Sasusaku and the popular shipping tropes

1.First love

The most common trope. No one can deny the fact that Sasuke’s first love was Sakura and Sakura’s first love was Sasuke. So cute.

2.Love triangle

Poor Naruto. I always hated love triangles because in the end someone’s heart has to break. Most of the love triangles does more harm than good to couple. But in case of Sasunarusaku it was handled perfectly. It displayed the extent of each one’s feeling especially Sakura.

Unlike other series where the rejected guy turns into villain and tries breaking up the couple Naruto supported sasusaku. I love Naruto for that.

3. Passionate lovers

The EYESMEX is more of a proof of how much of a passionate lovers SS are.

Just standing and staring into each other’s eyes can feel alot more intense and intimate than any kissing scene. The novel and gaiden already proved this trope.

4.Dangerous drama

Sasusaku and the drama goes hand in hand. The amount of drama and angst literally made our shipper heart to rip into pieces. Yet at the end it made us to love them even more.

The struggles were real and how they came back to each other inspite of the drama is admirable.

5.Long distance relationship

Sasusaku in a nutshell unfortunately. They have spent too much time away from each other yet their feelings are always connected. End of each separation they come out even stronger. Love them for that.

6.Different worlds

Sasuke an uchiha and Sakura a civilian. Uchihas are proud clan. I always wondered if they were still alive would they accept Sakura getting married into uchihas easily.

Just an uchiha name kept sasuke and Sakura into different world. I always got this Romeo Juliet vibe from

7.Friends first

Before falling for each other they started off as friends and comrades. They learnt about each other’s weakness and strength as friends and then transcended into lovers.

Who wouldn’t love this idea of besties turning into lovers?

8.Protagonist vs Antagonist

The final boss aka sasuke uchiha and our female lead Sakura. The trope of good girl falls for bad guy never gets old.

Sasuke’s journey as an Antagonist and Sakura still loving and wanting to save him. It was depicted perfectly.

Sasuke’s struggle to choose between a beautiful future with Sakura in village and his revenge will never get old.

9.Opposite attracts

The cool and calm sasuke falling for cheerful and friendly Sakura. Everybody loves the idea of good girl falling for bad guy after all.

Honestly they both balance out each other perfectly. Sakura isn’t too cheerful and dense . Sasuke isn’t too stoic. They both are capable of showing their love in their own way.

The end page of gaiden where Sakura wanted the poke and Sasuke getting embarrassed. Only SS can make that panel look amazing.

10.Long term lovers

Inspite of not getting together until later in the series no one can deny that sasusaku had feeling for each other since a long ago.

Starting off as an innocent infatuation during academy days to turning into crush during early days of genin to falling for each other during early teenage Hood to evolving into unbreakable bond during late teenage hood to becoming a couple and proud parents to our adorable sarada-chan. Sasusaku had a really long journey.

I’m glad that I was on the deck of the ship which could fill in the role of so many shipping tropes.

I can’t believe SS still has haters.i mean it’s a complete package man! Love SS forever.

Someone posted that this is how they imagined SasuSaku’s first kiss, and I have been staring at it for like 12 hours because…I CAN SEE IT FAM. (Obviously this would happen sometime when he asked her to travel with him.) Like Sakura being so frustrated at him or something and Sasuke is just like ‘Fuck IT!!’

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Hey guys
This second one is the cover of chapter 15 of manga, made by Ikemoto. The first one is the same drawing made by me.

I can’t understand how an ordinary girl like me can do Kishimoto’s traits better than his assistant! How is this possible??

Ikemoto not only sexualized Sarada, but he also drawn all the characters horribly! I’m really disappointed with Kishimoto because he does nothing!! He really likes that this guy drawn his characters like this? Why?? He already showed Sarada’s panty!! Come ooon

Ikemoto is super unpopular in fandom, 90% of fans don’t like him, I stopped reading the manga because of him. I can’t read a history which sexualizes children and destroy the characters, it’s too much disgusting.

Sasuke’s appearance is important to pass his coldness and his personality, and look how Ikemoto draws him!! Horrible!

Well, I hope you guys like my version