Photos from around the country show just how massive the March For Science really is

  • You don’t need a scientific calculator to know that the March for Science was a massive success.
  • Stretching across the United States — as well as globally from the North Pole to New Zealand — the March for Science saw tens of thousands of people take to the streets on Earth Day in many cities, adding up to totals much higher nationwide. Read more. (4/22/17, 3:27 PM)

How one Reddit post launched 600 marches across the world

  • It began with a simple declaration on Reddit: “There needs to be a Scientists’ March on Washington.” The Facebook page came hours later.
  • Then word spread among the Reddit forums, across Facebook and onto the Twitter feeds of science’s most beloved public heroes.
  • On Saturday, this spreading message will come to a head as hundreds of thousands of people will March for Science, not just in its most prominent iteration in Washington, D.C., but in around 600 cities worldwide. Read more. (4/22/17, 9:30 AM)

The March for Science isn’t just for white lab geeks. It’s about social justice.

  • The March for Science on Saturday is set to be one of the largest interdisciplinary shows of force by biologists, chemists, mathematicians, medical doctors, climatologists and other scientists. 
  • If organizers have done their jobs right, it won’t just be white folks in lab coats.
  • The march will take place in more than 600 locations in the U.S. and around the world on Earth Day. Organizers said it will be “an unprecedented gathering of people standing together to acknowledge and voice the critical role that science plays in each of our lives,” according to an official website. 
  • No doubt, science is at the center of social and racial injustice issues that have sprung up in recent years. Read more. (4/22/17, 10:31 AM)

Before the March for Science, scientists were already becoming a major political force

  • The March for Science will bring thousands of people to the National Mall in Washington to demand politicians factor science and proven fact into their decision-making. 
  • The march, which coincides with Earth Day, was spurred by the ascendance of an administration that is moving aggressively to reverse environmental regulations and cut science funding. 
  • More than 200 organizations have partnered to send a message that science is a critical part of good governing.
  • The Washington march, with simultaneous protests planned nationwide, is the most recent high-profile political push by the scientific community. But it is only the latest major step in a movement of scientists becoming more outspoken and political in recent years. Read more. (4/22/17, 8:34 AM)

Welcome to Earth Week on TED-Ed Tumblr! We’ll be sharing ways for you to be a more considerate resident of Planet Earth all week (that you can apply…all year!)

Nearly one third of our food ends up in the trash can. That’s an estimated 1.3 billion tons.  America alone spends an estimate 165 billion dollars a year managing food waste. We’re wasting food, energy, and money.

But there’s another way! More and more people, even city dwellers, are taking to composting - it saves on landfill space, betters air quality, and if you have a green thumb - provides you with free soil! One method is vermicomposting, and to learn more about that, you can watch the TED-Ed lesson Vermicomposting: How worms can reduce our waste - Matthew Ross. But if worms aren’t your style, check out some simple DIY compost methods here and here and here.

Finally, if you simply have no space for soil, check out your local farm markets - chances are you can freeze your compost or keep it in a small countertop bin, and drop it off every week.

Love the Earth, and the Earth will love you back! Happy Earth Week!

Animation by Cinematic Sweden

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
—  Cree Prophecy

A little comic illustration I did😊 Happy #EarthDay 😊
🌍🌝💚💚💙💙🍃🌷🌿🌳🌲🌾🌻🌸🍄 #happyearthday #earthday2016 #illustration #digitalart

And….*drumroll*….for Earth Day, we decided to create a short video that shows off the animated Earths from all of our TED-Ed lessons. We gathered more than 60 beautifully designed Planet Earths from over 600 animated lessons, and we’re so excited to share the results with you!

We hope this medley helps to celebrate our ONE beautiful Planet Earth each and every day.

Love the Earth, and the Earth will love you back! Happy Earth Day, Tumblr! Thanks for joining us this week!

And, an extra special shout out to the amazing composer behind this video - Cem Misirlioglu // WORKPLAYWORK.