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Tuesday’s Tool’s of the Trade - Water Conservation

The cool thing about a drought is you can drive around for months with a dirty car and no one writes “Clean Me” on the dirt.  You get high fives and nods of approval as you are doing your part to conserve water. After a few winter rains and being parked at the airport for a few weeks the grim on my windows was beginning to mess with my visibility. I really didn’t want to waste water or use any harsh cleaner that would pollute our waterways so I headed to my local eco-friendly shop, Ecotopiia. Of course they had the perfect solution, Eco Touch, a waterless car wash!  Add a organic microfiber towel and you have everything you need to get your car clean and sparkling. Simply spray on and wipe off.  For really grimy areas I suggest letting the scary sit for several minutes or reapplying.  


Backyard Landscaping - Leucadia, CA

  We have decided to embark on a major backyard landscaping project.  We have a pretty good sized backyard, especially for this area, where homes are practically built on top of each other as developers and prospective homeowners clamor to get a piece of coastal property.  As far as landscaping we planted some Birds of Paradise and California native plants 12 years ago and that’s about it, aside from building our hydroponics garden.  One summer I stripped the deck and stained it. Man, that was a lot of work.  With all the salt air here it only lasted for a year before it began to look weathered.  I decided I wasn’t about to strip and stain that deck every year, kind of a waste of time and materials if it was going to degrade so quickly.  I resolved to the fact that one day in the distant future we would just replace the deck.  Well, this past fall we got the motivation to instal a new deck.

  We’ve had a couple problems over the years with the “natives”, i.e. “the possums”.  They are always skulking around the property late at night and taking bites out of my vegetable, but that is not the worst of it.  A few summers ago our home was overtaken by a foul smelling stench.  We took out the trash, scoured the bins and searched everywhere in the house.  JP even lifted me up to the high vents so I could peer inside and sniff around, but we could not find the culprit. One day I closed the back sliding door and the smell improved and that is when we realized it was coming from outside.  Stepping out on the deck we noticed a lot of flies milling about and peering through the cracks in the deck we saw the culprit, a dead possum. EEEWWWWW!  We had to pull up some deck boards to get to the decomposing critter.  I thought that was the worst thing ever.  I was wrong.

  This past fall JP noticed little bites on his legs and thought he had walked through a spiders nest outside.  I didn’t have any bites so we didn’t think it was coming from anything inside the house.  The bites got worse and that’s when we started to notice fleas throughout the house!?!?!  We didn’t have any pets so it seemed absurd that we could even have a flea problem, but we did and it was major.  As our house became infested and JP’s legs were ravaged by bites we were desperate for relief.   We needed to find the source of the problem.  Once again the source of our discontent was the possums!  The fleas didn’t seem to bother me so I investigated outside and found hundreds of the little suckers pooling under my potting bench on the deck.  We called an animal removal service and they came out to set humane traps in our yard.  Over a week they caught 4 possums, 2 big ones and 2 little ones. A whole family of the varmints were living under our deck.  That was the last straw, JP decided we would tear up the deck and instal a in-ground cement deck, so we would never have to deal with these type of possum issues again.  We decided though that if we were going to replace the deck then we should look into other changes or upgrades we wanted to do in the yard and design a whole new yard.  I also wanted to look into ways we could be more water wise with our landscaping.  Let the fun begin!!

Ice bucket challenge fail. A lot of people have been doing the #ALSicebucketchallenge – and I just wanted to be a part of things! …too bad I live in California. #Saveourwater #CAdrought

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m very against the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  I’m all for donating to good cause, but I’m NOT all for wasting our precious water.

Every drop counts. If you say that it’s just a gallon - you’re right.  Except hundreds of thousands of people are doing this. It is no longer a gallon, it’s HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of gallons.

Short term thinking will not solve long term problems.

I, like Melissa Cervantes (in the video), challenge you to conserve.  


