Sasha Steinberg


Art Show Edition: Featuring SASHA VELOUR

Oh this? This is just a powerful crystal from the planet Quorzen (also known as “New Earth”!). It’s from the future. Very “Science Fiction,” I know. But it’s all true. Everything on Quorzen is made of crystal, even the people.

Are you made of crystal?

Of course! That’s why I look so flawless! Ha ha! But seriously… This ring is amazing. And it’s not just beautiful… It’s actually vibrating microscopically, which produces a large amount of energy. Very, very powerful. This ring was originally part of my spaceship’s engine, but I stole it. Here on earth, I’ve discovered, it can actually shoot lasers. So it’s extremely useful, as you can imagine.

It shoots lasers!? So it’s a weapon…

Not at all! The lasers don’t hurt. I’m told that they kind of tickle. The lasers shoot vibrations into the crystal structure that underlies all matter here on earth. Humans, animals, plastics, wood, stone…everything has its own kind of crystal structure. The vibrations from my ring can rearrange the crystals in any form, and turn it into something more…ummm…glamorous.

What? This ring can transform things?

Absolutely. Just the other day I shot lasers at a Wal-Mart and turned it into a fabulous jungle with palm trees and lots of beautiful crystals. And I transformed a boring little man into a perfect unicorn. Improvements all around!

So you’re a kind of glamour terrorist…

Thank you.

Ha ha! You have a very distinctive look: wig, heels, fur. How do you describe your style?

Well, most people call me a drag queen. I like that just fine. I wear many kinds of looks…feminine, punk, dandy, vintage…none of them are really “authentic.” I think that all of my looks could be considered “drag.” I mean: I’m not a man or a woman. I’m a genderless time-travelling crystal alien from the future. But that sometimes overwhelms folks.

I can see why…

And the real truth is that I’m just like you. And just like you, I have many different identities…professional, romantic, casual, social, etc. Fashion is one significant part of how I construct those identities and make them real and distinct. I think that’s always the purpose of fashion. It’s always a kind of drag.

Where do you get most of your fashion?

Mostly by stealing. Really! I steal as much as I can. It’s a kind of art form, to steal from big companies and make yourself beautiful. Sometimes, though, I also make my own clothes or forge them with this ring.

Of course! Where can people see you or learn more about you, if they’re interested?

I always love to make new friends! Right now, the best way to learn about me is by checking out the “What’s Your Drag” gallery show at Be Fluent NYC (15 West 39th St, 11th Floor). It features three different stories about my life. I’m all over that place!

Everyone should check it out! Thanks, Sasha Velour!

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Images and Text © Sasha Steinberg, 2014
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