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Could I request some head-canons for Sasori and Deidara in a highschool AU? Thank you, I really love your blog!

(OOC: Ohhh thank you so much I’m so glad you like our blog ;;; - Dei Mod)


-”I don’t do sports, I’m an art student, asshole.”

-Literally best grades in art and mediocre everywhere else.

-I wanna say he’s in the art and the drama club cause he’s so animated that everyone was like “Dei you should do drama”  and he tried acting and he liked it. Poor kid isn’t too good at it though.

-He daydreams a lot during class. Same

-Really popular, girls and guys kinda just flock to him cause he’s really likeable. Let’s be real it makes Sasori jealous

-Once assaulted a freshman cause they accidentally messed up his art project by spilling paint on it.

-He’s permanently banned from the home economics classrooms.

-Has tried to set one of his teachers on fire. He claimed it was for scientific research.

-Tbh with the amount of wild shit he’s done it’s a surprise to everyone, including him, that he isn’t expelled.

-He’s that one kid who will just yell random shit during class.

-He’s like the only kid in the school who doesn’t think Sasori is a plotting serial killer in the making and will talk to him on a regular basis. Much to the redhead’s dismay.

-Other than being wild and obnoxious, he’s a pretty good student that doesn’t get into much trouble.



- Sasori is the really quite, loner kid. Only speaks when spoken to

- His favorite class is Wood crafting, Art, and Home Ec

- Has a crush on the most popular boy in school, (Deidara) And hates it

- Has an excuse everyday to get out of gym class, unless it’s doge-ball practice

- Once threatened Sakura Haruno to shut up, or he would cut her… While holding a saw blade

- Is friends with the creepy and other quite kids like Orochimaru, and Gaara. They have their own table in the lunch room

- Has really good grades because he wants to become a doctor like his Granny

- Has a good and healthy relationship with his Grandmother, because he is living with her. His parents died in a car crash (Sasori’s mod personal HC)

- Is rather happy Deidara talks to him, despite being a social outcast, but will never admit it

- For valentines day, broke into Deidara’s locker and left him a mini puppet version of the blond as a gift

- Is really possessive (Almost yandere-ish) over Deidara, and knows everything about him

- For his final project in wood works, he made his mother and father puppets

- Is good at drawing and painting as well, if he puts effort into it

- Finishes all his homework during class, so he doesn’t have to do it at home

I often wonder what happened to authors of unfinished fanfictions.

When a rarepair is your OTP and you ship them like hell despite all the odds