What makes me so angry is Cote said that she left NCIS because she’d created and loved Ziva for so many years and she didn’t like what they were doing to her character and leaving was the only way she could protect Ziva, by taking her away from that, by making them unable to continue to write for the character.

And with that finale NCIS made damn sure that Cote couldn’t protect Ziva anymore.  That even leaving the show, she couldn’t save Ziva from them.

Saying 'Goodbye' to a Friend

So, I love NCIS. And I love Ziva. And I ship Tony and Ziva like none-other. And like so many of my fellow NCIS fans, I am incredibly sad to see Cote de Pablo leave the show. However, I feel lately as if that is where the similarities end.

You see, once upon a time, there was an NCIS Agent named Kate. And in Season 2, she got shot in the head and died, and, while this was before I started watching the show myself, I’m sure many an NCIS fan was singing the same song that so many are singing now: “How dare they take her off her show?” “Now she and Tony can’t be together! Whoever will we ship Tony with now?!” “Now that she’s not on the show, I’m never watching it ever again!”

And then Ziva came along. In the NCIS family, if Gibbs was the daddy, Tony was the big brother striving for Daddy’s attention and approval, Kate was the prudish big sister, McGee the nerdy little brother and Abby was the favorite child little sister (Ducky is the uncle and Palmer is his adopted child), then Ziva was the exotic Israeli exchange student. She was beautiful, she was tough, and it turns out that the show didn’t fail and life went on, and now, eight years later, the process is repeating. Ziva is leaving and once again it’s the end of the world show.

But here’s the thing: regardless of how much money CBS offered her, at the end of the day it was Cote de Pablo’s choice not to accept it–if money was indeed her reason for leaving–and if that isn’t why she’s leaving the show, then leaving was still her choice and those who consider themselves to be true fans of hers need to accept and respect that, rather than going on about what they want, which is her on the show regardless of what she wants. It could very well be that there are other things she wants to do with her career that don’t involve her spending the rest of it on a NCIS. Sasha Alexander, the actress who played Kate, hasn’t exactly disappeared into the shadows since NCIS; she’s had a very successful run on TNT’s crime drama Rizzoli & Isles, where she plays one of the title characters (her hair’s lighter now), and that’s been going on for four seasons now. So before everyone flips their lids and starts preparing their eulogies and obits for Cote de Pablo’s career, calm down a little and let’s wait and see what happens.

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I can’t help but be very suspicious of the timing of the lyrics in the promo… And now I’m off to school… great. :P

I mean; ‘One door swinging open’ for Vance/his team and 'one door swinging closed’ for Ziva. Very very sad… And someone said in an interview that they wouldn’t be closing any doors… Such a coincidence?