Save the bats!

  • Jason: Three teams, okay?
  • Jason: Team one. Resurrected kids.
  • Damian: Me and you, yes.
  • Jason: Team Two. Faked-their-death kids.
  • Steph and Dick: Riiiight.
  • Jason: And Team Three. Boring kids.
  • Tim: Boring?
  • Cass: ?
  • Jason: Team Boring. Yes.
  • Cass: ...
  • Tim: Okay, yes, maybe Team Boring is the team for me. But Cass?
  • Jason: Hm. Point taken. Team Half-Awesome, then.
  • Tim: *sighs*
  • Cass: *touches Tim's shoulder* We will win.
  • Tim: Any team with you on it, sis.
  • Jason: *cocks Nerf gun* Game on, Princess.
  • Cass: ?
  • Tim: He's... talking to me.

Rating: T
Characters: Tim Drake

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There is cold, wet gravel under Tim Drake’s cheek when he hits the ground and the armor that protects his ribs from the blow reminds him that he is not Tim Drake with a broken gas mask, he is Red Robin.

But the mask is broken and the tendrils of fear toxin curling around his face remind of a time when he was Robin. A time when Scarecrow wasn’t climbing inside his brain, but when he donned a mask and saved the Bat from a similar fate.

That was when he stopped being just Tim Drake.

But he’s not Robin now either.

And Red Robin is about fifteen seconds away from being nothing more than a shrieking sack of bones and guts, based on the level of toxicity he’d measured before his gas mask broke.

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 Here Lies Hawke The Abyss

A quick snippet based off of this old prompt.

        “No.” The word was spoken with such force and venom that it is a wonder the single syllable does not leave Hawke’s lips scorched.

        “You said it yourself, the Wardens started this mess. So it’s only right that—“

        “NO!” It’s a good thing Hawke shouted the word this time, because the earsplitting shriek that erupted in the valley below would’ve drowned them out otherwise. The pools of black ichor that they had waded through in the Fade were slowly drawing together. They rose up and took form, congealing like blood trying to clot a nightmare-shaped wound. Precious seconds slipped heedlessly through grasping fingers. There wasn’t enough time to explain. Not enough time to tell Carver everything he should have been told.

        “I never could get out of your shadow anyways. The best thing I can do with my life is to save yours.” Hawke was shaking their head as he spoke, moving forward to take him by his shoulders. First father, then Bethany, and mother too soon after. Not Carver too. It stopped here. Carver must’ve seen that weight and determination in Hawke’s eyes, because something in his posture faltered. He opened his mouth to speak, but the reassurance died in his throat as another roar split through the air.

        “I know you stopped listening to me a long time ago,” Hawke said, their words were rushed but still spoken with gravity. “But just for old time’s sake, little brother—” there, Hawke’s voice cracked a fraction, “—just one last time, do as I ask.”

        “Hawke,” The Inquisitor warned, because in the brief silence the Nightmare had nearly taken full form. It towered over them, despite being rooted in the valley below.

        “I’m so proud of you,” Hawke croaked, resting their forehead briefly against Carver’s. “So proud.”

        “T-together…” Carver said, trying to protest, but Hawke shook their head again.

        “Live, Carver. But not for me, not for anyone else. Live for yourself. You’re worth it.” Hawke was pushing him away with their last words, trying to get him to move. The Inquisitor had taken hold of his arm to lead him away because all he could do was stare numbly at Hawke.

        One last roar from the Nightmare shook Carver from his stupor. He looked up at the creature that was swinging itself around to face them.

        “Sure would be nice if a dragon could swoop in and save the day, huh?” Carver rasped as he stumbled away with the Inquisitor. Hawke recognized the assent that the joke represented, and their laugh was one of relief and false bravado.

