Sashihara Rino: “Greed/Avarice - Avaritia”

Watanabe Miyuki: “Envy - Invidia”

Matsui Jurina: “Pride - Superbia”

Shimazaki Haruka: “Sloth - Acedia”

Kinoshita Momoka: “Lust/Fornication - Luxuria”

“Okada Nana: Wrath - Ira”

Takahashi Minami: “Gluttony - Gula”


48G as Seven Deadly Sins  requested by Anon

excerpt from Sashihara’s letter to Mayu (September 4th, 2017)

“It’s already been 3 months since you announced your graduation.

Time goes by so fast, faster than I ever thought, and it’s so oppressing. 

I wonder if I’ll be able to hold on to the things Mayu-chan has been protecting for all these years, and if those things will be the important key for the next groups that are going to come. 

But to be honest, I lack the confidence. That’s because the things you’ve been protecting so far are too many and too big. I am finally now regretting all the things I’ve let you carry on your shoulders over the years. You know how I am, I get worried very easily. But I’m sure that Yokoyama and the AKB juniors will do alright. No matter what, they’ll follow on your example. I’m pretty sure they’ll keep on supporting the group in your place, so please do graduate without worrying. 

I could feel both your reassurement and your sadness when I saw you talking and smiling with the staff members during the last shootings of “Sayonara, Enarikun”. I think it’s positive the fact that you get to graduate having in mind such a fun memory of the outside world, keeping your ambition just the way it is.

The fact that we were considered rivals at the SSK always made me feel uncomfortable and sad, but if I think about it now, that’s also part of the great memories I share with you. 

And it’s not only about the SSK, in many other occasions we got to feel like we had to build a new future, together. 

Lately, I’ve got many Mayu-chan oshis coming to meet me at HS events, too. 

I congratulate with all Mayu-chan oshis for having been by her side for the past 10 years. And I also recommend them to keep on supporting you, this new Mayu-chan the actress, from now on, alongside with me, and growing and improving with you. 

Mayu-chan, you’re such a good girl, I’m kinda worried about you. I can’t help but feel worried about whether or not it’s a good thing to have you thrown into the entertinement world all of a sudden, just like that. But then again, I’m sure you’re gonna be loved by many with your beauty and your kindness and your hidden fun-side. 

I hope that one day we get to work together on some TV project, so I’m gonna work hard in order to be able to see that dream become true. 

Lastly, I respect your from the bottom of my heart. 

By, Sashihara Rino.”


Sasshi-P produced an idol group with a better song, nicer costumes, and expensive af MV all at a higher quality than what she’s getting in her own group so I guess I’m an =LOVE stan now 


指原 莉乃 - Twitter - Sat 23 Sep 2017

I was chosen as “GYDA”-san’s catalog model😭 Unbelievable

Many of my outfits are from GYDA so it’s just like destined😭✨

Starting from October, printed catalogs will be placed in the stores, please check them out!

Me: *watching the SashiMayuYukirin niko live broadcast they did today*
Me: This is the funniest they’ve had yet. Mayu is hilarious I love this so much. Too bad there haven’t been many MaYuki moments so fa–
Mayu: Hey Yuki, show me your boobs
Yuki: OK
Sashihara: EH!?
Mayu: *takes a peek*
MaYuki: *start laughing*
Sashihara: would you two please quit it?! 

The best part? Mayu asked that while “yokaze no shiwaza” intro was playing in the background. And you know how kinda “sexy” that intro is. I mean, you could totally use it during a date with the person you like: it’s slow, it’s smooth, it’s sexy. Mayu asked Yuki to show her her boobs right when the intro started playing. 

You’re welcome.


The first ever battle. It all started with this. This is 7 years ago. XD

This is such an epic, historical battle. XD