A lot of people have been doing the ‪#‎ALSicebucketchallenge‬ – and I just wanted to be a part of things! …too bad I live in California. ‪#‎Saveourwater‬ ‪#‎CAdrought‬

ACTUALLY donate to ALS research

For more information on the California drought

And to learn more on conserving water

Video from Melissa Cervantes

This video was being shared on Facebook, and I wanted to stress how damaging this challenge is to all of us, including Californians, thanks to the drought we’ve been facing for the last three years. Yes, donate to a worthy cause! No, don’t waste what we need to survive this drought just to help send a message!

Take Action! Waste sand, not water – share this and challenge friends to raise awareness!

I think that the ALS challenge has raised a great amount of awareness & funds for a great cause w/ the ice water challenge. In CA though, we’re suffering from a severe drought & I think that should be something we Californians should keep in mind and raise awareness about it for other Californians. 

That being said, I challenge my fellow Californians to #saveourwater with the#DroughtChallenge. We might not have a lot of water in California, but we do have lots of sand!

Here’s some tips on what we can do:

More on the drought severity:

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My original post:

Save Our Water Stresses Importance of Tree Care During Drought

Save Our Water Stresses Importance of Tree Care During Drought

Save Our Water And Our Trees campaign offers tips to help trees thrive Sacramento, CA – Save Our Water – California’s official statewide conservation education program – has partnered with California ReLeaf to raise awareness of the importance of proper tree care during this historic drought. California ReLeaf is a statewide urban forest nonprofit providing support and services to over 90…

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Backyard Landscaping: The Design - Leucadia, CA

  I took a free workshop on California Friendly Landscaping, offered by the San Dieguito Water District to get tips and insight to help in the design, layout, and goal of having a more drought tolerant landscape.  The first thing that was evident was that we needed to get rid of our yard that was sucking up water and not really giving us anything in return. I have some friends who have fake grass and it looks and feels nice but I really liked the look of the decomposed granite that they showed us in several landscape examples. It comes in so many different colors that you could really get creative with and the big thing is it’s permeable! Which means the water can work it’s way through it and get down to the soil instead of running off down the street and into the drains. So decision 1 was made, the grass would be gone and we were getting DG.  

   Next up I wanted to build a raised garden bed so I could grown root vegetables that I am not able to grow in my hydroponics.  Through the class I learned how to figured out the best location in your yard to build one, and what direction to have your garden running.  A big thing we needed though was more sun in our yard.  The Birds of Paradise we had planted along the back fence amongst the existing trees when we first moved in had gown so tall that they completely blocked out the sun. Originally planted to provide screening from our back neighbors we now had very little sun in the back yard. I thought the best solution would be to remove them and then plant fruit trees in that space. I figured if we were going to need trees for screening that were going to have to be watered we might as well get some edibles from them! Originally the back row of trees had been retained by stacks of railroad ties, not very attractive and would not go well with a cement deck so we decided to replace that as well. I wanted to do a poured concrete wall but jeepers that is expensive! So we decided on cinder blocks and then we could use those to build the raised garden beds as well.  

   Moving on to the deck design we wanted to extend the deck all the way to the retaining wall and build it out of poured concrete. My only concern was that that would be a really big slab of non-permeable surface but we found a solution.  Although poured as one slab the deck would be divided into 4 sections with a 4 inch “gutter” between that we would drill holes in every few feet then cover with peoples giving water several entry ways into the ground.

  Our plan was to mostly plant edibles but we also thought that a whole wall of fruit trees might be a little uninviting so to break it up I wanted to build 3 separate succulent walls.  Succulents and cacti are the perfect native and drought tolerant plant to include in your landscaping to add color without the need for excessive watering.

  Another aspect of the design is steel.  I really like the look of rusted steel and since all anything wants to do around here is rust I thought it would be a great material to use in our yard.  JP built and welded two huge planter boxes to sit under our kitchen window to grow berries in and then I searched the internet for steel headers that I could use to divide the DG colors and be the edging for our palm trees and aloe trees.

