built five hundred feet into the permafrost of a norwegian island located some six hundred miles from the north pole (and twice that from oslo), the svalbard global seed vault is the world’s largest and most secure seed bank. 

safe from earthquake and flooding, and designed to last a thousand years, its mission is to serve as a backup for planet’s agriculture in the event of a catastrophe, be it from drought, floods, disease, war (see: syria) and/or the slow moving disaster of climate change.

known as the doomsday vault, it has amassed over 840,000 seed samples since the first deposit, that of rice seeds, was made in 2008 by the late kenyan environmental activist and nobel peace prize winner, wangari maathai. 

since then, all countries, save japan and china (the later of which is believed to have already lost 90 percent of its rice varieties) have entrusted the site with their agricultural heritage, and the collection, as of now, covers about half of the world’s known crop diversity. 

Can we just talk about how desperate and horrified America gets after his cute innocent Japan turns into a tsundereish soldier?



I looked at this and this and went Oh, Anime Man doesn’t like a popular anime and otakus are pissed, what’s new.

But there is actually something new about this!

In this case, people aren’t pissed because someone simply doesn’t like their fav anime, they’re pissed because Joey recognized Y/OI exactly for what it is: an anime aimed at Yaoi fangirls. 

I think that if he’d just said that he thought it was boring, or complained about pace and characterization, people wouldn’t have minded. 

But he went for Y/OI’s fandom’s throat and said THIS SHIT IS BL! IT’S FOR YAOI FANGIRLS! And then comapred it to Free!

That’s the uncrossable line in Y/OI fandom, where apparently everyone seems to believe this is a groundbreaking, history making anime saving the gays in Japan through amazing representation. Oh, and it’s not just for fangirls! Men love it, too!! Lots of them!! Gay men, straight men, it’s a hit with eeeeeverybody.

Joey the Anime Man pointed out that the emperor has no clothes. 

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