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raindropwalker answered: Kristoff and Anna dancing…and Elsa cuts in? ^_^

So, since I already drew Anna and Kristoff dancing, I figured I’d draw a sort of sequel to it. 

luv3lost  asked:

Can you do a fic where your left in charge of an infant and you have no idea what to do but Calvin saves the day,like he could make the kid laugh, feed it, or end up falling asleep with it . I just want you to fuck me up with daddy calvin.

Hi!! Thanks for the request and I hope this is alright! :D


‘Oh god,’ you muttered as your friend gently ushered her small child towards you and handed you a rucksack full of what felt like boulders.
Her babbling was hard to understand and the way she kept glancing at her watch was rather distracting but you caught the gist of what she said; his toys are in the bag though he must be supervised while playing, don’t let him climb on things that are higher than three feet off the ground and do not give him sugar as he will be hyperactive and he tends to piss himself when he gets excited.

‘Thank you so much for this, I owe you!’ She called with a grateful smile as she scurried back to her car and drove away.

Right… Okay. Your eyes met his innocent baby blue ones and he suddenly jammed his thumb in his mouth and sat down on the spot.
Fuck. It’s going be a long day.

'Come on, Ryan, lets go inside,’ you said gently, cringing at the weird tone of voice you had suddenly adopted.
Ryan shakily stood and cautiously walked inside, his eyes large and his demeanour hesitant; as if he were ready to run at any second.
Could he run? You weren’t sure, but for a toddler he seemed to be pretty independent.

You dumped the bag at the door and raised an eyebrow at the rattling from within - it sounded like Ryan had brought his whole toy collection with him.

'Babe?’ Oh shit, you hadn’t told Calvin.
'Yeah? In here,’ you called, not wanting to leave Ryan alone.
Calvin walked into the room and did a double take before raising an eyebrow at you, a perplexed look on his face at the strange child who was wandering around aimlessly.

'Uh, Sarah asked me to take him for a while and I couldn’t say no - I’m so sorry I forgot to tell you,’ you explained.
'It’s okay,’ he said, 'What’s his name?’
'Ryan,’ came a little voice, followed by the patter of tiny shoes against the floor as he came to meet Calvin.

Cal bent down and offered his hand to Ryan with a soft smile.
'Hi Ryan, I’m Calvin; Y/n’s boyfriend.’
The size difference was immense, but Calvin took Ryan’s teeny hand in his and gently shook it with a smile.

'So what kinda stuff do you like doing, Ryan?’ Calvin asked, his tone of voice softer and not as deep as usual, but still sounding like his own.
'Ummm,’ Ryan stopped to think the way children do; with his eyes exploring the room and his little feet tapping against each other, the rubber of his shoes making a satisfying 'thunk’ as he did so.
'Video games!’ His eyes lit up as he proclaimed the words with enthusiasm, and it elicited a smile from Calvin.
'Well I have a computer upstairs if you wanna check it out?’ Calvin offered as he stood back at his normal height and Ryan nodded enthusiastically and began to follow Cal, slipping his teeny hand in your boyfriend’s big one, letting him lead the way to the computer.

As they exited the room you took a moment to collect yourself - astonishment was obvious on your features as you processed what had just unfolded in front of you.
Calvin was excellent with children.
The fact was harder to digest in face of the assumptions you’d made that Calvin would simply be irritated by Ryan’s presence rather than embrace it and entertain the little boy.

Chuckling in surprise, you figured you’d use the time wisely and began to tidy up, as the place had turned into a pigsty in recent days; you were too busy to tidy it and Calvin was too lazy to.

Half an hour and a shit ton of disinfectant later the room was smelling fresh and you felt an arm gently encircle your waist from behind. Calvin appeared behind you with Ryan next to him.

'We’re hungry babe,’ he said before looking to Ryan, 'Aren’t we?’
'Yeah, babe,’ Ryan chuckled and Calvin pretended to frown as he picked Ryan up.
'Hey! Only I get to call Y/n 'babe’’, he joked as he threw Ryan up in the air and caught him again. The little boy laughed with pure joy - his legs swinging wildly in mid air.
'Okay, so what will it be?’ You mumbled as you opened various cupboards and had a look in the fridge for something to eat.

'What d'you wanna eat, lil dude?’ Calvin asked and as you turned to await the child’s answer your heart nearly exploded; Calvin stood with Ryan in his arms, his cheeks flushed from the exertion of throwing him in the air; a smile lit up his face and his dark eyes sparkled - he looked so happy.

'Ummm… Toast?’
'Toast? I can do toast,’ you smiled to yourself, unable to suppress the joy that fluttered in your tummy.


Crumbs littered almost every available surface (most of them being Calvin’s fault, admittedly)
and as soon as Ryan had finished the snack, he insisted upon showing Calvin all of the toys he had brought with him.
Suppressing the stab of pain that threatened at the prospect of your newly clean home being littered with sticky toys, you slapped on a smile and helped Ryan unpack his bag.

For an hour Calvin displayed the patience of a saint as he laughed and smiled and simpered when it was required of him; he played along with Ryan’s games and kept the little boy laughing until his big blue eyes grew tired and his little body rested against Calvin’s stable one.
'Are you tired?’ Calvin asked Ryan softly and with a childlike stubbornness that Calvin himself often displayed, Ryan immediately did his best to sit up straight and deny that he was in need of a nap.

'Okay then, how about a movie?’ You suggested.
'Yeah…’ Ryan mumbled as he clung to Calvin and let him lift his body onto the sofa.
You picked Finding Nemo from your collection and slid it into the DVD player for Calvin and Ryan to watch while you tidied up the plethora of colourful plastic that now littered the floor.

As you’d anticipated, Ryan had fallen asleep with his head on Calvin’s shoulder while Nemo swam about on the TV.
You had failed to anticipate, however, Calvin also falling asleep.

A giggle tried to escape your lips and you had to bring your hand to your mouth to muffle the noise.
They looked so cute together, and you couldn’t help but let your mind explore the thought of Calvin taking care of your children - if ever you were to have them.
Butterflies fluttered in your tummy as you imagined raising your own little family with Calvin and you nearly got carried away with yourself as you began to ponder which names you would choose if it were to be a boy or a girl and you quickly (albeit somewhat reluctantly) brought yourself back to reality.


The doorbell rang and you ran to the door to answer it, knowing it would be Sarah here to collect Ryan.
'Hiya!’ She chirped when you opened the door. She politely declined your offer to come in as she was in a rush - she always seemed to be - and thanked you profusely for taking Ryan for the day.
As you smiled and said it was no big deal, he was a pleasure to have etc etc you called to Calvin and let him know that Sarah was here for Ryan.
Moments later, the two of them appeared behind you. They were bleary eyed and hesitant to face sunlight, much to your amusement.

After handing over Ryan’s rucksack full of toys and receiving a cuddle from the little boy (which was offensively inferior to the cuddle which Calvin received, you noticed) the door closed and you and Cal were alone again.

'You were so good with him,’ you smiled as Calvin wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer to him. 'Thank you for keeping him busy today, I didn’t have a clue what to do with him.’
'What can I say?’ He smirked, 'It’s my natural charm.’
'Shut up,’ you scoffed as you stood on your tiptoes and kissed his lips, feeling his arms tighten around you.
'I’m still tired,’ he said quietly; his voice still rough from sleep.
'I could do with a nap.’ You muttered, letting Calvin lead you to the sofa where he wrapped you in his arms and you both fell asleep to the sound of Finding Nemo still playing in the background.


Thank you so much for reading and stay safe!! I luv u! 💗

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