Memoirs of An X’er

Because there’s so much Millennial on this site and not enough X’er.

  • I remember riding in cars without seat belts.
  • Riding bikes without helmets.
  • Would you believe there was a time in the recent past when you could smoke in a hospital?
  • When Saturday morning cartoons were the only cartoons there were and they ended at noon. 
  • When “turkey” was a popular insult.
  • Drive-in theatres on warm summer nights.
  • Playing outside until the street lights came on (and you better have had your ass home by then, or your mom would whoop it).
  • There were no cell phones, or texting. When your mom wanted you home, she flung the front door open and hollered at the top of her lungs.
  • When films were quality, imaginative, and did not require obnoxious promotions, or giant, money-grabbing franchises. 
  • You couldn’t mouth off to your teacher because she always had a wooden paddle (with air holes) hanging on the wall behind her desk and she was not afraid to use it.
  • And she would tell your mom after she whooped your ass that you’d misbehaved (which was even worse).
  • Talking on the only phone in the house, stretching the cord much farther than it was intended so you could sit on the bathroom floor for privacy.
  • Cutting your own hair because you wanted a Mohawk, but your mom wouldn’t let you get one.
  • When a dude piercing his ear was a sign of delinquency and the nightmare of every mother alive.
  • Tightrolling your jeans.
  • We popularized the ripped jeans.
  • “Wait until your father gets home!”
  • Lack of school shootings.
  • Rabbit ears.
  • Watching your dad nearly break his neck adjusting the TV antennae on the roof.
  • Writing letters because there was no email, or internet, and long distance phone calls would put you in debt for the next five years.
  • Aqua Net.
  • Jelly shoes.
  • Sunday Best.
  • Nothing was “gluten free”.
  • “Gag me with a spoon.”
  • Candy cigarettes.

so I just discovered the greatness that is “Saturday Morning Slow Jams” on [this Youtube channel], which does R&B slow jam covers of some beloved 90’s cartoon themes such as Animaniacs, Pokemon, and others. this one is a cover of The Powerpuff Girls’ theme.

I am currently screaming. my life has been slayed.


it’s okay. the restaurant is due to close by the end of the year.


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RIP Saturday Morning Cartoons (1966-2014)

It was announced last week that after almost 50 years, a block of animation will no longer appear somewhere on broadcast television Saturday Morning. The format itself had been in decline since the mid-90s when the larger networks stopped running new series, but had hung in for almost two decades finally expiring from the CW in late September. After delighting over 2 generations of children and adults, the format will be mourned, but in this age of near-ubiquitous home video, will not be forgotten.

Above are some excellent examples of the types of advertisements kids would pour over to plan their Saturdays around in the fall.

For more information:

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Black History Month / Women’s Empowerment Month / Woman Crush Wednesday: Maxine “Max” Gibson, “Batman Beyond”

Batman Beyond was one of those great shows that continued the Batman legacy without being dull or even unnecessary. One of Kids WB’s great creations that encouraged me to wake up early on Saturday mornings to watch, for it was a fave. One of those reasons resides in a supporting character: muhfuggin’ MAX GIBSON.

Best friend to Terry (the main character of the show as the new teenage Batman/Bruce Wayne’s protégée), Max was a badass chick for many reasons: she was smart as hell (computer genius, great user of common sense, smart mouth, curious beyond belief), beautiful, confident, a GREAT friend to Terry, was absolutely useful, hungry to help especially after finding out Terry’s identity, had short electric pink hair, didn’t overstep her platonic relationship with Terry and was actually friends with the girl Terry wanted, and to top it all off, she was Black AND voiced by the awesome Cree Summer (who has voiced a few of the girls on this list of mine and who deserves an honorable mention of her own!).

The awesomeness I felt seeing Max on this show, and desperately wanting to see her in every episode, was real as fuck. Whenever she appeared, I was excited, because she was the epitome of awesome. Everything she was, from her beauty to her smarts to her confidence was riveting, and I loved that she was an important part of the team, even though Bruce didn’t want her becoming “the next Robin,” to Terry’s Batman. Though that may be, I practically see her as “the next Oracle,” for her behind the scenes help via computers and hacking skills was on point.

I wish she were appreciated more, because a character like Max, you can’t just FORGET. Which is why she’ll always reside in me. Max is one of my cosplay dream creations, and rightfully so. She’s the bees knees, man.