this one is for all the sasodei fangirls, go to 36:20. squeal and blush AAAALLLLL YYYOOOOUUUU WWWAAAANNNNTTT •  3  •     ≥///≤

( i still am)

you’re VERY welcome

this mainly goes to the SASODEI fangirls but all are free to watch.  This is actual proof that sasodei DOES exist. >///<

Johnny’s voice (sasori) is surprisingly deep (just imagine that voice doing something “wrong”) *winkwink*

OMG, biggest love confession, EVER.

ENJOY •  3  •

Noja Reads: Nukoduke


Do you like tiny cat/human hybrids to keep as pets??

A manga where every page ends in a joke

And a dotting owner who does everything for his pets, even thou he’s one of the lazies dorks ever~ 

But who wouldn’t when you have such adorable pets <3

And just some casual, everyday fun ~ 

The young man named Yuuya walked home one day and found two nukos in a box, abandoned. He takes them home and they star their new life together.
This manga is simple and sweet and really funny to read. For those who just wants to read a manga with no complex plot twist. It’s really adorable with a typical lazy guy who can’t handle the love of his pets <3
I really like it and recommend you to read it ^^
so far, there’s 47 chapters, and I wouldn’t be suprised if it got it’s own anime soon

I rate it 9/10