Save the Ring

Loki falls to Midgard from the void and starts getting as high a job as possible so he can have as much money as possible. This just so happens to come in the form of him using his knowledge to work his way up the ranks of Stark Industries, eventually working with the great Tony Stark himself, and forming an attachment to the genius. When he’s attacked by the Ten Rings, Loki outs himself by using his magic to find him and bring him back, saving Yinsen and Tony. Tony was there long enough to have the idea of Ironman form though, and proceeds to make it to save the people overseas. Loki unearths Obadiah’s scheme, and they both balance each other’s mental problems out, finally ending with a healthy psyche for each of them.

listen man i love that sonic is such a happy, positive guy as much as anyone else but also at the same time he’s literally 15 and so far he has had to deal with:

  • Station Square getting destroyed by Perfect Chaos (SA)
  • Westopolis getting destroyed by the Black Arms (ShTH)
  • Prison Island getting blown up, probably with people still inside (SA2)
  • Amy being held at gunpoint by Eggman (SA2)
  • Shadow falling to his ‘death’ right in front of him (SA2)
  • Having to fight a brainwashed Tails (Colors)
  • Believing Amy and Knuckles were gone and that Tails would be brainwashed into a robot (Lost World)
  • Shahra sacrificing her own life in order to save him (Secret Rings)
  • Losing Chip (Unleashed)
  • Watching all his friends be consumed by the Time Eater on his own birthday (Generations)
  • Just having to save the world and be everyone’s rock in general
  • (there’s probably a lot more i’m missing)

like sonic……sweetheart……i know you want to watch over everyone and not make anybody worry but do you need to talk to somebody??? it’s ok if you’re not happy-go-lucky all the time??? internalizing bad feelings is bad????? REALLY THO PLEASE TALK TO SOMEBODY????

  • Kara: Future Sister-in-law! Hi!!
  • Maggie: Hey Supergirl
  • Kara: Who? Me? Ahaha i'm not -
  • Maggie: Your disguise is a pair of glasses
  • Maggie: No worries, I won't say anything
  • Maggie: Not that it'll matter, everyone knows who you are
  • Kara: What?! No they don't!
  • Maggie: They do, and I'm getting so many discounts and deals by being your friend
  • Maggie: Thanks kid! It'll help me save money to buy a ring ;)
And Three Makes a Triad

A life for a life – but what if the life offered as payment also meant losing three others? –pg 42, ACOTAR

Three High Lords rebelled and paid a price

Three ships sink on their way to Bharat

Three sisters are left to survive

Three days for a wolf to find the catalyst that will break a curse

Three picts pay a price to keep their secret

Three days to say three little words to end a seven by seven curse

Three trials to free a lover

Three calf bones to escape a wyrm

Three grasshoppers to save a friend

Three sacrifices to free a realm

Three months to call in a bargain

Three stars to crown a mountain

Three foundations to uphold the land of dreams (defend, honor, cherish)

Three brothers sworn to protect

Three blood rubies to weigh

Three mouthfuls of blood to save a life

Three rings to bind a breathing book

Three temples sacked to make a cauldron whole

Three sisters are made

I’m starting to think SJM is trying to tell us something, three books to tell a story. 

-The ACOTAR fandom Suriel

Foreshadowing (Easter Eggs):
Feyre’s Prescience
Sleeping Giant
The Story of Prythian
Amren and the King of Hybern
The Bonds that Haunt Us
Creeping Like Frost

@propshophannah I’m a little scared by this, please come hold me. 

i knew i loved you then

au in which lukas and philip accidentally propose to each other at the same time

It took Lukas months to save up for the ring. With the rent for their little apartment, smack dab in the middle of the city where living isn’t cheap, most of he and Philip’s money goes to the rent. Lukas makes a good amount off the tournaments he occasionally travels to compete in, and makes some training motocross wannabe’s. Philip does photography all over the city for weddings, parties, etc.

They aren’t rich by any means. But they make it by.

He decides to do it the day he picks up the ring from the shop. He and Philip are planning on going out to dinner, grabbing takeout and heading to their favorite place; a little park on the water, almost completely hidden by old buildings. It’s usually deserted, and they spend hours laying on a blanket on the grass, watching the water, talking, dozing off.

Lukas gets there early, and, as per usual, the park is empty. He moves down to the edge of the water, spreading the blanket across the grass, plopping on his back, messing with the ring in his pocket.

