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The America asking his crush out was amazing! Would you be willing to write one for Russia asking his crush out?

Aww, this poor baby would be so nervous..but sure! Hope you enjoy! ~Admin Sarah

Pacing back and forth, Ivan sighed quietly before shaking his head. He couldn’t ask them out…They would laugh at him..or think he’s a freak..
“What if they do the making fun of me!…” 
Ivan groaned before sitting down again and holding his head in his hands…how was he going to do this….Were sunflowers too easy?…
After what felt like forever of trying to find a way around feelings, Ivan decided to wait until he saw them again..a few days wouldn’t be that hard..right?
When the day came, Ivan sat on a bench as he held a single sunflower in his hand and waits nervously for them to arrive..what if they didn’t? What if they just wanted to embarrass him? What if-
“Ivan! Over here!”
“Ah…! You finally came..!”
Finally? They had scheduled to meet at noon…it was hardly a minute after; Ivan had just been waiting for them.
“Hey- What’s the sunflower for?”
With a deep breath Ivan looked down, the large man seeming to shrink down to the size of a pea as he felt his heart beat faster, and cheeks tint pink.
“It’s..for you..”
“Huh? Why?..”
This was it..he had to tell or never, and he’d already gone this deep.
“Because I have the feelings for you…”
Silence…It made him want to hide.
“Is that what this is about?..”
Silence, again..Why couldn’t they just finish their sentence and get on with laughing at him.
“Thank god..”
“I’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you..”
With a nod, they looked at him with a nervous smile. He soon returned their smile with one of his own. That wasn’t that bad, after all..


In eerily prescient videos the ladies from the View discuss the SarahPAC target chart back in March.

“Whatever comes down from this, it’s on your hands” -Whoopi Goldberg.

Even Elisabeth Hasselbeck speaks against it.


An Open Letter to Sarah Palin: Why Do You Mistreat Your Donors?

Ms. Palin,

Your supporters trust you. For all their cynicism about politics, they believe that you’re different: a faithful Christian with small town values and a commitment to doing right by regular Americans. You’ve used that trust to ask homemakers, retirees and small businessmen and women to send you their money. As the Web page of your official political action committeeputs it, SarahPAC is “dedicated to building America’s future by supporting fresh ideas and candidates.”

But that isn’t how you’ve been spending the money. 

Sure, you’ve given to candidates in the past. But you spent $418,000 in the first 3 months on 2012, and none of it has gone to candidates! Nor has it gone to “fresh ideas.” In fact, as Kenneth Vogel points out, it appears that you spent $19,000 on a video that argues an HBO film about your role in the 2008 presidential campaign gets its facts wrong. Is that correct? It’s 2 minutes and 38 seconds long.

Do you think that is worth $19,000? Or $1,000? Given that you have a popular Facebook page, regular gigs on national television, and the ability to summon multiple reporters to a press conference at any time, why would you spend $19,000 saying to very few people what you could’ve said free? Even if the short video is worth thousands to you, why do you think it’s appropriate to spend money raised on the promise that you’ll support fresh ideas and candidates on contesting events that a) happened in 2008; b) have no bearing on this year’s political races or issues; c) mostly just affects your reputation; d) is unlikely to change anyone’s opinion of it? 

Why should your donors bankroll this?

Read more. [Image: AP]

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Sarah Palin: Busted (by Jon Stewart)


Impromptu Intro by US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

CPAC 2013 - Former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK)

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It’s too bad nobody will bother to follow up on this alleged fraud. It’s worse that it might be ignored because nobody wants the spotlight turned on themselves.

We now interrupt this senseless blog...

You’d think that at this point in political history, the right kind of revolution would be getting started. In 2010, we had “Hide your kids, hide your wife” instead of “The love you take is equal to the love you make” of 1969, and instead of the Beatles, we get the conservative tea party.

Which is just lovely.

I’m not saying that this organization is the only one today that deserves criticism, but I am saying that, especially in light of the attack onArizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords yesterday, it has used the most blatant propaganda in recent years that is being taken extremely out of context, and purposefully so. In case you haven’t seen them, here’s an example of Sarah Palin’s “target” maps that were released last March:

External image

Even from the most conservative (I’m looking at you, Elisabeth Hasselbeck), this caused a stir when they were initially released. In my opinion, there is a difference between an effective campaign (although Palin wouldn’t know an effective campaign method if it slapped her in the face) and violent propaganda, and these charts toe the line dangerously. I can’t say anything for the gunman himself, understanding that mental illness is a valid excuse in a court in most situations, but I am citing Palin’s campaign as a source and an excuse for the violence. Say what you will, ‘target’ directly implies something to be gotten rid of, a term that can be grossly misinterpreted when put into the hands of an extremist. When you are elected to be a political official, it’s understandable to have a distinct point of view, but it’s a responsibility to ensure your views are for the betterment of those you’re representing, not for a thick personal agenda. In that way, In this respect (and with many other politicians), the GOP and Palin especially have a lot of work to do.

Is this as good as Palin herself pulling the trigger? Of course not, but I’m guessing this horrifying incident will cost her some ironic love and some viewers of the less-than-compelling moose shooting extravaganza that is “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”. As of right now, Gabrielle Giffords, an advocate of not only the health-care reform but pro-choice abortion and stem-cell research, remains in critical condition after being shot in the head. In addition, gunman Jared Lee Loughner’s other six victims, including Judge Roll and 9-year-old girl have been pronounced dead, along with thirteen others injured.

Although I have a tendency to avoid politics from day to day and only allow my ears to perk up somewhere around mid-October, this is a tragedy everyone should be aware of and one that has left me very upset. So, Tumblr, in a sea of screencaps and magazine scans, I hope you see this and make your own thoughts known; let’s put our freedom of speech in the correct context.