So basically there was this MC with Minegishi, Sashihara, Yuki and I think Jurina too? And during this MC the girls had to share with everyone some memories they had with Kojima-san. The thing is that Yuki (as usual) said that she actually had very few memories with Kojima-san, that is because despite she has always been admiring, respecting and liking Kojima-san very very much throughout the years, they have never had many chances to talk. She said that she rembered that when they were announced as WCenters for Green Flash, both she and Kojima-san were like, “That’s good, isn’t it? Maybe we’ll be able to talk more from now on”, but that eventually that hope never concretized. So both Sashihara and Minegishi told her to go hugging Kojima-san during this song. She was supposed to hug her from behind, like in a sort of surprise (because if she was going straight in the front Kojima-san would have gotten scared, apparently XD), but then, where it looks that both Sashihara and Minegishi completely forgot about it, Kojima-san(!) herself remembered about this (she probably heard them talking about it while changing XD) so she started calling out to Yuki in order to hug her! 


AKB48 38th Single: “Kibouteki Refrain” requested by anon

“Every time I take a breath
I fall in love with you again
An unending refrain
I fall in love with you
A hopeful refrain”

Idols you want to support (Idols you want to happily support) a  survey on 10-30s women

1. Sakurai Sho 
2. Aiba Masaki
3. Ninomiya  Kazunari
4. Nakai Masahiro 
4. Matsumoto Jun
6. Ohno Satoshi
6. Sashihara Rino
6. Tegoshi Yuya
6. Yamada Ryosuke 💗
10. Momoka Tsugunaga

Yama-chan is literally the youngest Idol here~ 

Nemousu TV Season 3 - Hungry Sayaka

In this unseen funny moment we see Sayaka’ in her ‘hungry’ mode, and I mean very hungry.

While painfully waiting for dinner to be done, Sayaka continues to ‘howl’ out “I’m hungry~!!” (Note that she and the other members haven’t eaten yet for the whole day.)

It was here that she and Team K members Sae and Mocchi decided to secretly help themselves to some chocolates that were among the ingredients they were provided.while the others weren’t looking. (Those three sneaky mischievous girls. XD)

However Sayaka, the sports-minded and passionate member of the group, changes heart at the last moment and refuses to lose to hunger. So she puts the chocolates away, much to Mocchi’s dismay.

What a trooper Sayaka. Even when she’s suffering from hunger she’d rather be fair and eat with everyone.

Gotta love her.


AKB48 48th Single - Negaigoto no Mochigusare Live Performance


HKT48 9th Single: “Bagutte Iijan”

“Mistakes are OK!
Failures are OK!
I can just do it over again
Stumbles are OK!
Low points are OK!
I’ll turn today’s minuses into chances!”