salam yang tiada balasnya

saban hari menghitung syuhada

rindu yang belum menjelma

keringat, darah dan air mata

Palestin, di situlah qiblat pertama, di situ letaknya maruah ummah, 
Palestin itu adalah cerminan kepedulian kita. 
Palestin itu terus berduka dan terluka, managih simpati saudara seagama, sekurang-kurangnya untuk berkongsi rasa.

When the conflict is finally over, what is the prize?

Production of orphans?
Maimed/crippled individuals?
Destroyed souls?

How many more innocent lives must be lost!?

These children, did they do anything to deserve this?!
The men/women killed while they were asleep at night, in their homes, eating Iftar… what did they do wrong?

Please, tell me again, what does it mean to be a “terrorist”?

YA, الله! SAVE GAZA!

This Ramadan, their hearts, their patience, their faith… are all really being tested to the fullest.

Gaza, know that I am with you.
My heart is with you.
My prayers are with you.

You bleed, I bleed.
We are one ummah.

Lautan manusia di Dataran Merdeka menyatakan sokongan kepada Gaza dan menentang kezaliman Zionis Israel. Khaibar Khaibar Ya Yahuud, Jaisyu Muhammad Saufa Ya'uud   

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It hurts, wallahi it hurts to see that 4 of our children had been killed for no other reason but they are Palestinians, again.

O Allah accept them as martyrs, O Allah grant them wings to fly and roam around your Jannah. O Allah welcome back our green birds, be pleased with their souls. Grant them Jannah, for indeed they are innocent and young souls.

I cannot imagine the pain that their parents are going through right now, seeing all their kids wiped out in seconds, O Allah grant them ease in their hearts and protect them, and when you take them, grant them the companionship of their young kids in your Jannah, O Allah, reunite them with their kids.

O Allah, grant us the ability and will power to do something to protect our brothers, our sisters, our fathers, our mothers, our children that are being oppressed across the globe, O Allah we call upon your Help and Protection, for indeed, there is no Help without your Will and Mercy for no Protection is alike to your Protection.

We raise our hands together with the oppressed,

“Allahumma Rabigfirli, Allahumma Rabigfirli, Allahumma Rabigfirli.

Allahumma muzilal kitaabi, sari'alhisaabi, ihzmil ahzaaba. Allahuma ihnzimhum wa zalzilhum.

Allahuma ihnzimhum wa zalzilhum. Allahuma ihnzimhum wa zalzilhum. Allahuma ihnzimhum wa zalzilhum.”

[O Allah, forgive me, O Allah. forgive me, O Allah forgive me.

O Allah, Revealer of the Book, Swift to Account, Defeat the groups (of the disbelievers).O Allah, defeat them and shake them

O Allah, defeat them and shake them, O Allah, defeat them and shake them, O Allah defeat them and shake them.]

Remember them in your du'as, do not underestimate the du'a, Allah never says no, Indeed, the Help of Allah is ever near. Let us make lots of tawbah [repentance] and ask of Him.


This is a list of all the children who were killed during the Israeli genocide in Palestine, July 2014, keeping in mind that this picture is not up to-date; 262 (children only) and counting.
These children all had dreams, and hopes. Imaginations, aspirations, likes and dislikes, different personalities and features , Memories, thoughts, and their entire lives! All died with fear in their eyes.. The only thing keeping me at ease is knowing that Allah (swt) has promised them a better place in Jannah. May Allah (swt) accept them as martyrs and bring down beautiful patience upon their families and fulfil their eyes with happiness. All I’m asking you is to take a moment and reflect; if you are in a better condition then be grateful and pray for them.

Nabi shollallahu ‘alaihi wasallam bersabda, “Tiga doa yang sangat mustajab iaitu doa orang yang berpuasa, doa orang yang di zalimi dan orang yang musafir”. (HR Bukhari)

Nabi shollallahu 'alaihi wasallam bersabda, “Doa yang tidak ditolak bagi orang berpuasa ialah ketika dia berbuka.” (HR Ibn Majah)

Selamat berbuka. Walllahu a'lam.

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This website helps you understand what it looks like to have your country taken away from you–meter by meter, day by day–as the world watches. Israel is in Palestine; what if Israel was in your country?
Select your country to compare what it would look like proportionally if Israel was, in fact, established there instead of Palestine.

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