        “You never know what might happen,” they called after Carver as he and the Inquisitor retreated toward the Rift. The young Warden looked once over his shoulder just before stepping through the astral green tear in the Fade. The last glimpse he caught of Hawke was of their smile, their face turned toward him to make sure he had escaped. Even so far away Carver could see it, knew exactly how the expression marked Hawke’s features. They had worn that smile for him whenever the Hawke’s had been forced to move to avoid Templars, and Carver found himself struggling in a new place yet again. They had worn that smile when father had died, and Carver had thought the whole world would simply stop spinning. They had worn that smile in the Deep Roads when Carver had felt the Taint slowly consuming him.

        And whether it was a trick of his mind, or of the Fade, Carver heard what Hawke always said when they wore that smile. Everything’s going to be alright. You’re going to be fine. They had always been right before. But when Carver came tumbling back in to the real world with tears in his eyes and the blood of his last sibling on his hands… he wasn’t sure it would be true this time.

[Headcanon that, except for Cassandra, literally all of the Batkids are terrified of spiders. Even Damian. Even Steph. Especially Tim. Dick will take care of most spiders, if he has to, but he won’t go within ten feet of an albino spider. Or the big, creepy black ones with the squat legs and thick body. You can’t make him. You can’t pay him. He will refuse.]

[Bruce hates spiders, but worked past his fear of them ages back. He will take care of them for any of the Batkids, but none of them will admit their spider fears or ask for help willingly.]

[Cassandra will occasionally play with spiders. She finds it amusing how Tim will beeline out of the room and Dick and Damian will visibly shudder.]

[Barbara is also afraid of spiders. But if Babs is armed with a shoe, she’s 100% fine.]

[Alfred is that person who escorts a spider outside instead of killing it.]

No seriously, #OnlyinGotham

- Saw two kids today trying to find buy some Fear Gas because they wanted to get high. #OnlyinGotham

-New kid in school wore clown mask for Halloween. The cops were called. One teacher fainted. #OnlyinGotham

-My garden is screwed. Freeze’s rampage stay away from my award winning carrots #OnlyinGotham

-Black Bat saved my ass, then asked if she could have some of my fries. I said yes #OnlyinGotham

-Robin dude saved my game shop. Now wants to know when our Pathfinder group meets. #OnlyinGotham

-5th broken window this week. Considering boarding them up. #OnlyinGotham

Love comes in all shapes and sizes…

Meet Fidget: Fidget came to us with injuries to his feet which make it tough for him to hang, so our wonderful Animal Care staff provided him with this hammock to rest in.

This Valentines Day, remember it’s the small gestures in life, not necessarily the big ones, that make all the difference in the world to our loved ones. <3

[Every year, the Batfam has a miniature Secret Santa. But it doesn’t really matter who pulls whose name.]

[If Tim’s name is pulled, he’s probably getting a Superboy or Robin coffee mug (once he got a Polaroid camera, though). If Dick’s name is pulled he’s probably getting some gag disco gift (and then a Superman tee shirt, because of course he always gets a Superman tee shirt). Jason? Something Wonder Woman (either a top – tank or tee – or an action figure, usually). Damian? Sets of exotic teas and sometimes a fancy bladed weapon.]

[If Babs’ name is pulled, she’ll usually end up with a new harddrive, or something Batgirl (to remind her that she IS Batgirl, even when she’s Oracle). Steph usually gets a stack of cheesy romcoms (but when Jason drew her name, he purchased a bunch of seasons of different quiz shows, because he’s Jason). Cass will usually get her current favourite show on DVD, something mundane but thoughtful. Harper will get just… Batman merch. All the time. Every time. Probably to remind her that she IS a Bat, even if she isn’t a Robin.]

[Bruce always gets a really crappy page to put in this ridiculous scrap book that Dick gave him years ago. Alfred will get an all expense paid vacation (which he’ll never use) and a new tea cup and saucer (which he will use every day until the next year’s cup comes along). Selina gets cat toys. Always. Except when Jason pulls her name. When it’s Jason, Selina get’s a bunch of dog toys and a hamster ball.]