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The Ugly Tree

During the Christmas season in 2014, the most Reading thing to ever happen in Reading, PA happened. 

The annual city Christmas tree was put up in downtown Reading in mid-November 2014. Soon enough, the tree began to draw in scores of negative responses from residents. They, as well as city officials, were upset with the Norwood spruce’s haggard appearance. It had few branches, and many more that were falling off, and was decorated with one measly string of lights. The story of the ugly tree eventually made national headlines, with people and newscasters calling it a “Charlie Brown tree.” Reading city officials planned by the end of November to remove the tree and replace it with a better one.

In true Charlie Brown fashion, however, residents soon pulled together to save the tree that had drawn so much attention to their town. The ugly tree helped tourism in Reading, and the city decided to keep the ugly tree up throughout the season. It was decorated with a blue blanket and single red Christmas ball to commemorate its nickname. 

At the end of the season, the tree was supposed to be mulched, but the city found it could not bear to destroy the thing that had brought so much attention to Reading. Instead, they fashioned the tree into a bench, which was unveiled at the 2015 tree lighting (that year a 25-foot white fir) and now sits on display at City Hall to ensure the legend of the ugly tree will never be forgotten. The 2015 tree display even included Snoopy’s red doghouse and a tiny Charlie Brown tree to pay homage to the infamous spruce.

me on New Year's Eve
  • 11.59: Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great
  • 12.01: Last year's wishes are this year's apologies

dont tell me you know every word to every fob song ever bc even pete wentz himself doesnt know every word to every fob song ever

fall out boy is that band where its like ‘hey??? youre mad at the world??? lETS GO AND PUNCH THROUGH WALLS AND BREAK THINGS” but also they’re like “hey youre upset? here let me just sing exactly how you feel and try to make you feel better” and then the music is just like a hug and idk man i really love fall out boy

fall out boy... let me write your setlist

• novocaine and phoenix mashup
• bang the doldrums 72 times
• the entire folie à deux album
• the kids aren’t alright while joe and andy crowd surf
• soul punk patrick making a return
• instrument swap: joe singing, andy on guitar, patrick on bass, pete on drums
• live reenactment of the young blood chronicles (with random crowd members as the other characters)
• covers of each of the boys’ favorite song
• twin skeleton’s (hotel in nyc) for nine hours straight
• dance party on stage while uma thurman is played

Fall Out Boy Albums: A Summary
  • Take This To Your Grave: Their debut record with song titles that didn't make much sense about space camp and plane crashes
  • From Under the Cork Tree: That album where Pete Wentz screams a lot and is hella, HELLA emo
  • Infinity on High: The really underrated album with song titles missing vowels and song titles to piss off their lawyers
  • Folie a Deux: That album that was a master piece and was like nothing anyone had ever done before with memorable songs about water buffalos
  • Save Rock and Roll: The bands first post-hiatus album with short song titles that worried everyone; had a really profound meaning that scared everyone and Pete Wentz was no longer emo which made everyone cry
  • American Beauty/American Psycho: That super hyped album with really, REALLY short song titles that made everyone sad and songs that didn't make much sense but, hell, you were prepared to dance until you physically transformed into Uma Thurman.