He still doesn’t totally know what he’s going to say. What do you say to someone like Philip? Philip deserves the whole world, and Lukas isn’t that. He’s asking Philip to make him his world.

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Okay, it started three days ago, in the town of Liman, West Virginia. It’s where I lived with my girlfriend, Phoebe. She is the only good thing that’s ever happened to me. I honestly cannot even remember my life before her. We were the perfect fucked-up couple. She was perfect, and I was the fuck-up. And we were really, really happy. I wanted to make it forever, so I saved up for the perfect ring. And I planned the perfect romantic trip to surprise her. And then I fucked that up too.

Y'all know what time it is

December 24th
Nine PM
Eastern Standard Time
From here on in I shoot without a script.
See if anything
Comes of it
Instead of my old shit.
First shot Roger
Tuning the Fender guitar he hasn’t played in a year.

“This won’t tune!”

So we hear, hah!
He’s just coming back
From half a year of withdrawal.

“Are you talking to me??”

Not at all!
Are ya ready?
Hold that focus steady!
Tell the folks at home what you’re doin’ Roger!

“I’m writing one great song-”

The phone rings!


We screen, zoom in on the answering machine…

Headcannons: Them Proposing to You.


-You two were practically married already.

-He really wanted to marry you for real.

-He definitely brought the whole gang along to pick out a ring.

-But immediately regretted it.

-He came back another day with just his brothers.

-When he actually proposed he took you to a fancy restaurant.

-And then took you for a walk afterwards.

-You found yourself at the place where you first met.

-You cried when he got down on one knee.

-You said yes without him even asking yet.

-And he just kissed and put the ring on your finger.

-When you got back the house all the guys were waiting and they cheered when they saw you two.


-Ponyboy was the only one who knew about it.

-He wanted to ask you immediately once the idea had come into his head.

-But he knew it would be best to wait.

-Sodapop saved up for a ring for over a year.

-But then decided to save that money for a house for you two.

-Everyday that passed he wrote down a new reason why he loved you.

-He proposed to you on the night after Ponyboy’s graduation.

-You didn’t believe him at first.

-He pulled the list he had been writing.

-He started to read you every reason that was on it.

-You stopped him and took the list for yourself to keep.

-But you said yes.


-Ponyboy fell in love with the first time he saw you.

-You hadn’t been dating all that long before he told Sodapop that he wanted to marry you.

-Sodapop talked him away from that idea since you were both so young.

-And he wanted his brother to go to college.

-You two went your seperate ways for a few years but you both found each other again when you were a little bit older and out of school.

-The first night that you two saw each other again after all those years you decided to hang out and talk.

-You ended up talking all night.

-Ponyboy proposed just as the sun was coming up.

-He didn’t have a ring.

-He just spoke from the heart and promised to get you one.

-He ended up using their moms ring.

-After you said yes of course.


-Two-Bit and you weren’t dating that long when he decided to propose.

-He didn’t know much about how a marriage was supposed to work and he told you that when he proposed.

-You two were laying in bed one night and he pulled out the ring.

-He told you the way he felt with you he’d never felt before in his life.

-Being with you was what happiness truly felt like.

-You said no.

-You thought you were to young and it was to sudden.

-A month later you saw him with his friends.

-You had been miserable everyday and you could see he had been too.

-You ran up to him and said you were sorry.

-And that yes you would marry him.

-That night you two and all of his and your fiends went down to the courthouse.

-Neither of you wanted to wait.


-Dally and you have been dating for a couple of years.

-He would swear he’s never get married.


-And then something would happen.

-You got pregnant.

-And all he did was hold up a ring and say ‘Hell what choice do we have right?’

-You would scowl at him and complain that that was no way to propose.

-But you’d get married.

-And he would be confused.

-'What’s the difference being married? It’s the same exact thing as when we were dating except I had to buy expensive rings.’

-You would role your eyes and kiss him.

-In a few years when you had the baby and she was a little older.

-He would propose to you again.

-He would actually get down on one knee and do it right.


-The two of you had been dating for a long time when he finally decided to propose.

-He bought the ring and planned a date with you for the night that he would ask.

-He was extremely nervous though.

-Because the week leading up to the proposal you had been acting strange.

-And distant.

-You swore to Steve you were fine.

-The night that the date came that Steve would propose he took you out for dinner.

-Then he brought you to one of the spots you two love to go and sit with each other.

-Just as he went to grab the ring you spoke.

-“Steve, I want to marry you.” you would tell him nervously and avoid eye contact.

