He REALLY didn’t like not knowing things.

“Paige is her cursed name, the only name she’ll remember knowing… And as for her whereabouts, why don’t you look in that telescope and find out?” Regina snapped, not seemingly bothered by the rough handling.

Jeff let go of her, stalking back over to the telescope, when he got there he leaned down and began to look again to see Grace…..

I want to bust the world wide open the way you do when you’re filled with youth. I wanna engage with lovers and people and fellow cops. I wanna be physical and I also wanna ask the big questions. I wanna taste the tastes and fix the problems. I wanna run headlong into chaos and bad guys and darkness and friends and fun and laugh laugh laugh. I wanna be the best friend and I wanna be the greatest aunt and most complicated daughter. I want to be the mystery in the room and I want to be known.
—  Holly Hunter as Grace Hanadarko in Saving Grace