Kamikaze – The Divine Winds that Saved Japan

During the 13th century, the Mongols attempted two major invasions of Japan. However, on both occasions, a massive typhoon obliterated the Mongol fleet, forcing the attackers to abandon their plans and fortuitously saving Japan from foreign conquest. The Japanese believed the typhoons had been sent from the gods to protect them from their enemies and called them Kamikaze (‘divine wind’).

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Kamen Rider Stands Tall in face of Disaster

One of Japan’s most famous characters, Kamen Rider, still stands tall and mighty even after being hit by a 10 meter tsunami.

Ishinomaki in Miyagi, the hometown to Kamen Rider and a city hit by the tsunami, has a statue that shows Kamen Rider is not defeated.

Buildings around the city are left in shambles, but the masked rider stands tall and gives courage and hope to those who fell victim to the terrifying events.

Source: Tokyo Sports

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Also from summer 2011. During my visit I made sure to buy a t-shirt to support Japan after the March earthquake. It’s hard to believe something like that happened and it’s coming up on a year since then. The shirt I bought with this tag attached says “With all my heart to Japan” and has hearts drawn all around it. Just wanted to share and post as a reminder that Japan is still in my heart.