September 15, 2013 Copper River, AK

I love fall in Alaska. The air is crisp, the leaves are changing, the crowds are gone, and the rainbow fishing is incredible! Today was one of those perfect days that I will remember for a long time - few other anglers on the river and non-stop action. High water has flushed out much of the excess food leftover from the Sockeye spawn, and the rainbows are back to feeding very aggressively. The fall season provides great opportunity to pursue these beautiful fish with a variety of tactics and flies, with our biggest today coming on a LARGE (seriously huge) swung flesh fly. 

photo Reid Curry

October 5, 2013 Bristol Bay, AK

Alaska is a special place that every serious angler should explore at least once. As the season winds down, the Rainbows are the biggest they have been all season, and the clear cold nights recently have exposed some incredible northern lights displays. For anyone planning a trip up here, late season is a great time for big fish, few people, and the possibility of experiencing the Northern Lights. Here several guides cut loose after a long season in the bush. 

photo Reid Curry