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If Seri and Izumo got married and had a baby together, and Saruhiko and Misaki somehow ended up babysitting them together, how would it turn out? Would Seri and Izumo trust the two of them to take care of their baby?

I think there might be some initial discomfort with the idea of Fushimi and Yata handling a baby but Kusanagi and Awashima discuss it a bit and figure it can’t be that bad, since after all Yata has younger siblings and Fushimi handled the Strain baby from DOB fine so they both should be pretty decent at taking care of babies and there’s probably no other alternative anyway. So Awashima and Kusanagi go out for a nice romantic dinner or something and leave Fushimi and Yata behind to babysit. I think the two of them might be kinda cute with the baby at first, I feel like Yata would be all playing with the kid and having fun because after all it’s Kusanagi’s kid so it’s like part of the family right? Plus again with the having younger siblings Yata’s probably good with babies and he’s doing a surprisingly good job keeping the baby happy and playing with it and all that. Meanwhile Fushimi is a lot more reluctant on that end, I think he’d complain that he’s only doing this because Awashima didn’t trust Yata to look after the kid alone but don’t expect him to do anything because ew babies. But he keeps sneaking little glances at Yata and the kid like he wants to go over and play with the baby too, he’s just secretly super nervous that he’ll mess something up or ruin the baby somehow. Then the baby starts crying and even Yata can’t get it to stop, he hands the baby off to Fushimi so he can go get some milk from the fridge and when he comes back the baby is sleeping peacefully in the arms of a totally baffled Fushimi (because even babies probably love Fushimi). Yata’s slightly jealous that the baby likes Saruhiko better than him. They probably manage mostly okay until maybe the baby needs its diaper changed and then Fushimi is immediately like on the opposite side of the room and staring at his PDA all ‘I’ll let you handle this one, Misaki.’ Yata’s annoyed at being relegated to diaper-changing duty but he thinks it’s funny that Fushimi is so frightened by just a dirty diaper and he’s trying to dangle the kid in Fushimi’s face just to tease him. Fushimi throws a knife and Yata’s like what the hell Saruhiko there’s a baby here (“I know, I wasn’t aiming for the baby, idiot”). Still, all in all things go pretty well, at least until Awashima comes home and checks on her baby and is like “…Fushimi-kun. Could you please explain why my child is sucking on the hilt of a knife?” “…We lost the pacifier under the couch. The kid liked the knife better than the alternatives.” “We did at least disinfect first?”

Escape the Ape in You! Lyrics

I have to thank you for all of your moral support
Because without it, I wouldn’t be here on this stage singing!
I love you so much, everyone! And in order to thank you
I’d like to sing my debut single, there’s no escape!

Simple thoughts lead us to simple lies
That is why the monkey still survives and tries
Not a care, only banana
Ride the wave, over here to nirvana

Monkey’s life, not as hard
As hard as you may feel
As you see, there’s no need
To reinvent that we are
Low stress and high trees
Someone gorgeous to pick it please

Feta cheese, bayonese
And live the way you please

Escape the ape that’s in you
Being human’s so taboo
Just think banana
Chill over the ‘nana
And monkey around with me, ooh-ooh
Escape the ape that’s in you
Being human’s so pooh-pooh
Tears have gone, c'mon!
This is the key

Oh poor boy!
I know you can’t enjoy toiling away like that!
Why not have some fun?
And monkey around with me

Follow me, ooh! To monkey paradise
The sun is low, the breeze is cool
And light, oh just bright!
See my eyes, oooooh
I hear your sighs
Come with me, ooh, there’ll be no lies

Lay back, and eat a peanut
And live a monkey squeak
Take my hand, that’s the way
Say, ooooooooh-eeee
Smile, I’m with you all the while
Be a two, oh, me and you
Lets say oooh to that funky kindle

Escape the ape that’s in you
Being human’s so taboo
Just think banana
Chill over the 'nana
And monkey around with me, ooh-ooh
Escape the ape that’s in you
Being human’s so pooh-pooh
Tears have gone away with me, with me

Oh baby, I know you’ll love it, huhuhuhuhu

{{ This is for the people who can’t understand what the heck Pink Monkey is singing on and on about in Ape Escape 2’s North American voice. X’D Hope it helps! :3 ♥

I prefer this song over Banana Heartbreak though. ; u ; }}

Hello from the other side

Are you guys doing fine after the anime of k project finished? Coz I am not.

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*Dramatically falls backward, arrow sticking out of forehead* YOU! I’m so glad you sent me this because you are so amazing! 1) First things first, the quotes you reblog and tag makes my day just a little bit brighter! It’s the very best and so kind, not only does it show me how amazing Ri is, it also makes me feel included in the fandom. 2) The way you play Ri is not only accurate, it’s also funny, heart moving, engaging and brilliant! Every time I read on of your posts or a headcanons, I remember why I love him. 3) I must ask, how long have been writing? For it’s quite good, all your words fit  and run smoothly on the page. 4) Your posts in general especially your food posts, make me very happy. Sometimes I reblog them not because they fit with any of my blogs, but because I like them that much. 5) You’re very kind to everyone and give out compassion like it was air. Thank you for being around and thank you for this ask!