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Are you a monarchist?

Yes, I, the woman who has themed her entire blog around an American Patriot, with an alternate design for the American flag as her header, and a painting of Patriot militia at Lexington firing away furiously at the British as her blog background, am a monarchist…

Yay so it’ll be another season finale of Ian having no ramifications for the shitty decisions he made willingly.

But I guarantee you Mickey will bear the brunt of those choices because why not?

So once again Mickey will be punished and Ian will go on being the shitty person he is, walking around pretending his shit don’t stink, because god loves him that much.

A+ writing there Shameless staff!

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The signs being bold
  • Aries : No but just the two of us... doing... WHAT PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY ARE NAKED SERIOUSLY
  • Taurus : We could climb up a moutain watch the sunset... OR go to my room, giving each other a massage... naked.
  • Gemini : What talents do I have ? hahaha I give nice blowjob *wink*
  • Cancer : Hahaha leave me out of this, this is too much OH MY GOD
  • Leo : Present ? My body is the present.
  • Virgo : Look at this book. We could do the same.
  • Libra : Bitch you're the 45th, now get to work.
  • Scorpio : Everyone should be my slave... Like you.
  • Sagittarius : What do I want ? Oh please hahaha How can you not see I'm horny af seriously
  • Capricorn : See how I handled this work ? Imma gonna do the same with your body
  • Aquarius : What do I want? Like expressing my sexual urge with you ?
  • Pisces : The stars, the universe, the beauty of bodies being embraced... NO I WAS SAYING WE COULD FUCK.