What I learned this week:

- Don’t call ρ (greek letter rho) p. Your math prof will hunt you down.

- Stay hydrated. Not only is tumblr very enthusiastic about this, but it will force you to get up and walk a few feet every so often. Or however far away your bathroom is.

- If you use the back of your chemistry notebook as scratch paper for math your chemistry teacher will think you’re a very good student. Even if it’s mostly scribbles.

- This will also save trees. Or at least not kill more trees.

- Don’t try to use the built-in graphing program on the above laptop. It will only graph small blue spheres. Piles and piles of small blue spheres. Instead stare the screensaver in despair.

I want people to tell me what they want from Superman. I’m curious: what kind of stories do you want to be told with the most powerful being on earth? Do you want him lording over humans as a planetary policeman? Do you want him to bumble along while saving people on the side? Do you want to see him actually act like a regular guy, with all the emotions and reactions that would be involved with that? Do you want him to be a perfect paradigm of virtue that can’t possibly do any wrong? Do you want a Gary Stu to project yourself onto, with no real traits or flaws of his own? Do you want a power fantasy that doesn’t really do much beyond fly around and save cats from trees?

What do you want from Superman?


He was tired
Bones cracking from the relief of stress
Sighs leaving his body as exhales
He was dirty, muddy
Stained with the dirt
Of a hard’s day work
Atlas carrying the weight of sorrow
On his own chiseled shoulders
The people’s
But also his own
Sorrow, deep sorrow
Sandpapered into his soul
But so cleverly hidden
Hidden amongst the crow lines
And the TV ready smiles
So hard to see
Behind the god the people needed
A peaceful god
A god that saved kittens from trees
And helped old ladies cross the street
Arms full of Monday’s grocery
But also…
A violent one, a careless one
Accident prone
Authority given from fear of
Authority taken by mortal limitations

He was tired

The tall Kansas grass, waving hello
To his callused palms
Crushed dust and dirt Underfoot
Yes he is a God
But he was born human
And it shows
It shows in his gentle nature
Listening attentively
Power on display but chained, restricted
But out here
Another stalk in a field of golden yellow
He is marvelous
Full of awe
To gaze upon his face
That human looking face
And just see everything on display
That’s what makes him human
That longing well of loneliness
Achingly craving a world that he was
Never a part of
A world lost to him
Star Dust, his only reminder,
He looks amongst the constellations
Embracing the stiflingly darkness
And searching, searching for home

Lost little boys just want to go home

me on New Year's Eve
  • 11.59:Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great
  • 12.01:Last year's wishes are this year's apologies

dont tell me you know every word to every fob song ever bc even pete wentz himself doesnt know every word to every fob song ever

fall out boy is that band where its like ‘hey??? youre mad at the world??? lETS GO AND PUNCH THROUGH WALLS AND BREAK THINGS” but also they’re like “hey youre upset? here let me just sing exactly how you feel and try to make you feel better” and then the music is just like a hug and idk man i really love fall out boy

fall out boy... let me write your setlist

• novocaine and phoenix mashup
• bang the doldrums 72 times
• the entire folie à deux album
• the kids aren’t alright while joe and andy crowd surf
• soul punk patrick making a return
• instrument swap: joe singing, andy on guitar, patrick on bass, pete on drums
• live reenactment of the young blood chronicles (with random crowd members as the other characters)
• covers of each of the boys’ favorite song
• twin skeleton’s (hotel in nyc) for nine hours straight
• dance party on stage while uma thurman is played

Fall Out Boy Albums: A Summary
  • Take This To Your Grave:Their debut record with song titles that didn't make much sense about space camp and plane crashes
  • From Under the Cork Tree:That album where Pete Wentz screams a lot and is hella, HELLA emo
  • Infinity on High:The really underrated album with song titles missing vowels and song titles to piss off their lawyers
  • Folie a Deux:That album that was a master piece and was like nothing anyone had ever done before with memorable songs about water buffalos
  • Save Rock and Roll:The bands first post-hiatus album with short song titles that worried everyone; had a really profound meaning that scared everyone and Pete Wentz was no longer emo which made everyone cry
  • American Beauty/American Psycho:That super hyped album with really, REALLY short song titles that made everyone sad and songs that didn't make much sense but, hell, you were prepared to dance until you physically transformed into Uma Thurman.