Oh, no! A Satanic Witch!

I’m beyond tired of the stereotypes, ignorance, and uneducated opinions.

No, we aren’t going to sic demons on you for pissing us off. No, we don’t sacrifice children or animals. No, we aren’t evil.

Most people hear “Satanist” and assume the worst. Christians, atheists, Pagans- people from every belief system fear what they do not know. So I’m about to drop some knowledge on you:

Prepare yourself for this… Are you ready? MOST SATANISTS DO NOT BELIEVE IN OR WORSHIP SATAN. Weird, right? Most Satanists are, in fact, atheists. We don’t believe in the Abrahamic God and, therefore, do not believe in the Abrahamic Satan. Instead, we see the stories of Satan as metaphors and side with him rather than God. You see, in Bible (and other) stories, Lucifer was God’s most beautiful angel. When God got bored of his angels and made humans, Lucifer became jealous. I mean, you’d be pretty pissed if your parents had another child and completely pushed you to the side, right? Right. So God threw a hissy fit and created this place called Hell for Lucifer and other angels who were pissed at him. Pretty sucky, right? So your parents have a new kid, start neglecting you, and toss you in the basement when you rebel. Pretty fucked, isn’t it? In the Garden of Eden, God forbade eating from the Tree of Knowledge. He wanted Adam and Eve to follow him blindly and do as he said with no questions asked. So Satan comes along and he’s like, “Y'all deserve better than this shit. Eat this apple and be free.” He knew that humans had their own wants, needs, and desires and that they deserved to make their own choices. He knew that things like sex, anger, and free will were a part of human nature and was pissed that God was keeping Adam and Eve as brainwashed slaves. This is what Satan represents to us- free will, human nature, unlocking your mental chains. Satanism tells us that we can be who we want and do what we want as long as we are not harming others in the process. We must take responsibility for our own actions rather than blaming all the evil in the world on “the Devil”, and that, according to the Bible, Satan has done very little wrong. God has killed billions. He drowned the entire world because he was being a whiny little bitch. He destroyed the beings he supposedly loved unconditionally. He literally said he REGRETTED making humans. What’s Satan doing in the Bible? Satan didn’t do shit without God’s permission. Satan wasn’t the one who said certain people should be shunned or put to death. Satan wasn’t the one who condoned rape, slavery, and pedophilia. I mean, who’s REALLY the evil one here? And who’s really the one who accepts and understands humans? I’m sure you get my point. This is what Satan is to us; Satan is a hero, not the cause for all the world’s evil.

Don’t get me wrong, there are absolutely Satanists who believe in and worship the Devil. There are totally people who use Satan as a reason to slaughter innocent humans or animals. There ARE Satanists who are mean and hateful. But these people are so few and far between, and the media LOVES Satanic hype. One “Satanist” in a decade decides to decapitate someone and suddenly all Satanists must be imprisoned as to not hurt anyone else. But what about all the loving Christians who murder on a daily basis, amirite? YES. There are bad Satanists. But unless one of them tells you they’re a Devil worshipping cannibal, you really don’t have shit to worry about.

I, personally, draw so much power from Lucifer’s character, as do most Satanic Witches. Imagine being able to harness knowledge, freedom, and self-will for every spell and ritual. Imagine being able to use all of yourself in your magic- mind, body, soul, emotions, personality, wants. Imagine being able to draw self confidence and free thought every time you harness Satanic energy. That’s literally all this shit is, dude. We don’t want your babies, we don’t wanna rape you, we aren’t gonna sentence you to an eternity in Hell. You’re not that important to us, so get over yourselves. Satanism is about ME. US. I. Not you.

I mean, really. Y'all get pissed when people judge you based on your beliefs without knowing what they consist of, right? Don’t do that shit to other people. We’re witches. We’re SATANIC witches. Accept us or don’t, just stop being ignorant little jerks.