Iwanko, getto da ze!

Perfect Satoshi episode right here, the way he understood Rockruff, the way he communicated through his emotions and abstract ways of describing things, and his way of training, great stuff, funny, touching and in character. It’s a shame we didn’t get anything like this with Z-moves, alas.

Rockruff is a surprisingly savage individual, it’s always so nice with humans but it actually loves taking part in these fighting events held by other wild Pokemon during nights, those Mons were going in super hard. No hints towards which form it’ll evolve into, but I have fairly high hopes for it happening since Lycanroc didn’t really get that much focus in this episode, saving the proper showcase for Satoshi’s midday form VS Lychee/Olivia’s midnight form (or vise versa if the anime wants to shake things up a bit) is my ideal scenario for the future.

Rockruff was never really a must have for me, but a new Pokemon for my boy’s arsenal is always a sure way to spike my interest regardless of its species, all Satoshi Mons get my unconditional love. Looking forward to Rockruff’s future~