-Steve would be silent for a moment and you could here him stand.

-You presumed it was to leave.

-You knew you shouldn’t have asked him.

-Suddenly you heard his voice telling you to look at him.

-When you hesitantly did you saw him kneeling down in front of you with the ring.

-You didn’t even have to say anything.

-He would put the ring on you and kiss you hard.


-You two would be living together already when he would finally propose.

-He would have bought the ring and have it for a while until the time felt right.

-He was a bit obsessed with making sure the timing was perfect.

-You were sat one morning eating breakfast and reading a book.

-He came into the kitchen and you looked up and smiled at him.

-Suddenly he realized that there was no need perfect time to propose.

-All you needed was the perfect person.

-And you were his perfect person.

-He would run off and get the ring.

-The next time you looked up from your book he was kneeling beside you with it.

-He asked you and you cried and said yes.

Great Sep & Marcia Moments
  • Marcia cares enough about the unnamed sentry boy who hit her with a snowball to recognize he shouldn’t have left his post yet, find him and dig him out of the snow, use her Magyk to save his life and bring him inside to warm up
  • Marcia telling Boy 412 he has a great Magykal gift, giving him the Flyte charm and asking him to be her apprentice. Keep in mind that this is a boy who’s spent his whole life being treated like he’s nothing. And then when he refuses because it’s all too good to be true, she recognizes he needs time and tells him to keep the charm- and the offer.
  • Boy 412 giving Marcia his precious dragon ring, which gives her hope and restores her magic, later saving her life
  • Marcia returning the ring and reassuring Boy 412 that yes, the Magyk was inside him all along. And then he agrees to be her apprentice!
  • In the Darke Toad novella, Marcia taking Septimus out to the Port for some fun, which she is upset to discover is a first for him
  • When Marcia believes she’s about to be killed by DomDaniel’s Human Placement, her last words are to ask Alther to take care of Septimus
  • Septimus then joins her in the Identify spell, once again saving her life
  • In Physik, Septimus going to great trouble to send a note into the future so Marcia knows what happened to him- and her utter despair upon finding it
  • Upon their reunion, Marcia shrieks, runs to Septimus and spins him around in a hug while joyfully calling out his name, which shocks Septimus because Marcia “doesn’t do hugs”
  • Marcia is willing to defy the will of the Queste gathering and put the Wizard Tower under siege to keep Septimus safe.
  • Just when the kids in the House of Foryx have lost all hope, the triumphant return of “Only one person would ignore a perfectly good doorbell and attack a doorknocker like that”
  • Marcia giving Septimus Senior Apprentice status several years early because of his performance in the Queste, and his joy and pride at this
  • Marcia packing Septimus a regulation Young Army adventure pack, which she remembered perfectly from his stories
  • Septimus sending Marcia a letter by pigeon post to let her know he’s alright, and Marcia staying up all night until she receives it
  • Marcia and Septimus casting the Undoing of the Darknesse together, fulfilling her prediction back in Magyk that together, they could defeat the Darke
  • Marcia giving Septimus an entire month to have fun and see his family, despite having already spent a month without him when he was with Marcellus
  • Their tearful reunion after each thinking the other must have fallen down the elevator shaft and died
  • “I know my child!” “And I know mine. I mean- I know Septimus”
  • As Marcia and Septimus banter, Todd observes that they have a “special space” between them that no one else can enter
  • Marcia trusts Septimus enough to not interfere as he gives away the Akhu Amulet, the symbol and source of his power. And then when Septimus is weak and disoriented from the loss of his Magyk, Marcia goes into full mom mode, creating an umbrella and shepherding him under shelter, drying off his hat for him, and returning his favor from over a decade ago by giving him her magic through the dragon ring
  • Marcia apologizing to Septimus for leaving him the responsibilities of the EOW so young, and vowing to always be there for him when he needs it. This ends with both of them tearing up.
  • The pair of them using Synchronicity to almost easily capture one of the Wizard-killing monsters, then working together all night to banish them all in the nick of time

so @firstofficerweenie aka @agentyorkdakota and I are now Officially Long Distance Dating (which is kind of what we’ve been doing for a few months now anyway, honestly)
I won’t talk about this much if at all on Twittwr bc I’m not really comfortable being out about it with my family BUT YOU GUYS PROBABLY KIND OF ASSUMED THIS WAS COMING. anyway. I love my tiny boyfriend and I HOPE we can meet at RTX!!!