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Can I request the UK dancing (or trying to) bachata with their biracial latinx s/o. Bachata music always gets me dancing whether I'm sitting or doing chorus. ALWAYS!

I’m actually not familiar with bachata but i googled it and watched some videos, those look like some cool dance moves seriously. But because that i’m still new to bachata i might make mistakes and i do hope i don’t offend anyone c; [and i apologize if my description of the dance movements isn’t what a bachata is, i saw many different versions of it and went with the first video i saw]

Kiyoshi: At first when you suggested the idea to try and dance a bachata with him, he had to learn how to pronounce the word first. He knew of your background, and welcomed the different cultures you would feed him at times with a gracious smile. But dancing? He’s never tried anything like that so of course he’s nervous. As the music starts playing he admires the way you reach out to him and move your hips to the beat. Once you started showing him the dance move he was surprisingly good with taking directions and execute it perfectly, as perfect as an amateur would. But a couple of times when you instruct him to lean his face closer and wrap his hands around your body he’d use each moment to steal a kiss from you “Kiyoshi..that’s not how the dance goes” “Ah! I can’t help it, you were amazing and having you so close to me i can’t just ignore it..” you stopped your movements and escaped from his grip “Oh my god are you horny?! he shook his head, eyes wide in alarm at your growing frown “No i just-” he vice clawed palmed his face in frustration “You’re just so cute i can’t help but kiss you whenever i see your face enjoying this dance, and i-i-i“Why are you so embarrassing?” Kiyoshi faltered, but slowly relaxed and laughed when he sees you kicking at his feet with a flushed face  “Careful now..”

Hanamiya: He would use this chance to imply something sexual. But when he sees how serious you are about this and actually feels offended that he’s taking it so lightly, he toned it down and settled for watching you dance first. When asked to join and try to dance with you, he would be very stubborn and refuses. Once seeing your serious expression once more he groaned but complied. He kept stepping on your toes by mistake and moving to the left instead of right and danced completely off beat to the catchy music. It was actually quite a frustrating event for both of you, and it took all the patience in his sadistic self to not give up and or blow up in your face. “You’ve spent too much time stepping on other’s toes and this is what happen” Hanamiya scowled and kicked behind your leg, tripping you over. He slipped his hand under you, who was shrieking in alarm until his arms caught you and brought you back up “Now why would you think that? I kind of like this ‘bachata’ thing..”

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in case you guys didn’t know this is sasha ( aka loveyouforeverleeyum) (aka the love of my life and future cat lady with yours truly aka my small child) (idc that you’re almost 2 years older than me you are my small child) and sasha had a birthday on Sunday so I made her this… thing to demonstrate my love of her face (among other things) because I failed at kidnapping Zayn and Liam

(I am 3 days late and it is very crappy but I HOPE IT SUFFICIENTLY DEMONSTRATES MY LOVE FOR YOU)


Newest Bratz!

I bought Twiinz Roxxi and Rock Angelz Yasmin as a lot and Sasha by herself. I actually already have Roxxi; I was just going for Yasmin. I don’t have her other outfit though. The shoes are 2010 basic red heels in the Cloe/Jade/ect. skin tone.

Now I have 3 Rock Angelz Bratz and two of them have tattoos! This time I actually saw the top of the lighting bolt peaking out from under her pants so I went for her, which is why I ended up with Roxxi too. The tattoo looks a little faded though, unfortunately.