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full piece of my life is strange au for @yoiauzine !!


listening to some love songs, and was suddenly overwhelmed by urge to doodle cherik. ;m; cherik, you will always be my otp





열심히 준비중이에요
우리 아미좀만 기달려요~~ ❤️


[Off Work]

Real-time HOPE WORLD

I’m in the middle of preparing diligently
My ARMY, please wait a little bit more~~ ❤️

T/N: Hoseok replied to many ARMYs comments

Fan: Oh, you aren’t sleeping!!!
JH: Yes I’m not sleeping ~.~

Fan: 헐!!! (heol)
JH: her!!

Fan: 헐! HOPE WORLD! Are you not tired? I’ll always support you🔍😍🔎
JH: Obviously I’m tired..ㅠ

Fan: I’ll wait!!💜
JH: Please wait @-@

Fan: 헐!!😳😳 I’ll be waiting!!💓💓 
JH: ❤️

Fan: I’m going to work nowㅇㅅ ㅠ Seeing Hoseok-gun’s (addressing someone who is younger than you in a polite way) post makes me feel happy about going to work
JH: Going to work? Have strength

trans: jhope-shi | do not reupload!

Tips from my dad about buying a car

- Go in at the end of the month
- Buy the model of the year right before the model for the next year comes out (dealers get desperate to sell the old models)
- Refuse to put any money down. Say that if they ask you to put down money, you’ll leave
- Seriously. If they ask you to put down money say you need to go and walk out
- If there’s another dealership nearby, tell them that you’re walking there right after you leave
- If a deal seems unfair but you really like the car, tell them you’re going to another dealership and leave. Chances are, they’ll call back the next day with a better deal
- If possible, after the first call wait till the last few days of the month and they’ll likely call again with an even better deal
- Look around for family and friends that need a car. If you buy more than one car from the same dealership you’ll get a much better deal
- If a family member/friend is looking for a used car while you’re looking for a new car or vice versa, still get the used car from the same dealership
- If you decide to buy a new car after a few years, trade in the old car and buy a new one from the same dealership. Companies appreciate loyalty and will likely offer you a lower price

man but honestly few things fuck me up as much as when adam says in trb “i think you’ll find i do pretty much everything quiet”, because on one hand, as a massive introvert, i super relate– but on the other hand, when you think about the heartbreaking implications of that sentence, it’s like, fuck. fuck, of course you do

you laugh quietly because your dad is always angry, you cry quietly because the neighbors don’t care about your bruises; you’re quiet about your achievements because the kids from the trailer park don’t really care about your straight As, and you’re quiet in school because you’re ashamed of your accent; you think quietly because it makes it easier to pull apart your emotions and sort them into logical containers, and you love quietly because you don’t quite know how yet, and because in the dusty back roads of henrietta, virginia, a boy who loves girls and boys is not quite safe.

you brave, lonesome boy, of course you do everything quiet; how could it be otherwise?