I want to save the trees by starting a paper company.

I have a plan to start a company that recycles and sells recycled paper. The company manages a book store that only sells books made from the recycled paper. Old books and paper are donated to the paper company. Any books that are in good enough condition are donated to a library, but the rest are recycled. A percentage of the money earned by the paper company and book store will be donated–some to charities and the rest to planting trees. Forests will be planted and protected, and parts of them will be used as tourist attractions including zip lines, ropes courses, and hiking trails. To top it off, the buildings will be mostly solar powered.


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Keep yourself happy. Drink lots of water. Eat many fruits and vegetables. Pet a cat. Read your favorite book. Plant a garden. Kiss a faerie. Sing with flowers. Hug trees. Save the bees. Dance under the moon. Surround yourself with crystals. Take a trip the the sea. Smile at the sun. Keep yourself positive.

a list of some of my favourite, most ExtraTM Fëanor moments : 

  • showed up to his dad’s house in full military gear just so he could throw a hissy fit at his brother in a public square , sword-waving theatrics and all
  • straight up slammed a door in Morgoth’s face , after quite literally yelling at him to get the fuck off his lawn
  • “Fëanor, lending us your Silmarils to save the Trees could prevent the world from plunging into complete darkness” / “And then what , do you waNT ME TO DIE is that it
  • “So dad , are we going back for Fingon now?” / *manic laughter* “Oh, Maedhros, my sweet summer child,”
  • pulled a total Patroclus and charged on the gates of Angband without waiting for backup , then promptly got into a swordfight with a bunch of Balrogs 
  • couldn’t help being dramatic even in death and turned into ashes on the spot before his sons could bury him
  • if you ever feel like your job is hard , just remember that Mandos is gonna have to put up with this dude camping out in his office until the end of Arda
How the mighty fall

“Now I am forced to sleep the endless sleep,
I must say goodbye, oak, birch, and willow;
The oldest tree in the forest does weep.“

“My winding roots have traveled far and deep,
Yet time has come to face the axe’s blow
Now I am forced to sleep the endless sleep.”

The old grown forest watches his sap seep
Down the grey of his bark, solemn and slow;
The oldest tree in the forest does weep.

“How I wished my all to be yours to keep;
To sink in the soil and help you to grow
Now I am forced to sleep the endless sleep.”

“Within final thoughts a great fear does creep,
Mankind’s demeanor has my spirits low”,
The oldest tree in the forest does weep.

“How they have come to remorselessly reap;
I see yet another friend has turned foe
Now I am forced to sleep the endless sleep”,
The oldest tree in the forest does weep.

- M.A. Tempels © 2017