Sarah Steele


Austin McKenzie from Deaf West Spring Awakening on the set of the film Speech & Debate, coming out later this year.

Fun facts:

-The film will feature a cameo from Lin-Manuel Miranda, and also stars Skylar Astin (SA connection #1, he was the original Georg in the OBC) and choreography by DWSA choreographer Spencer Liff

-Speech & Debate is based on the 2007 hit off-Broadway play of the same name written by Stephen Karam, who wrote The Humans, currently on Broadway. Sarah Steele currently stars in The Humans on Broadway, and she had starred in the original Speech & Debate off-Broadway, AND she will now co-star with Austin in the film.

-Austin plays high school student Howie, an openly gay character who was originally played off-Broadway by Gideon Glick (SA connection #2, he was the original Ernst in the OBC)

-Austin was hired for the film solely off the strength of his performance in the opening night of DWSA in LA. The film’s producer came with Skylar Astin as Spencer Liff’s guests, and they already thought Austin was perfect for the part by intermission. They auditioned him the next day and he got the part right away. He filmed during the brief summer break between the LA production of DWSA and its transfer to Broadway.