What REAL Friendship is About (as told by Suits)

We all have friends, but there’s always that special someone who gets what it means to be a real friend, and this is how:

You don’t ask for the friendship, you just force it.

You don’t take each other too seriously.

You don’t feel like you have to be somebody else when you’re together.

You always tell each other how you really feel - no matter what

because you actually really don’t want to hurt them

unless it’s funny as hell.

Sometimes you find their jokes to be a little too insulting, but it’s okay.

After all, insults can be the best way to show you still care

and you care so much you always try to help them out

even if they’re being annoying

because you know they’re a real friend and they’ll always be there for you.



“I spent twelve years putting you first and the day I finally decided to do something for myself you didn’t just stop treating me like your family, you started treating me like a stranger. And for your information, that is a thousand times worse than if you treated me like your enemy.”