Does spiritual practices open doors for entities to control us?

I was recently talking to a friend who had told me that she read about spiritual people & how spirituality is just an easier way for Satan & demons to get in & control us. That meditation reiki & tarot cards and psychics just open bad doors to bad things. And it happens to people that don’t believe that anything can be done. Is this true?? When she said this she scared the crap out of me making me question what I believe in. Thanks for the help!

Definitely not true. What she is afraid of is herself and the unknown. A lot of this is due to conditioning patterns we have implanted in us through religion. Everything is connected back to your internal mind. 

Thnk of it this way, look around you, everything that makes up including your environment, your friends, work, family etc. is created through your mind. It’s how you express words, behaviors and actions out into he world. By the input of your mind being expressed outward. Everything is connected towards our internal mind. 

No one can take control of your soul, possess it, leech your energy,etc. because you are the one driving the ship. You have free will. It is your will that directs your reality. fear is an illusion due to the limited beliefs we place on reality. 

I recently wrote about this in my latest article about why i stopped believing in Negative entities.

Hope that sheds some light.


The Power Of The Dark Lord | Memory Hole

Embrace your Sins

The priest tells you having sex is immoral.
The government tells you smoking pot is worthy of twenty years.
Friends and family tell you loving someone or even being who you know you really are could get you sent to hell.

Satan tells you fucking go for it.

Go have sex with the people you love. Hell have sex with people you don’t love. There is nothing wrong with two people doing what two, or more, people want to do. You have the freedom to decide what to do with your own body.

Go get fucking stoned off your ass. Spend the day in your bedroom watching cartoons and laughing your ass off. Hell do whatever drugs you fucking want to. Just treat yourself right.

Go love who you want to love and be who you want to be. No one can make these decisions for you. Your life is your own and no one has the right to tell you who to love or who you are.

Satan only asks you to love yourself.


- Inktober 28 - 

the devil

The devil is, well, the devil. A liar, murderer and destroyer, the father of lies and the prince of the air. And he suffers to know that the keys of the Kingdom have been taken from him.

This drawing is actually an older concept for a comics project I am working on, about the temptation of Jesus in the desert. 


Nox Ithil Creations

Necklace “Blvk Svn”, 2016

Inspired by the dark essence of the common occult and esoteric symbol the Black Sun this creation came to life; a cleaned, painted, glazed and wrapped animal bone solemly hangs at the end of a short handmade chain, surrounded by a hand wrapped minimalistic black sun with old black beads.

Available for purchase in Nox Ithil Creations’s Etsy Shop.

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