While looking at BTS’ new concept photos...

awww this looks cute! <3

But wait a sec….

Jungkook walked Olivia to the bus stop that night, their hands intertwined with silly grins plastered on their faces. - excerpt from Save You 

Remember the bus accident though?


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Ya’ll better be prepared cause SAVE YOU destroyed us.

Save You

In my younger years

I may have taken you on.

I would have patched you up

with words of gentle inspiration,

believing in you.

In my younger years

I would have healed you,

soothing wounds with love,

pouring out myself

in my devotion to my task.

In my younger years

I was a fool.

I thought that I could rescue

every drowning soul.

But the only one who can save you

is yourself.

Sequel idea...

So we all know how this series ended… and a lot of you guys had been asking: “What about the kids?”

I never told you guys, but they had twins. A boy and a girl, and…

They’re gifted too.

(might develop this once I do more research)

Save You
Simple Plan
Save You

Take a breath
I pull myself together
Just another step till I reach the door
You’ll never know the way it tears me up inside to see you
I wish that I could tell you something
To take it all away

Sometimes I wish I could save you
And there’re so many things that I want you to know
I won’t give up till it’s over
If it takes you forever I want you to know ♥