A commission for nine-for-a-kiss, ruined by my scanner.

Sweetheart, your name is Legion.
You are possessed, so I don’t pick up the phone.
I stay in bed, 
But you are in the mirror,
Your laughter in pipes.
You can’t let me go, 
And I can’t let go you all.
You are behind every corner,
In butterfly’s wings, in threes’ leaves,
And it is not at all about signs, spells and potions.
Demons seek warmth and compassion,
So I set myself on fire, rip myself apart,
Covered in burns and aching cuts -
And yet, you wound more than glass and iron.
(Fleur - Легион)

" Elle l’hypnotisait.
Il avait du mal à détacher ses liens, certes, la chaise était inconfortable, et les cordes lui sciaient le torse et les poignets ; mais malgré la situation déplorable, il la dévorait des yeux.
Il ne voulait pas être libéré.
Elle ne lui faisait pas face.
Il savait qu’il allait crever.
Elle se tourna juste face au miroir noir. Son corps trembla, se raidit, et Elle passa en transe, murmurant des paroles inaudibles, obscures incantations.

Quand ses yeux se révulsèrent, il fut en transe avec elle.
Quand elle se tourna vers lui, continuant doucement d’invoquer sa mort, il visualisait distinctement la courbe de ses lèvres.

Quand son coeur s’arrêta de battre, Il tomba amoureux. “

Your Father Lucifer Pt 2

Request: So I don’t have a well developed request for, but I have an idea & you can do whatever you want w/ it. You r being chased by demons who r rambling about catching the princess when Sam & Dean step in. You go back 2 the bunker, you & Dean are kinda attracted to each other, but when Cas shows up he says there is something off about you. It turns out you r not only half-angel, but you are Lucifers daughter!!! & the Mark is what draws Dean to you bc as Lucy’s daughter you can stabilize it –Alex

A/N: So I’m sorry this took so long, i wrote it once and I hated it and didn’t know what to keep writing but this one I love and will be writing the next part much sooner than this one I promise

Words: 2954

Warning: Swearing

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