Nirvana Zeta!

I am finally done. Finished the saga of the Zodiac Weapon this morning. I’m super happy to have completed it! I started really playing the game in late October/early November and at that point I didn’t even have Thyrus. It was a long road (I did Atma farming one week before they nerfed it, ha), but totally worth it in the end! Now I can focus on other things like catching up on my crafts and maybe doing the SCH relic. Also gotta keep working harder to become a better WHM as I still feel subpar.

  • saRgaTaNAs
  • 澤野弘之
  • 魔王 オリジナル・サウンドトラック

“That person must be in pain too. I think he wants to be stopped, so he won’t hurt anymore victims. I’m not sure if I can do it, but for that person’s sake, I want to stop him. The man in this picture book, he waited the entire time in the tunnel for his little sister to come, didn’t he? I think that person must have cried in the dark tunnel too. Surely, I think he wants to be saved by someone.”