A Modern Touch

Where to start…?

I guess here’s as good a place as any.

For my current apartment I decided to go with a theme of “modern”.

I don’t do as much cooking as I’d like; I usually just whip something up on the stove.

Once you get used to working with more than one monitor there’s no going back!  I took that picture in Limsa this summer.

Like I said, I don’t cook much so I don’t need too big a dining table.  The doors there lead to the balcony, but with the rain today there’s not a lot to see.

It’s a little last minute but I got my Starlight Tree put up earlier and some presents for friends under it.  I often end up marathoning shows on the Lore Channel.  Looks like they’re covering the history of the Grand Companies today.

You thought me heartless didn’t you?  *chuckle* What home would be complete without a portrait of everyone’s best friend!


I’m low on cash so pls feed my famiry by ordering a cool art from me today! as stated above, pricing will be $30 USD + paypal fees but you can also lower that to just $20 USD by generously giving me gil donation of 2mil (this option is only available to those on Balmung and Sargatanas)

also please keep in mind that I’m a slow drawer, patience will be much appreciated

✕ :
- mecha
- overly detailed armor (outfits will be simplified)
- couples (for now)

✓ :
- pretty much everything else

- @noche-nightfuse
- @garuda-eggy
- @baby-science
- @forest-of-stars

only 6 slots will be open at a time! feel free to hop into a spot on the waiting list so once they’re all done, I’ll message you when they’re open again

just send me a message here on tumblr if you’re interested!