To Be Here, Kory Jean Kingsley 

After living in Savannah, Georgia for the past four years, I have developed a connection with the locals and culture of the Southeast. As a white female, I find myself being pulled at by stereotypes during every day interactions, especially with black men; and a whole different set of stereotypes undoubtedly dashes through the minds of these men during their interactions with me. 

I have found that the best way to address this is to challenge them directly. This has led me to photograph the black men and boys that I’ve befriended throughout my neighborhood.

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Josephine Holloway-

She established one of the first African American Girl Scout troop in 1942 after trying for years to start a troop. In 1944, she was hired by the Cumberland Valley Girl Scout Council (in Nashville,TN) to act as a field adviser for all the African American Girl Scout troops. She remained in that position until she retired in 1963. In 1951, integration started for the Girl Scouts of Cumberland Valley. Holloway’s office was moved to the Councils building. In 1962, integration officially started when the council got rid of its “Negro district”.