Sashamira cadash


Was gonna save this for the final day of #dwarf appreciation week, but I’m too excitedI decided to do some quick colored doodles of a few of the awesome Cadashes that grace my dash. These girls belong to some great artists, writers and people! … except for Oda, she belongs to me :P

ThievingHippoMomochanners,TheRussetSparrowNeedlesslyCripticCookiesdfgHorticulturalCephalopod & WardenAeducan,

Sashamira would find Rainier hot, of caws, but she would definitely be ambivalent about the bad with a capital B vibe he exudes within his smoothness.

But with Blackwall, she was instantly smitten with the self-deprecating puff bear.

I guess it’s the beard that does it? So very dwarf.

Just doodling some thoughts that appeared after seeing the Rainier’d Blackwall Mod.