Sarah Brandner


Lena Gercke, Sarah Brandner, Montana Yorke, Lena, girlfriend of Julian Draxler, Ann-Kathrin Brommel, Mandy Capristo, Shakira, Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen, Ivete Sangalo


Lena Gercke, Sarah Brandner, Montana Yorke, Mandy Capisto, Ann-Kathrin Brommel, Cathy Fischer, Jessica Farber, Sylwia Klose, Kathrin Gilch, Lisa Weidenfeller

anonymous asked:

Maybe it's a stupid question. why peopke here love sarah? Is she different than other wags?

Because people got used to her, she was “with us” for 7 years. She was authentic, funny and down to earth. A beautiful model but still really natural. You could see how much she loved Bastian and how much he loved her. She made or more like helped Bastian to become a “better” person - from the foolish Schweini to the leader and captain Basti. She was always by his side, cared about him and never hesitated to openly talk about their relationship - people like that.

She’s just really likeable. A strong, indipendent woman and yet so lovely. She’s clever and open-hearted and I melt when I see her smile. I know no one who doesn’t like her. For good reasons. I mean why should they?