Satan why?

I’m going to try something. From now on, I’ll post text along with images here. Don’t worry though, there will always be images since no right-minded person would follow a text-only Tumblr.

Naturally, I’ll focus on discussing topics of interest to Satanists. If you don’t want to read the words, that is ok too. I encourage you to live your life however you want, even when it comes to Tumblr.

Alternate Anime Titles
  • One Piece: The Never-ending Story: The Anime Version
  • Bleach: Literally Anything that Actually Works as a Story Title Because Bleach? Come on.
  • Free!: How Gay Can We Make this Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Water Version
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Shitty Father: Alchemy Edition
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Why To Never Date Anyone Ever
  • Noragami: Get Yato a Shrine 2k17
  • Neon Genesis Evangellion: Shitty Father: Robot Mindfuck Edition
  • Death Note: So THAT'S Why We Aren't Supposed to Post Our Full Name and Photo Online
  • Haikyuu: How Gay Can We Make This Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Don't-Let-the-Balloon-Touch-the-Floor Edition
  • Attack on Titan: Shitty Father: Apocalypse Edition
  • High school of the Dead: That's Not How Boobs F*cking Work
  • Fate Series: People Die when They are Killed
  • Ajin: People Don't Die when They are Killed
  • Blue Exorcist: Shitty Father: Satan Edition
  • Yuri on Ice: How Gay Can We Make This without the Charac-- WAIT NO THEY'RE ACTUALLY GAY THIS TIME!!!
  • Code Geass: Jedi Mind Trick: The Anime
  • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: What the Actual Fuck
  • Kill la Kill: Shitty Father: Oh Wait it's the Mom that's Shitty this Time
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer: The Entire Anime is Basically a Meme

this is so powerful

How Rin probably would've exposed himself if Amaimon was not a douchebag
  • Rin: I'm gonna beat you up!
  • Suguro: Oh yeah! I bet I'll beat you up first!
  • Rin: Please, as if!
  • Suguro: My dad could beat you up too, and he's a fat old man!
  • Rin: Oh yeah?! My dad can beat up your dad!
  • Suguro: Oh really?! Who's your daddy?!
  • Shima, somewhere off to the side: That could've been worded better, buddy.
  • Shima:
  • Suguro:
  • Rin:
  • Shima:
  • Suguro:
  • Rin: wait fuck
  • Suguro & Shima: *screams*