Sarah Palin’s Not Running For President, But She Did Break One Glass Ceiling

Libby Copeland  
First Posted: 10/7/11 01:12 PM ET Updated: 10/7/11 01:12 PM ET

So Sarah Palin’s not running. She broke the news on her own inimitable terms, not with a press conference but through a written statement and a radio appearance, near the end of the day’s news cycle. “Not being a candidate, really, you’re unshackled and you’re allowed to be even more active,” she told radio host Mark Levin. Still, despite her promises to remain unshackled and influential, this is surely the end of the Palin reign; without the possibility of a presidential run in her near future, she won’t be commanding nearly as much media attention.


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Interesting: Does Sarah Palin fundraising Indicate 2012 Run?

*note - article from -  May 17, 2011, in Fundraising, GOP Candidates, by Steven Foley

It’s being reported this week that Sarah Palin is sending our some 400,000 direct mailers soliciting funds for 2012 in early primary states and giving rise to speculation that she might throw her hat into the ring for the Republican nomination.

First reported by The Washington Post, the solicitations are titled “2012 Can’t Come Fast Enough,” but make no specific mention of her plans.

“Taking back control of the House last year was only the first step,” Palin says in the mailer from SarahPac, sent out nationwide. “Now you and I must fix our eyes on 2012. Our goal is to take back the White House and the Senate.”

Palin headed into 2011 with more than $1.3 million in her political action committee.

“Sara Palin is the real monster. She has no compassion whatsoever for the baby wolves or bear cubs she is so hell-bent on destroying for profit. Her plans for Alaskan wildlife are nothing less than monstrous, and she must be stopped. The only way to do that is to discredit her, to expose the beast she really is to the voting public at large in both Alaska and the U. S. in general.” -Floyd M. Orr