{king of the underworld}

i. oh death // jen titus ii. fresh blood // eels iii. bad intentions // digital daggers iv. evil ways // blues saraceno v. death valley // fall out boy vi. arsonist’s lullaby // hozier vii. killing strangers // marilyn manson viii. foreigner’s god // hozier ix. everybody wants to rule the world // lorde x. seven devils // florence and the machine xi. irresistible // fall out boy xii. black bat licorice // jack white xiii. nicotine // panic! at the disco xiv. dream lover // the vaccines xv. kings // tribe society xvi. broken crown // mumford & sons xvii. blood on my name // the brothers bright xviii. high tide rising // fox xvix. i will wait for you // mumford & sons xx. black // kari kimmel xxi. haunting // halsey || LISTEN

molotov cocktail || a mix for dangerous women || listen

i. pompeii is radioactive // bastille vs imagine dragons ii. laura palmer // bastille iii. bad reputation // joan jett iv. sleeping with a friend // neon trees v. bubblegum bitch // marina and the diamonds vi. gravity // nico vega vii. kings // tribe society viii. castle // halsey ix. high tide rising // fox x. run boy run // woodkid xi. i’m so sorry // imagine dragons xii. evil ways // blues saraceno xiii. black bat licorice // jack white xiv. bad intentions // digital daggers xv. centuries // fall out boy xvi. ready aim fire // imagine dragons xvii. everybody wants to rule the world // versus remix xviii. seven nation army // the white stripes xix. the devil within // digital daggers xx. spectrum // florence + the machine xxi. irresistible // fall out boy xxii. bombastic // bonnie mckee xxiii. control // halsey xxiv. howl // florence + the machine xxv. monster // imagine dragons xxvi. mad hatter // melanie martinez xxvii. chandelier // sia xviii. black // kari kimmel xxix. yellow flicker beat // lorde xxx. seven devils // florence + the machine xxxi. marked man // mieka pauley xxxii. glory and gore // lorde xxxiii. iron // woodkid xxxiv. icarus // bastille xxxv. transpose // bad suns xxxvi. kill your heroes // awolnation xxxvii. youth // daughter xxxviii. i’ll be good // jaymes young xxxvix. we are young // hozier xl. silhouettes // of monsters and men xli. white blood // oh wonder

our swords are sharp || house bolton || listen

i. fresh blood // eels ii. run // daughter iii. human // of monsters and men iv. seven devils // florence + the machine v. haunting // halsey vi. black bat licorice // jack white vii. it will come back // hozier viii. teddy bear // melanie martinez ix. monster // imagine dragons x. no light, no light // florence + the machine xi. strange love // halsey xii. evil ways // blues saraceno


A new video I edited exploring the darker side of Lucifer.

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you’ll never leave harlan alive - the ruby friedman orchestra // calling the maker - aimee allen // black river killer - blitzen trapper // hard time killing floor blues - chris thomas king // i will never die - delta rae // devil’s spoke - laura marling // cherry tree - the national // devil’s backbone - the civil wars // bartholomew - the silent comedy // bottom of the river - delta rae // o death - ralph stanley // rocks and water -  deb talan // arsonist’s lullabye - hozier // you are my sunshine - jamey johnson, twiggy ramirez & shooter jennings // the preacher - jamie n commons // o children - nick cave & the bad seeds // riverside - agnes obel // wolf - first aid kit // judgement day - blues saraceno // old number seven - the devil makes three // like a mountain - timber timbre // old time religion - parker millsap // oh darlin’ what have i done - the white buffalo