Victreebel & Sarzenia

I suppose I should explain this.

Most of you probably know that Victreebel SCREAMS in the english (and japanese) Pokémon anime. In the german dub however, it just says it’s name, like any other Pokémon not named Nidoking (it makes Rhino stock noises). So I drew german Victreebel (or Sarzenia in this case) and english/japanese Victreebel together.

The german text translates to “Please, is all this screaming really necessary?”. The AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA translates to “Kill me, it hurts to live!”.

I dunno, just a silly picture I felt like drawing. Victreebel has always been one of my favorites.


Wow~ finally finished o_O This took me 12 houres =-=

As you can see i Fused the pokemon (by using the original Artwork - I just did the edits, i don’t own the original images)

I found an Contest and i thought about entering it. Originally i just wanted to doodle a bit and made these so i got a better understanding, how they will look when i had drawn them… than somehow… It went to this xD I had to much fun working on these ^^

I especially love “Zoro-Pam”, “Piccogong” and “Guardetwo”
These are the same Fusemon, i had already postet some sketches for, if everyone wonderes ^^

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1. In which Country do you live?


2. Which book is your favorite?

Lots. My ultimate favorite would be HP and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

3. Do you have siblings?

I have 2. younger sister and brother

4. Do you want to visit Switzerland one time?


5. How do you think about the presidential elections in America?

I dont really think about it. Im very hopeless and pessimist when it comes to politics.

6. What do you love most in your life? (for example, an object)

I guess it would be my computer, dvd, cd and books collections XD

7. Which actor do you like most?

it changes a lot. right now is Song Joongki. *O* not asian it’s Johnny Depp.

8. What’s your dream Job?

some job i can do while listening to music, in any clothes i want, one im able to show my tattoos and have coloured hair without being judged. i dont think it exists, tho. unless i start to be a tattoo artist or work at home. LOL XD

9. What do you think about Disney Movies? Do you have a favorite?

I love them all! My favorite is The Beauty and the Beast. But i watched countless times the Emperor’s New Groove.

10. The object closest to you is your weapon in the zombie apocalypse, what   is it?

My mouse and my cellphone are equally close to me! One for each hand! Get ready zombies! >3<


i was supposed to ask questions and tag people, but right now I have no time! sorry! next time i’ll do it! ♥