On this day in 1983: Mawdryn Undead (Part Two)

At Brendon School, the Doctor enlists the help of the Brigadier. At Brendon School, Tegan enlists the help of the Brigadier. Same man, but different time periods.


I have a very, VERY dear friend and fellow Whovian - amongst other obsessions - in Ireland who has a far better memory retention system going when it comes to setting the way-back machine for those curious and wonderful moments of synchronicity between ‘Classic’ and 'New’ Who. For the moment - and until she gets her own Tumblr - let us refer to her as 'Obsessively_Inclined’. Her handle idea, not mine. She tossed me this idea not too long ago and with teamwork, while waiting for her to learn to make her own Gifs, here it is.

Even 1,700 years or so ago the Doctor really couldn’t see how different a person could look, or think that it mattered.

As Clara said, it’s really rather sweet.

Oh, and height difference. Clara and Nyssa could write a book.


“Master Builder” by Henrik Ibsen, adapted by David Hare

Old Vic, 2015

Starring Ralph Fiennes, Linda Emond, Sarah Snook, James Dreyfuss, Charlie Cameron, Owen Findlay, Martin Hutson, James Laurenson, John McAndrew, Eleanor Montgomery, Eleanor Sutton & Peter Yapp

Mark Strickson: I’m Mark Strickson I played Turlough and I’m going to spend most of the next few episodes on my knees, so enjoy everyone!
Peter Davison: Locked up I think.
Mark Strickson: Locked up and looking at Janet Fielding’s bum, most men’s dream I suppose.

Peter Davison: Well this was the glamorous period for you two.
Mark Strickson: You mean me?!
Peter Davison: *laughs* Not you mark, Sarah and Janet, they suddenly got very glamorous.

Peter Davison: You don’t seem to care much, that you’re moving into this dead young man’s room.
Mark Strickson: No, no I don’t really.
Peter Davison: Callous.

Mark Strickson: See, I thought I was coming onto this series that was very high tech. But I remember the first time the TARDIS screen went on there was a little man who worked it with a bicycle chain.

Stephen Gallagher: Apparently the producers of Star Trek were once approached by some corporation that said ‘how do you get your sliding doors to work all the time’. And they had to explain they just had two guys pushing them!

Mark Strickson: I am looking rather glamourous; I’ve got more eye liner on than usual! Thought I’d draw the viewer’s attention to it!
Sarah Sutton: I think we’ve all got more make up on.
Mark Strickson: Actually I’ve got spectacular cheekbones in this…

Mark Strickson: And there we had a classic Doctor Who explosion. When we had explosions, and there’s one coming up I remember very well, the special effect guys…it either did nothing or it blew the place down!
Peter Davison: It never did what they said! It was either a puff of smoke or it blew someone up.

Mark Strickson: We’re in corridor land aren’t we? We spend a lot of time in corridors…

Peter Davison: Sarah appears to have less and less clothing every time we see her.
Sarah Sutton: I know! And it gets worse…Actually, I just noticed, I don’t appear to be wearing a bra here…
Peter Davison: Very good! That’s it, encourage the viewers to go back over the episode…

Mark Strickson: Script never bothered me, I never bothered looking at it!

Mark Strickson: I have a nasty feeling I’m about to go through a wall into a corridor and remain there for the rest of the story.
Peter Davison: No, in a minute you get to do something very exciting.
Stephen Gallagher: You’ve watched this before haven’t you?
Peter Davison: I’ve got two children; I’ve got to watch a lot of things! Not that they ever really want to watch me anymore, occasionally they will.

Stephen Gallagher: I think we’ve got a famous moment coming up.
Sarah Sutton: We have, yes. Could someone please explain to me why I do this [skirt removal]?
Peter Davison: I think I put in a special request.
Sarah Sutton: It was JNT wasn’t it?

Stephen Gallagher: I remember when the tea trolley came round and Strickson here went straight for the jam roly poly, lifted it up and said ‘do you know what we used to call these at school?’ And Janet said ‘No, what?’ And then he said ‘Dead babies arm!’ The things that stay with you over the years…

Peter Davison: Well back to Doctor Who. After the dog show!
Mark Strickson: I’m still locked up in the corridor! I’ve not got much else to say!
Peter Davison: *laughs* I love this. Locking poor Mark up for episodes!
Mark Strickson: I can strain a bit and bang things but…
[Turlough breaks bar and escapes corridor]
Peter Davison: How did that happen?!
Mark Strickson: Because I’m so immensely strong and physically fit Peter. I’m very butch!

Mark Strickson: For anyone who’s just tuned in, I’m Mark Strickson, I played Turlough and you honestly will see me at some point in the next hour.

Stephen Gallagher: It worked really well in the novelisation!

Mark Strickson: Reminds me of carrying Nicola Bryant.
Sarah Sutton: What, out of the water?
Peter Davison: I had to carry Nicola Bryant.
Mark Strickson: She’s a heavy…no delightfully proportioned lady.
Peter Davison: Delightfully proportioned yes. I dropped her actually. Not on this but on the other show.
Sarah Sutton: Was that so you could get a retake?
Peter Davison: No, I just couldn’t carry her any further!

Peter Davison: The intelligent parts of the commentary were provided by Stephen Gallager.

Sarah Sutton: Was your hair dyed there?
Mark Strickson: Very dyed.
Peter Davison: Was it?
Mark Strickson: Yes, I used to wake up with a red pillow from it. They told me it was washable out, it wasn’t. I looked like an aged punk rocker for ages. Small children would run screaming from me in supermarkets: ‘It’s the ginger man!’

Mark Strickson: I don’t know where I am at this point, am I on the TARDIS?

—  Commentary for Terminus