Has anyone done this yet?… . . No?… . .Really?

Anyway, I still think this is a legit DLC idea – A typical day at Sarif Industries from Pritchard’s point of view. Sure, there’s some hacking, but since hacking partly involves simply waiting for your scripts, progs, and scans to run, a good part of the game is a mix of:

-playing other games

-arguing on forums

-launching various trolling progs on Jensen’s comp

-reading Final Fantasy fan fics

-keeping up to date with infosec news

-chewing out subordinates

-working on Picus scripts

-using a paper airplane gun to get back at Malik for her office drone attacks

-trying to fix the Blade of Shintaro and failing

-spying on Jensen for blackmail material

-cleaner bot fights with Malik

-trying to find the most comfortable position to power nap on the couch

And you start the day by trying to be the FIRST to get to the coffee machine in the morning!

And now here is a cover art suggestion for that DLC :P