Ooc Real Talk

Wrestling fans makes me sick. Paige, Brad and Xavier’s tag is filled with ignorants and hypocrites. This is sad that wrestlers can’t live their lives. Just because they are famous doesn’t mean they can’t have fun.

Like people actually saying they shouldn’t had put pictures on their phones or what not. And who are YOU to say what they can or can’t do? What right do anybody have to go in their PRIVACY and do that?

Paige is young. Young people will do things once. Just like how people flipped over Miley Cirus. They are young! Plus how about you try to travel around the world 350 days a year, with a crazy schedule and have no time to go out and mingle. They are humans. They have needs. I find it funny that you all so quick to bash her, Xavier and Brad but fangirl over Seth’s photos or so much love Kim K. who’s fame started from a sex tape. Get over yourselves. They are wrestlers. They only entertain us in the ring. Not their personal lives.