Takamina Message on Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby MV

To Sayaka: After I graduate, if there’s anything feel free to talk to me.I want to be your strength.Don’t force yourself,create an environment where you can relax. This is surely good for NMB as well.

To Jurina: Jurina is always working hard at the frontline,leading everyone,so you can’t see anything else. It’s also important to slow down and take a look around you. You’re missing important stuff even though they’re in your line of vision. Do treasure the comrades around you. You’re not alone.

To Sakura: I don’t dislike the way you run.It’s because you’re putting in your best. You don’t have to mind when someone laughs at you. It’s fine even if you’re slow.

To Kitahara: You’re going to be a senior and the example for many.But it’s not a situation where you have to hide your weakness from them. Be confident. Show them your weak side too.If it’s KitaRie, they’ll certainly follow you.

To Sashihara: Asobina Asobina~

To Paruru: Please take your time and rest. Recover slowly!

Source: Dee kun