Was walking Jude through the Saturday Market when this guy walked up to me and asked, “Is your wolf friendly?" 

I stared at him for a moment, wondering if he was serious or if he just thought he was being funny. I quickly realized he was being serious, so I furrowed my brown and replied, "He’s a dog. And yes - he’s friendly.”

The guy stooped to pet Jude, who didn’t pay him much mind, and went on to say, “No, I’m pretty sure this is a wolf. I’m Native American, from the Wolf Clan, so I know a wolf when I see one." 

I stared at the guy again, thoroughly confused. He looked about as white as a canned water chestnut so I just suppressed a laugh, nodded, said, "Okay” and walked Jude away from him. 

New award for “most absurd wolfdog encounter” goes to the white guy claiming to know more about wolfdogs than me on the grounds that he was “from the ‘Wolf Clan’ of Native Americans” so was automatically a wolf expert. 


Mammoth Ivory

I picked up this polished mammoth tusk tip at the shop that I frequent at the Anchorage Saturday Market. I liked it because of the obvious Schreger lines which easily identifies the ivory as mammoth.

I got 33% off the piece because I’ve made friends with the owner over the years. That, and I often bring him antler, like the moose shed I found recently in the field. He uses the antler tines to make ulus.