Welcome to our weekly roundup of cherished news bits, coming at you via the Black Phoenix Gazette. This week’s batch:

☠ Pop quiz: Is this the name of a Pokemon, or an early church heretic

This new orchid species appears to feature the face of Satan!

☠ Someone made this 4m x 4m cube by condensing an entire amusement park

☠ Soothe your ravenous reblogging urges with the sumptuous (and mostly NSFW) Vintage Occult.

A witch prison has been discovered in 15th century Scottish chapel. 

☠ Fast forward to this month, when Di Paolo’s 1435 painting of The Annunciation is being celebrated in a new series of boots and outerwear by Doc Martens

☠ The Century Guild has mostly run out of BPAL’s series inspired by Gail Potocki’s FREAKS, but a few bottles remain of our perfume inspired by Fedor Jeftichew, aka Jojo the Dog-Faced Boy

☠ Could this possibly be the actual skull of Mary Magdalene?

☠ Beachtime fun in Karwia, Poland, as a wild boar emerges from the sea and starts bowling over sunbathers. (Believe it or not, yet another boar crashed through the ceiling of a shopping center in Hong Kong last week.)