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Jungkook walked Olivia to the bus stop that night, their hands intertwined with silly grins plastered on their faces. - excerpt from Save You 

Remember the bus accident though?


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Ya’ll better be prepared cause SAVE YOU destroyed us.

I think the length of time that you’ve known them probably makes it harder to let go, but sometimes you have to. Or if not, then at least expect nothing more than a hello from them, because then you won’t be disappointed. Maybe it’s cynical, but it saves the unhappiness when they do treat you shitty.
Save You (Jungkook, OC) Part 3

A/N: shout out to @sleeplesswritersaito for reading the draft for this. Thank you! <3 And i hope everyone enjoys this! Thank you for reading Save You till the end (even if I made you wait long for every update).

Part 1 | 2

Olivia woke up with feeling light as a feather. She slept soundly through the whole night and if somebody saw her then, she was almost sure they would’ve seen her smiling in her sleep.

It has been a long time since she felt like this: like her heart would burst out of her chest any minute. She was relaxed and excited at the same time, unable to wipe off the silly grin on her face.

As she went down for breakfast, her father who had been nursing a cup of coffee looked up from his reading with a curious gaze; seeing Olivia humming her way through making toast.

“You seem happy.” Mr. Kim said while Olivia only smiled. 

I am happy, she thought just as a face appeared in her head.

Every day was a routine: wake up, get ready for school, ride the bus, attend classes… but today felt exceptionally different and as Olivia bounded up to the school building’s steps, she couldn’t help but notice the way her feet moved briskly through the halls, rushing towards her first class.

This was probably the most excited she has been to attend Math class. Though she knew she wasn’t rushing to study Math at all…

But to actually see her favorite classmate. 

Last night, she and Jungkook had kissed. And it wasn’t just a kiss; it was a kiss and many more kisses, and the best kiss she had ever received from someone that it had her dizzy and blushing at the mere thought of it.

Even more so, the way Jungkook smiled down at her like she was the most amazing person that has ever walked the face of the earth made her feel elated.

Olivia couldn’t help the giddiness bubbling in her chest as she approached her classroom. She paused by the doorway, made sure her dress wasn’t rumpled and fixed her hair a bit before finally entering.

The room was almost full even though there was ten minutes to go till the bell officially rang. Her eyes searched for him and as it landed on his seat, she was disappointed to see his usual slumped form missing. 

Huh. Strange, Olivia thought; knowing Jungkook usually came earlier than she did. She sat down on her seat which was near the front row and waited, eyes staring almost longingly at the door.

A few minutes later, he entered.

But it was a man she had never seen before who eventually introduced him as a substitute for Mrs. Chan since she was on a sick leave for the day.

He gave a short exercise and let the students do whatever they want right after. And it was horrible considering it gave Olivia so much time to sit on her chair and wonder; occasionally glancing back at the empty seat at the back of the room.

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