  There you have it, we had our ideas, vision, and a plotted out design now let’s see if we can bring this vision to life!


Asymetric Media and Patagonia hosted an invitation-only event this past Wednesday, September 21 to bring together political, environmental and media stakeholders from the GTA to learn about the potential blow to water quality and availability from the proposed Mega Quarry north of Toronto. During this event, Asymetric’s Jason van Bruggen also premiered the short film SAVE OUR WATER, that is posted below. The event was a huge success and was well attended by such personalities as Maude Barlow (international bestselling author of Blue Covenant), Andy Barrie (Retired CBC Metro Morning Host), and Former Toronto Mayor, David Miller, who was eager to show his support for the fight against the Mega Quarry.



fuatino bengiyo princelesscomic Thought yall might enjoy the style
Stop Fracking - Greenpeace Denmark

Guys, I need your help! A french company called Total are drilling in the danish undeground, looking for shale-gas. They have used an illegal chemical in their exploit of our underground (amongst several are known to be endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and allergenic.), risking our water-mirror and water supply. They have done this against danish law, and we have no reason to believe they won’t do it again! Due to the use of illegal chemicals the drilling have now been suspended for a week. But please, sign this petition and help ud make sure they won’t ever drill again!

The water in Denmark is some of the cleanest in the world, and can be drunk directly from the source without cleaning. Help us save our water!

Sign here.  

Fornavn = First name
Efternavn = surname

Thank you!!

Read more here:

I have a 2-3 page paper for Government class I have to write about a Government policy that I support or why I dont support it. I’m stuck between our Water Policy or Anti-Fracking. We need better water and take care of our water because we need it to survive, but we also need to stop Fracking because its destroying our Earth while there is a better solution!!

DWR Announces Final Funding Awards For Grants To Save Water and Energy

Over 70 Percent of Funds to Benefit Disadvantaged Communities Sacramento – The Department of Water Resources (DWR) today announced the award of $28 million to 22 entities for 25 projects that will save water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The grants will help California respond to the immediate drought while building resiliency to cope with future droughts and climate change. …

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Short and to the point article from The Huffington Post today about the California drought. This particular article is about my hometown. This drought is real. There are residents who have been without water for months. We can’t wait any longer, we each must do our part to conserve. If you think this historical drought doesn’t effect you, it does. Even if you don’t live in California, you better believe it effects you.

Ever seen the signs “Food grows where water flows.”? You’ll find these signs all over the San Joaquin Valley You would not believe how much produce, organic included, comes from the California Central Valley. We have hundreds of big time dairies. We grow your cotton. California not only has incredible landscapes in all different types, we produce supply the world with more than you can imagine. When crops can’t get the water they need, the yield is poor which means much higher produce prices at the store in addition to poor quality fruits and vegetables.. This is true for cotton prices as well. Anywhere cotton is used, the end product is higher in price.

I can’t solve our water issue, but I can inspire and educate everyone I come into contact with: family, friends, coworkers, customers and you, my readers, regardless of how you found this post. You can do the same and together we make positive change.

Here’s a few daily conservation tips that I practice  >>——–>

<<[-]>> If possible, wash dishes every few days or every other day. When you do, fill a small bowl with hot soapy water instead of filling the sink or running the water while you wash. Rinse all your dishes at once. Heat your water on the stove as opposed to running the water until it’s hot.

<<[-]>> Share your shower with your significant other.

<<[-]>> Was it really necessary to flush the toilet?

<<[-]>> When showering, turn the water off while you scrub, shave and shampoo. I keep a small black LUSH Cosmetics pot in the shower to fill with water and rinse my razor in it when I shave.

<<[-]>> Water your house plants with your bath water or even dishwater. Use an eco-friendly dish washing soap.

<<[-]>> Stop your bottled water consumption. These mega companies are actually bottling our precious tap water and selling it back to you for a high premium. Take back your tap water, get yourself a reusable bottle.


Lady Gaga joins the conversation over the drought in California via the organization Save Our Water